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Lanello      January 17, 2009

David C. Lewis Discourse  (Inspired by Beloved Lanello)
January 17, 2009  (24 minutes)
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat

The Purpose of the Hearts Center Movement

Merging the Streams of the Universal Great White Brotherhood to
Form a Mighty River of Light within the Earth

Good morning, everyone. Today is Saturday, January 17th. And Lanello would like to give a short discourse to us on why we have The Hearts Center movement, why this dispensation is important and a little bit about where we are headed.
            Some people say that you don't need any more teaching or progressive revelation; you simply need to apply what we have already received. In a certain sense it's true that we have not all fully applied the teaching. If we had, we wouldn't be here. And there is a plethora, an abundance, of beautiful ascended master instruction through a number of dispensations. And we could spend a lifetime studying and attempting to apply the teachings presented through these various dispensations, including Theosophy, the Saint Germain Foundation and the “I AM” Activity, the Agni Yoga Society, The Summit Lighthouse, Yogananda's beautiful teaching through his Fellowship and others.
            So why did the ascended masters begin another dispensation? And what do we have to offer that will lead people to their Higher Self and be the cutting edge of the new way that will resonate with hearts in this hour?
            Within the very words of the masters themselves is the answer. We are a dispensation that has brought a new understanding of and further instruction on the secret rays, the ray of love-wisdom, the heart-mind connection and the ongoingness of the Brotherhood through the communities of the Holy Spirit that the masters desire to have formed within the Earth. Through these solar communities [we will be] building on past dispensations, highlighting much of their highest offerings and giving opportunity for people to come together, to work together and to bring forth their gifts, their talents and their resources in order to bring the kingdom of God upon Earth in a tangible way through our joint efforts. Yes, we can study the teachings by ourselves. But will this in and of itself bring about the kingdom of God, the consciousness of God across the Earth in these sacred circles that are communities of the Spirit that the visionaries have foreseen and that are part and parcel [of] the golden-crystal age?
            Wherever conscious aspirants of light gather and pool their resources upon Earth and pray together, meditate together, discourse together, commune heart to heart and then do certain work in the physical, there is a co-relational activity in the heaven world that results in the formation of new retreats and cities of light [there]. Because we are drawing upon the universal consciousness of the ascended hosts when we do our spiritual work together, there is the establishing of grids and forcefields and patterns and geometric patternings, as Above, so below. And we have learned that various retreats are actually precipitated in the heaven world in those areas directly above where we come together to pray, such as Mother Mary's secondary healing retreat over the Wellspring Retreat, over the property owned by beloved John and Norah Fanuzzi, just two miles south of Emigrant, and as has been formed in Bergvik, Sweden, over the home of two devotees of light, the Hagens, there.
            I believe that there are other sacred centers of light being formed above areas where heartfriends come together and pool their resources and do this sacred work. And if you can visualize with me, with Lanello what this means for this planet when greater and greater divine villages of the Spirit are created in the heaven world, [you will see that] there comes a point when we get our act together upon Earth [that] heaven answers and there is this cosmic activity of light, as Above, so below. And [heavenly cities are] being formed, just as cities are formed in the Earth.
            Look at the inhabitants in the United States of America, what has become the United States over a couple centuries in the formation of these villages, cities, states and then an entire nation. The same cosmic activity is occurring in the heaven world, and the masters continue their work of education, of connection and of cosmic self-discovery whereby the progressive revelation that is ongoing, and always will be ongoing, precipitates greater activity and Earth can truly become [the] star that it is destined to be.
            So, yes there are many beautiful teachings. Many masters have come, those who are sent to Earth to bring a dispensation of light, a cultural uplift and beautiful discourse to humanity in cultures in various climes and sacred areas around the Earth. And it is meet that we understand that this will always be ongoing, that there is never a time when God will not have messengers and saints and conscious ones through whom he delivers the sacred fire, teaching, uplift and a bestowal of divine radiance through that teaching and through the heart connection and through the solar radiance that flows through the conscious participation of heaven with earth through those activities of light.
            There are many conscious ones now upon Earth who are releasing this discourse to various communities of light, [to] those who can resonate with their particular message and the cultural transmission that comes through them based on their level of understanding, their language, their spiritual jargon, as you would say, and their upbringing and what moves their hearts and what impresses itself upon their soul that will stir them to a greater spiritual cosmic activity. And so there is not just one voice. There are many voices, yet all of these voices, at the higher level, speak the same language, resonate with the Divine One and manifest a cosmic activity that is a part of the Universal Great White Brotherhood and their work.
            You know, if you go to a university, a college, there are many departments; there are many professors; there are many deans; there are a number of those who bring forth the teaching in that department for those who are majoring in a certain subject matter. It is the same in the Spirit world, and it is the same spiritually on the Earth. It takes all of these professors of the Spirit to bring forth the panoply and the radiance of light through a number of streams of consciousness that complement each other but move all toward the oneness of the divine experience.
            Some people will say, “Well, I'm majoring in this, and therefore that does not have any meaning for me” or “it doesn't resonate with me.” And that's fine at a certain level, but for those who really are the adepts and the initiates, it is important to understand that although you may master one particular subject, it is always good to have a basic understanding of [the] concepts of many subjects such that you can have this co-relational work, such that you can interact with others and bring forth to them an understanding of the highest truths and the cutting-edge technologies and new revelations within your field, such that that understanding may be of benefit to those in other arenas and we can move forward the evolution of life upon Earth in all domains.
            If there is not this interactivity, if there's not this co-relational work and a constant stream of communication, then we will not make the progress that the ascended masters and the hosts of the light desire because we will just live in our silos and we will progress at a certain level. But when there is an interactivity amongst various Spirit-filled movements of light, conscious participants in the Earth who are working for the same one cause, which is world enlightenment and freedom and the raising of consciousness, then there is a sharing; there is this beautiful, wonderful activity of teeming light-energies streaming in many courses [such] that when they interrelate and when they connect, there is a sparking of new life energy, new understanding. And in this very sharing process, the new age, the new golden-crystal age, is being birthed right before our eyes, right within our own awareness. 
            So how do we connect with other activities in a way that honors our own dispensation and yet is a means whereby we are open to receiv[ing] something of the benefits of what others have to share? First of all, we have to have open hearts, open minds. We have to be receptive to the fact that these other departments of the Spirit exist within our world and that they may be of benefit to us. And if we close our minds and hearts to the possibilities that there are other departments and streams that can benefit us, then we lose a certain possibility for greater connection and greater study and for the work to move forward in its highest way.
            One of these streams that I and many of you have learned of in recent years [includes] the teachings of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, and before him, Peter Deunov. And I believe that this stream is exceptionally important for us to embrace and to understand. The teaching that Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov brought forth from the time he arrived in France in 1937 until his departure from this world on Christmas Day 1986 is exceptionally important, and we can gain great understanding and a greater connection with our own inner Source through delving into and really digging deep[ly] into the transcription of as many [as we can of the] thousands of lectures that he gave over the course of those nearly fifty years.
            I'm actually in northwestern Montana, and I will be traveling with my beloved wife this evening to be with friends of light of another sacred community that is being formed and reformed, and that is hopefully growing in Canada [for many other heartfriends] to participate in. And I think that it's important for us at times to simply be with others and listen and hear what they have to say, experience their spiritual path, not judge them and not judge ourselves in the process, but simply be still and be open and receptive to receive. And in this receiving and receptive mode, there is much that we can gain and there is much that we can bring to those who resonate with our path, something more and something blessed and wonderful.
            The ascended masters are truly masters because they understand the oneness, and they are the oneness of all life. They are a universal brotherhood. And I don't think that we have fully penetrated or understood [this term universal] in all of its aspects. So if something is universal, it means that it is all-encompassing. The truths within it are found at every point within the universality of God and the world. And yet what that truth looks like in one particular point or area or department may be a little different than in other cultures, in other climes. But this is the beauty of this universal Spirit. There is an aspect of everything that is the same, and yet there is an aspect of the allness that is different within every point where it is expressed.
            So please do not ever get into a mode of critical thinking from the human mind, where you are judging, you are analyzing things from your past point of reference of your particular stream, where you think that you have a beat on the truth that is better than someone else's, because there will always be someone who is resonating and vibrating at a higher frequency than you, spiritually speaking. And there will always be those who are not quite at the level of vibration that you are. And it's really a time for us not to even judge where people are or to even think somebody is higher or lower. We are all simply a part of the One. And the vibrations of all are what they are, and they're all beautiful. And when we get out of this dualistic thinking that there are even different vibrations, then maybe we can move into this unity field of blessedness that precipitates out of us and through us this oneness in new and glorious ways.
            So Lanello, as one of the preeminent messengers of the Universal Great White Brotherhood for this age, the bridge between Pisces and Aquarius, says to listen to his brother Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. They are truly brothers; they are of the same basic lineage of light, although they came through different streams. They have both brought forth primarily the same basic message and yet through different cultures, languages and streams. But it is time that these streams merge. And it is time that other streams merge and that we form a mighty river of light within the Earth, not [by] a marriage at the human level, [which] is precarious, but [by] understand[ing] and accept[ing] our holy brothers and sisters of light in a number of movements as a part of the universality of the Brotherhood. [It is time] that we recognize who they are; that we work in consonance at a high spiritual level with all of them and move forward the plans of the Brotherhood to bring about these golden cities of light using the new technologies of the Spirit, renewable resources; that we harmonize with each other; that we love one another; [that] we support one another in our endeavors; and that this sacred work become victorious at all levels of society, because we have to do it. It is our mission. It is the way, and we want to leave a legacy of light of greater harmony upon the Earth before we take our leave of this plane and move on to higher service.
            So this is Lanello's message for today, Saturday, January 17. I send, and Mona sends, great love to each and every heartfriend within this movement. Lanello raises his hand now, just as is the sacred signet of light within the movement and the communities formed by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and Peter Deunov. And there is a sharing through the raised hand and the conscious sight and the connection between our eyes, our hearts and our minds this morning.
            May the grace of God, the love of God, the light of God and the truth of God flow and be yours unto the fulfillment of your reason for being upon Earth—to be conscious participants in this great cosmic endeavor of the Universal Great White Brotherhood of light. God bless you and thank you.

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