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Lakshmi      January 01, 2009

Beloved Lakshmi
David Christopher Lewis
January 1, 2009   10:00–10:17 am CDT
2009 New Year's Conference
Looking Forward to a New Earth: Preparing for Planetary Change NOW!
Dallas, Texas

Spherical Awareness Through a Mother's Touch

Our Responsibility to Mother and Nurture Life

In tender regard for your soul, I come and wrap each one of you, whom I see as a little infant babe, in the swaddling garments of my love. In this way, blessed hearts, I bring you to a remembrance of that time when you were cared for so graciously by your mother. And the gentle touch that she offered was to take care of you, to nurture your growth, to be there for you even when your eyes were first opened upon a new world so bright.

             Though you had been within your mother's womb for nine months, yet this was a special time when you did emerge from one realm into another, and thus the divine caretaker, as your mother, was there for you day by day, hour by hour. This is the care the Mothers of heaven yet have for your soul. For from the reference point of our beingness in spiritual dimensions, we continue to emanate our light and the sacred touch of our beings on your behalf. This is our commission from the Lord God; for your soul, as the feminine potential of Godhood, continues, in a sense, as the infant babe in its coursing through life. And if you are to fully come to the point of your spiritual adulthood as sons and daughters of the Most High in the fullest sense, you must be gently guided along the way in order to receive exactly that which your Higher Self, in conversation with God, deems necessary for your ongoing education and life.

             Those of you who have mothered souls in this life know something whereof I speak. And even in your children's adult years there are times when you would convey gentle truths, simple understandings that flow from your heart in your attempt to continue to nurture those who came through you. And though you can claim none of your children fully as your own—for they are always of God—yet in a certain sense they will always be yours. And you will always have that tender regard and that desire to extend a mother's touch unto them, to give them, gently from your heart, that which God entrusts to you in your holy office as mothers.

             Transfer now, blessed ones, whether in a male or a female body, this sense of spiritual responsibility for the many souls in many planes of being entrusted to you and to your care. And as you develop your plans, objectives for heartreach and for the expansion of the delivery of the message of this movement of light, be careful to understand the dynamic of the responsibility to continually pray for and nurture the very newborn essences of those who have just found this teaching, not protecting them from themselves, in a certain sense—for all must go through the initiatic path—yet simply being there, being present, listening, attempting to understand what each one is going through and, in a deep point of reference, praying for each one.

             This has been the missing link, as it were, in the equation of the growth of this and other ascended-master movements. Yet when you take it upon yourself to be that mothering spirit, then one by one the newly hatched chicks feel the warmth of your heart and come back again and again to your heart to receive from your angelic presence the specific energies and the divine milk of the Spirit.

             I AM Lakshmi. I am one who nourishes life and issues forth from the abundance of my heart, both in East and West, divine essences to maintain a certain spiritual stability amongst the blessed ones in the Earth. And whether you have studied only the words of the Master Jesus in the Gospels or you have begun to understand more of the Eastern teachings of Hinduism and of other faiths, I will be there for you within your heart and within the sacred connection, as the divine umbilical cord, between you and your spiritual mothers ascended to teach, to gently help you to understand and to finally know the fullness of your own God-potential as divine creatures, co-creators with the All-in-all.

             Dearest and beloved ones, those of you who have sensitized yourselves to the new frequencies of light of Aquarius could sense the Mother presence of many angelic choirs during the giving of this ritual today.¹ It is one that you may enter into again and again when you require surcease from the distresses of the world, when you need a boost in mindfulness, in presence and in the gentle wafting currents of the quintessence of the Spirit.

             Some of you have striven to understand the dynamic of the changes going on in your life, within your emotional body, even in the mental plane, and at times the pressures have been so great that you could scarcely move and understand what is occurring with the shift and the changes at hand. Know, O soul, that you are watched over tenderly by angelic presences. And when you feel the pressures of life upon you, surrender to what is, to God, and know that all is well within the heart of God, with whom you may attune in spirit. And through that heartbeat, through that transfusion of light heart to heart, balance, equipoise and stability in heart and mind may be yours, blessed ones.

             The archeiai of the crystal rays work with the subtle currents of the heaven world, which most of mankind know not of. If you would develop greater sensitivity, then pray to these daughters of God, who will grace you with a certain inner understanding of the soul, of the divine faculties of those who would truly know God. And in this divine gnosis, an inner sense—the true innocence—of divine perfectionment may simply flow through you, unto you and around you for the safety of beingness and for your ascent.

 [Lakshmi chants for 36 seconds.]

 My lullaby of love is here to assuage your soul for a most crystalline, beautiful year just begun. Love one another, embrace the highest, see the best and know God within all. I thank you.

1. The ritual Lakshmi referred to is the Rosary of Divine Quintessence, available as a booklet and as an audio CD through The Hearts Center online store.

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