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Manjushri      December 04, 2008

David C. Lewis Discourse  (Inspired by Manjushri)
December 4, 2008   8:15–8:32 am  MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana 

Manjushri on Initiation
Allow the Light of Initiation to Pass Through You

Work Is at the Center of the Path of Initiation
If You Desire to Soar, Work while Ye Have the Light

           To initiate means to begin. Every initiation that you undergo is a new beginning. Some live in a comfortability that is of the human ego rather than the comfort flame of the Holy Spirit. Initiation often comes when you least expect it or at least when the human ego does not desire it.
           What does this look like? Why does it happen? And what can you do to prepare yourself to be ready for each upstart of new awareness as that new beginning that creates a spiral that raises you higher on the path home to the heart of God?
           The most important thing to consider is to be conscious and to draw a circle of awareness around yourself whereby your consciousness is sealed in light, impervious to unbenign influences, thoughtforms, projections and the disarray of forces of darkness that assail every heartfriend, lightbearer, lightworker. This must be done on a daily basis, and for some [on] an hourly basis, to maintain the presence required to be ready for initiation.
           Who comes to initiate you? Your Higher Self. And if you are sensitive to the dance of the hours and the flow of light through your crystal cord, you will actually feel the impulses of the shift of each hour, the figure-eight flow of the hours, the patterning of light and the interplay of your awareness with your gurus, who ever watch, guide, direct and sponsor you.
           There is a teaching, recently brought to this messenger, [on] how the pranic forces flow through the nostrils, shifting from nostril to nostril, left and right [each] hour. And this is a true teaching, for there is the continuity of the release of pranic forces through the Alpha-and-Omega spiral, East and West, Father [and] Mother, plus and minus through your own awareness. For energies are consistently flowing and cycling through your awareness from above and then returning from below to the above, and the cycle continues in this interactivity.
           The initiation occurs at the twelve o'clock line in spirit, at the six o'clock line in mater. And when you are centered within your heart, abiding always in presence, then you have the wherewithal to undergo the initiation, to pass through and allow the light to pass through you, which is truly the meaning of passing your test. To allow the light of initiation to pass through you is the crux of the matter. If you put up blocks, if you say no, if you hold firm to the resolve of the ego, then the light of initiation will not pass through your heart, interpenetrate your being, do its perfect work as an alchemy of transubstantiation [whereby the] elements of your lower nature, [having been] transmuted, ascend to your God Presence[to complete within you] the initiatic process.
           But when you have an open heart, then the light of initiation descends, flows through the nexus of your heart [and] accomplishes its purpose, which is self-elevation. And then you receive the great God-benefit of being open to that path, that doorway through your heart, and then may receive more and more of the gifts and graces that come through the initiatic path as blessing, boon and beneficence. Therefore, as with all spiritual paths, having an open-door awareness of a heart tethered to reality and to the one God allows for you to pass through the initiation, for the initiation to pass through you and for you to pass the test within the initiatic light.
           When an opportunity is afforded unto you to rise through work and a master comes and asks for assistance for a specific project, which may be either short term or long term, there can be a great inflow of light through your awareness as the work is processed through your heart, as you attend to the details of the light-energy that come in order to accomplish the work at hand. For with each initiation is a thrust of light that will assist you as a soul to move through that work sublimely, in the flow, in the Tao. And through your work, your energies are raised, the kundalini ascends and points of illumination, as God consciousness, penetrate your being, illumine your crown and bring you greater God consciousness.
           Enlightenment is not accomplished in a day but is a process. And the path of initiation is the greatest benefactor for you to reach that point of freedom and enlightenment. For the energies that are expressed, outpictured and woven through your consciousness through the initiatic work at hand are the very means whereby the glory of illumination comes to and through you. Some desire to drink in the light only through prayer, meditation and do not fully engage in a level of striving work that moves them into higher spirals of initiatic energy and a new and higher pathway day by day.
            If you can look at yourself truly with the eyes of your higher Buddha nature and see where at times you desire the comfortability of the human ego rather than the temporary intensity of dealing with the energies of the Spirit and their innate abilities to ferret out from your lower nature the darkness and to move you into the higher spirals, then you can begin to understand what it will take to be a Buddha, a Christ, a Mother or a planet. Some of you have lapsed into this comfortability for months, weeks, hours—some for years, some for lifetimes. And at times it takes a great spark, as an igniting fire, to charge and move you out of the path of the comfortability of the human ego. This may come as a major challenge to your health, to your thoughts, your paradigms, even through an individual, a messenger, a friend when you least expect it. And therefore be conscious, be true to purpose and realize that anyone can be an initiator or that spark that can provide for you a new point of entrée into higher initiation.
           Work is at the center of the path of initiation. For in work there is transmutation and growth. If, blessed hearts, you find, that you, through a true and realistic assessment of yourself, [are] not moving at the highest level of your true beingness through work, then you may apply to an ascended master, to your own Higher Self or to the messenger or a committee or team leader to be afforded a new opportunity for service, for work. When you engage at this level, complete assignments and then move on, there is an acceleration of your path of initiation that moves you into ascended master realms of light and Spirit.
           But if you are always attempting to avoid work, avoid the seemingly constricting nature of what this path of initiation may bring, then do not gloat, then do not be sorrowful when greater light, resources, abundance and the precipitated powers of presence are not yours to utilize in your life. Those who work will receive the reward of abundance. Those who are not accelerating through the accelerant of the violet light, the highest vibrating frequency in the spectrum, should not expect the alchemy of abundance to flow swiftly and cleanly through their awareness.
           Communities are built on workers and by workers. Therefore every Hearts Center, every greater community of the Spirit must have at the core those who are willing to participate in this sacred work at the highest level, taking guidance from those who lead, following the divine principles, precepts, of the holy orders at the core of these communities and abiding within presence always with an open heart to receive initiation and thereby pass throughthrough the heartthe greatest fires of holy transmutation in glory that can be known on the initiatic path.
           This is Maitreya's message through Manjushri today, that if you desire to truly soar, then work while ye have the light. Thank you.

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