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Lanello      October 02, 2009

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
October 2, 2009   8:08-8:29 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana 


Grow Up!
Your Discipline and Daily Walk with God Are Worth the Inconveniences

I Come to Realign You with Your Purpose, Your Goals, Your Mission

Most Gracious Ones,
            Trials and tribulations may be yours during this lifetime, and the tests that come as you ascend the mountain may shake you at your core. And at times you wonder whether this path is worth the effort, whether the striving and the initiations that you have undergone are real, where the meaning exists and whether the fruits that you seek will ever be available off the Tree of Life.
            I am Lanello, and I say this day that your discipline and your daily walk with God [are] worth the inconveniences to the human. For God is there within you if you would know him. And every attest[ation] that you make as you affirm who you are in your I AM statements, in your prayers and decrees and in the inner resonance that comes in your silent times of contemplation and holy meditation [is] bringing you to the sacred space of complete self-identification with God. And it is often just before you reach the mountain peak that the most treacherous winds, the most dangerous footholds amongst the rocks are experienced.
            And therefore keep on keeping on, blessed ones. Hold high the standard as the Excelsior of light before you. For there will come a time of fulfillment, and that time is nigh. For some of you it is as if your souls are being wrenched to within you, and you do not know how you [can] continue on in this endeavor, [or why or where it may lead you.] But through constancy and surefootedness that comes because you place your trust in God, the trek will end and you will be welcomed to the living Presence of that pure loving reality who God is.
            Would you give up all that you have laid claim to thus far in your life because you cannot see the forest through the trees, you cannot see the end from your purview? I say that we see the final act, and we are goading you on through your Holy Christ/Buddha Self. We are urging you through heart-mindfulness to sustain a stream of conscious awareness, through which attainment comes.
            Though it has taken us lifetimes to reach this point on the path, there is no other way than to move forward, to continue climbing, to ascend, to meet head-on the challenges that are before us. And yet, blessed ones, just as in the movie Lost Horizon, when it seems that all efforts have failed and you will freeze to death amidst the Himalayan snows and ice and wind, an opening appears to a divine valley of Shambhala and angel escorts arrive to usher you to the Pure Land, the sacred space of holy love.
            The choice is up to you each hour whether to live in that light of Presence or to in some way demean yourself through the draining of your energies by the blaming game, whereby you attempt [to] put the responsibility upon others for your own condition and circumstance. Is this the way of the adepts? I say nay.
            I come not to frighten you and not to appease the lesser self of anyone, but to stand as an example of one who has made it by love, through love and for love. Many saints, even through the darkest night of total despair from their human vantage point, have received the ministration of angels and masterful beings because they have laid down their lives for their fellow men and women, because they have put God first. Is it any different for you? Is not God God? Cannot God move mountains when he chooses, perform miracles when a portal to his heart is opened through holy prayer, or  support his own within their dark night and the testings that come so that you may prove that nothing but God is worth your light, your life?
            I say, grow up! Truly the adepts are the adults, spiritually, who have taken account of their use of energy fully—their thoughts, feelings, their actions, their words. But when you sink back into a state of mindless nonconsideration of your words and feelings, despairing in your state of affairs, then you do not hear the angel wings about you. You cannot feel the effulgence of the Spirit that walks even within the challenging winds. You do not hear the voice of God because you have let go in moments of indecision, of pride or of a lack of trust in the divine processes. And so I come to realign you with your purpose, with your goals, with your mission, with the vision held inviolate within, the seed identity that God placed within you long ages and eons ago. Hold firm to this self-truth of beingness and realize your potential now.
            I released thirty-three messages through this messenger in 2004 that were meant to catalyze a greater action of movement within the lives of those who had called themselves disciples. But through pride and arrogance, there was not the open heart [or] listening ear to know me through the voice of this humble one. But I pray that you can feel my essence today blazing through this voice and dispensation and that you will feel a new urgency to succeed, to be one pointed with El Morya, fulfilling the vision that we have set forth and supporting with your full being God within your life and the greater life that is the cosmos itself.
            I radiate a sacred fire around and through this valley that consumes darkness on contact where it has become entrenched, in ways great and small, in dens of darkness through the proliferation of the use of illicit and psycho[tropic] drugs. Burn through, O God, by the power of the Word now, and erase and eradicate that which has burdened the very beings of the youth and those who know better; for they have been taught even within the womb of that which they must fulfill in this life.
            Through a clearance action of the Holy Spirit, I call a spade a spade! And there is no more room for the use of marijuana in this valley, on this property! And I say that unless it is cast out, there will be no further dispensations of light or grace. Therefore, Serapis has come, and his fiery essence walks this property, walks this valley. And those who are attuned to the ascension currents will feel the impulse of that Spirit of this master and know that change is required—and it begins today within you.
            I am Lanello, and I roar with the fire of God! For I am the Lion of Mark. Let those who claim to know me stand and be true to God in all things, support our greater work ongoing and thereby earn the sacred right to be called chela, disciple, brother, friend, Christ, master.
            In complete humility before Alpha and Omega, I again offer my being as God's cosmic consciousness to those who will listen, obey and move forward. I thank you.

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