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Victory      October 03, 2009

Beloved Mighty Victory
David C. Lewis
October 3, 2009  11:00-11:11 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through The Hearts Center of Sweden


 The “V” of Victory in Venus, Bergvik and Vienna
For the 2009 Hearts Center European Pilgrimage


            I am Victory! And I am here, right over the space that you occupy, blessed hearts. And I have created a cosmic cone of light that takes the shape of a “V” but spins that “V” and creates, as it were, a cosmic tornado of light whereby the full and blessed effulgence of the Divine One may descend into Mater for the delivery to the minds of mankind a new impetus of fire and holy radiance, whereby each son and daughter may be raised into the full blazing reality of their God Presence.
            When you understand the nature of God as light and you meditate upon and glorify that light within your life, then you become a focal point for the expressive elements of victory where you are. And you can see through this light a new potential for attainment, for God-realization and for the delivery to the Earth of this impetus of fire that we bear as angels and legions of Victory.
            Yes, we come from Venus. And you see even within the name “Venus” that first letter “V” that signifies that all of the evolutions of Venus consider themselves victorious in every sense, blessed hearts. And there is a reason why the Kumaras stand focalizing the flame of love. For, blessed ones, it is only through love that you will have your victory. There is no other way than by the way of God-love, whereby Victory comes to your assistance, comes to your dimension and reality and blazes the sure fire presence of light where you are.
            So, you have invoked light this day. And this cosmic golden tornado of light descends and it whirls around the entire nation of Sweden in this hour. And after it has accomplished its purpose in sweeping clean your nation of ancient patterns and records of darkness, war and infamy, even going back far beyond your current civilization to other eras, blessed hearts, then we will utilize this tornado of light in the cosmic “V” formation composed of tens of thousands of angels with their scintillating light to go forth throughout all of Scandinavia. And then we will make our way into the very center of Europe, where you will soon have that pilgrimage.
            And we will create deep within the earth, beneath the soil of Vienna another “V”, you see, a vortex of light, whereby all of your spiritual work that will be accomplished during that pilgrimage will be for the purpose of raising the evolutions of Europa fully in light. So, you see, there is this day a cosmic connection established between Venus and Bergvik and Vienna. And these three V's within these names are there as a triune action of the light of Victory whereby the full divine radiance of God-love from my home star can continue to pulse forth through Europe and then out into the world.
            So, those of you who have set forth your determination to partake of this sacred pilgrimage will receive the impetus of Victory—that everywhere you walk upon the soil of France, within Paris and in Vienna, within Austria will be blessed by the very living reality and fire of Victory. And through the very soles of your feet and where you place them, blessed hearts, there will be established a frequency of Venusian love, for it did descend through Vienna and through Paris long ago through the incarnation of angels from Venus.
            And through these efforts, we will have the reestablishment of a certain framework whereby the culture of the Divine Mother, Lady Venus herself, may once more emerge within these nations and their peoples. And you will see a certain washing clean of diabolical images through the artistry of recent decades that has debased the light of true love within what some have called art, but which we often see simply as the imaging of the dark ones on canvas and through the media.
            This we will supersede with the cosmic frequencies of true God-love and God-victory, blessed hearts. Where you perceive of God and receive the filigree elements and ampoules of light from your Source, you can be the instrument for the conveyance of that cosmic substance of light that transmutes and transforms the density, the darkness and the diabolical dealings of the nefarious ones into the pure reality of the Pure Land of the Buddhas ascended.
            So, Sanat Kumara himself stands to initiate a new spiral of light within Vienna and through all of Europe and through twin flames of ascended masters embodied. We will release the sacred fire through discourse, through dictation and darshan whereby there is a new wave of light that is a wave of victory. And upon this wave, you will ride, you will surf as it were with the Chohans of the Rays and with other sponsoring masters who will deliver their teachings and their HeartStreams. And you will see a great effulgence of light even within the atmosphere of the Earth in the places that you travel.
            Yes, you will see our legions and our hosts tangibly within the sylph [formations] of the clouds in the heavens. And if you call to Victory and to our legions and to the legions of Venus, there will be a great conflagration in the sky itself that will signify that a new day is at hand and that victory for all of Europa is nigh.
            So, I have come today. So, the sacred fire is released and you are buoyed up in my fire, blessed ones. And through the fire of God, the Earth will know a new day of freedom and victory! I thank you.

Note:  31 pilgrims attended the 2009 European pilgrimage to Paris and Vienna October 20-27.

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