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Maitreya      October 21, 2008

David C. Lewis' Discourse Inspired by Beloved Lord Maitreya
October 21, 2008   3:21-3:58 pm  local time 
2008 India Pilgrimage
Deer Park, Sarnath, India

Maintaining a Heart-Mind Connection of Presence with Your Guru

Sit Under Your Own Bo Tree
Embrace the Completeness of Your Buddha Nature

           Over twenty-five hundred years ago, Siddhartha Gautama offered the first words of wisdom after his enlightenment. And today his successor, Lord Maitreya, comes first to enfold you in the billowing light of compassion as the Compassionate One and then to offer a sermon to your souls of a new wisdom teaching.
           Compassion is born within a heart ennobled first through worship of the Divine One within, the one God, and then through attention upon that divine Spirit within every created being [and] offering the totality of selfhood upon the sacred altar of the heart, where wisdom is accessed as love is shared. Love without wisdom cannot embrace the highest form of compassion, for if love is offered freely, it is as water without a reservoir to hold [it] and may be spilled upon the ground. But when wisdom surrounds love, love has the wherewithal to create change within the soul to [whom] it is offered.
           Maitreya has been called the Compassionate One. Why so? Because he offers [access to] the highest point of his own attainment, which is the highest knowledge of God to which his soul has ascended and met in the heavens [and] then [brought] back unto mankind. He first penetrated the heart of his guru and teacher, Siddhartha Gautama. Have you penetrated the heart of your guru through divine love in its highest point of penetration, even drinking from the heart of your guru that which your guru offers as his very essence?
           If you can say yes, then you may know something of this highest love. It is not enough to simply embrace your guru outwardly in show, but [you must] enter the mind, the highest mind-essence of your guru, by attuning to the frequencies from which that mind emanates. And this is the mind of God, or the One, the Absolute, what some have said is unknowable. And yet, although in human form we cannot fully understand and know the formlessness and the quintessence of the soundless sound from the cosmic void, if we let go of all attachment, then we can access through stillness the one point of holy access to the very heartbeat of God from which all wisdom teaching does emanate.
           Visualize now a straight line going through your chakras, from the base through the heart and through the crown and straight up as a cosmic arrow, ascending to the very highest heights of the summit of your own being. And then, through the very essence of your guru, see this divine light and line of fire creating a bond that may not be broken. And through your constant devotion and through an inner stillness that emanates through presence, this line creates the link between your heart-mind connection with the heart-mind connection of your guru.
            Maintaining this link always, through an inner attention—even as you are in the world, traversing the world, entering into the work of your daily life, your conversation, but maintaining a point of presence and focus within that is the sacred tie to the guru—provides the wherewithal for you to access the mind of a Maitreya or a Gautama, a Kartikeya or any of the vast cosmic Buddhas that have egressed past this planetary home to higher worlds and attained to great cosmic levels of presence and understanding, even becoming co-creators with those who govern solar worlds and other star systems, such as Surya, the Elohim and those who, from the human level, seem completely unknowable because their vast attainment is far beyond the measure of a man or a woman in form upon earth.
            How much you are able to ascend in consciousness through this link governs your ability to then provide for mankind something of this new wisdom teaching, which is constantly emanating from the one Absolute through the many gods and goddesses, the step-down transformers, the solar beings who provide the resonance of divine bliss as an oversoul to humanity, as a protection, as an umbrella of light that maintains balance in the cosmos and harmony within the several worlds and the many spheres and levels of being.
            Each of you has a Higher Self that is experiencing life in higher and vaster dimensions and planes of being. And though you do not always know outwardly the height to which your Solar Presence experiences this level of being, if you can maintain this heart-mind connection of presence with your guru, the strong thread that your guru holds with his guru and with the higher gurus in higher planes allows the antahkarana to be enfired at every point of connection. And this brings about a new peace, a new radiance to the planet. All seek this understanding in order to bring about a golden-crystal age of illumination and freedom and enlightenment.
            We are in the Kali Yuga, the darkened time when most of mankind has forgotten their Source, the One. But that Source is within you if you accept it and you maintain this presence. As many more awaken in Buddhic presence to their own Buddha nature, then heart by heart, mind by mind, heart-mind by heart-mind, the antahkarana is strengthened. And once there is a critical mass of an awakening, then the mass consciousness of ignorance may be wiped away permanently as all embrace higher consciousness and the one teaching that has always been true, though it emanates through many streams, through many spiritual disciplines, through many gurus, avatars and teachers.
            Buddhic presence as mindfulness has emanated through many over the centuries who have come to remind a culture and a people throughout the world—those who have lost the connection—of their true nature. And God is God is God, though prayed to in many, many names or in no name. And the same emanation as the suchness of the Tathagata1 is here today, accessible to you as a conscious soul who has chosen through the rounds of rebirth, first through involution and now through evolution, to return to the heart of the One.
           Each outbreath is your opportunity to experience life around the circle of being. And each inbreath allows that circle to be compressed into the one central point of God-complete presence. And there is stillness between the breath, and then the outbreath occurs again and the point becomes the circle, or the sphere. And then when [the emanation of the breath as presence] reaches the periphery after the breath, the outbreath is complete. Then the inbreath again brings in the entire sphere to that central point of oneness again. 
           Have you watched and been present within your breath to see how God is experiencing the cosmos through you? Have you been present as a witness to the highest form of beingness that can manifest in your aura and your world [when] God is present where you are moment by moment? If you are always looking outside of yourself for a divine experience, you will not fully grasp it [except through] desirelessness. But if you surrender to the totality of the God-essence of who you are as you move through life and allow God, the great I AM, the OM, the One, to breathe and witness life through your Presence, your awareness, then the universe expands through your consciousness, greater presence may be brought to bear in the world of form, and the true light that is the light that lighteth every man, woman and child everywhere may fully blaze forth in its glory to illumine a world.
            Feel now the tingling within your crown chakra of this highest aspect of Selfhood through your own inner illumination as we together listen to the voice of the One deep within, though there may be outer sounds around us. It is the soundless sound of perfection. It is the bliss of being, of a sure knowing that has no doubt or fear or human questioning of the God-ideal that you have brought to this earth as your mission to accomplish in this life. It is your dharma to fulfill what you have promised to the great Lords of Karma before you incarnated in this life.
           Go back now to that point between lifetimes when your spiritual teachers were there to review your past incarnations and to provide you a glimpse into the future of this lifetime to see what tests you would be required to pass, what initiations you had left off or not quite fulfilled that must be entered into, embraced and mastered in order for you to progress to the final spoke on the wheel of karma and dharma such that you return to the twelve o'clock line and then may fully embrace your own Buddha nature and ascend as a fully enlightened one, like Gautama, to the One.
           As you review these various points on your pathway that your own Higher Self in communion with the great Lords and your gurus have offered as those initiatic points and markers through your life, you can see now through the stream of awareness where you have fully embraced them and mastered them and where you may have fallen or not surrendered totally to the completeness of that initiation. Breathe. And even in the rhythm that you hear through the chanting of these monks,2 there is an inner calling to your soul as a reminder that time is short, that opportunity is here and now and that through a simple twist of the dial and a shift in awareness, you may much more fully embrace the initiatic path before you and climb the heights to Mount Kailas with Maitreya to receive the final initiations on your path homeward to your own Buddhahood.
           There are many voices that speak to your outer self, but you must never let these persuade you to let go of listening to the one highest inner voice of your own Solar Presence, your Guru of gurus, the inner teacher, the hidden man or woman of the heart, the Buddha within. Though there may even be those who guide and guard and protect you outwardly throughout your life, look at their motives. Do they desire that you progress beyond their own level of attainment to fully embrace what you may become? Or have some of these held barriers for you and bounds around you that have encapsulated you in your pathway in such a way that you could not quite egress past a certain doorway of selfhood.
           Open the door to higher consciousness through your own connection with your Source—this through your crown and through the light that may flow directly to you and through you from your own highest giver. You must first provide the begging bowl of awareness in your soul to receive the teaching, the Dhamma of the Buddha. And then, through an active application of the law of the Eightfold Path, the Four Noble Truths [and] the Ten Perfections of the Law, walk the Middle Way of the golden pathway of the Buddha in order to follow Maitreya in his compassionate way to the Pure Land, where there is no more sorrow or ignorance but where compassion flows as a pure river, as the spiritual Ganges—the inner river, crystalline in its essence and flow, that washes clean everything in its path.
           Visualize now this spiritual Ganges surrounding you as you allow the currents of life itself, as cosmic nourishment, to wash you clean. And though you may not step into the Ganges in the flesh while we are here in India, yet you can allow this spiritual, divine river in its highest aspect to embrace your entire body, not only your physical [body] but your emotional, mental and etheric (or spiritual) bodies. [See it] washing away all the impurities of thought or feeling, all past misgivings on your path, all motives that have been impure at any time, seeking for gain above or beyond others, seeing impurely other lifestreams or beholding them in any form other than their own Buddha nature.
           Allow the light of this divine river to enter the river of your own bloodstream, your lymphatic system, all the systems of the body—purifying, cleansing and bringing about a new balance and a new perspective on life, even at the molecular and microcosmic level of your being, whereby there is no stoppage of the electronic flow through your meridians and through your chakras. There are no knots; there are no points of darkness, but all of the channels are open wide to receive the essence of this flow.
           And as you breathe and allow even the coursing of this divine river to enter through your breath as a great Mother goddess of crystalline light, you understand the nature of Mother flow, of all of the divine personages, the shaktis of the gods—whether Parvati, Durga, Kali, Lakshmi, Sarasvati—who have come as those feminine aspects of the Godhead to allow your soul to receive this inner nourishment, [which] is pure light in its cosmic essence.
           Your Mother fed you at her breast. Why have you left off of allowing her to continue to feed you from within in this life or in past lifetimes? You must always drink of her divine quintessence through allowing this great stream to wash you clean day by day. And even as you partake of your daily ablutions, the washing of your physical body, see the cleansing of your entire nature by her essence, by her love, by her witness to the glory of the One that she bears as the cosmic co-creator and solar being who she is.
           Whether embodied in male or female form, you must become this Mother energy as the shakti and as the creative force that can transform a world—first your world and then all worlds. If you only abide in a passive meditation of bliss and do not, as Gautama did, come back to teach, to transform a world, then you have not gleaned the message that he received under the Bodhi tree, whereby Mara was sublimated and cast forever into nothingness and where the flower of life did spring forth as that golden wisdom teaching [that he] provided through the very enlightenment that came forth through the flowering of the crystal of his own being.
           We are so near the physical spot where this divine revelation through his first teaching to his first disciples occurred. And you have come on this pilgrimage to glean something more of your own inner being. Do not let anything accost you to take you from this path, but go with Siddhartha Gautama [and do as he did.] Sit under your own Bo tree. Meditate on that which will bring forth the full flowering of your own awareness in God as a fully conscious and awakened one. For if you are always simply following another, if you do not consciously make the choice to also put aside all else to become the Buddha, then his wisdom teaching—the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path, the Way—will all have been for naught.
            But I trust that you have learned the lessons that he brought and shared and that you, each one, will fully embrace, as he did, the completeness of [your] Buddha nature. And whoever your outer teacher is, [I trust that] you will always hold firm to the truth that speaks from within you first and that this God-essence will embrace you, will manifest fully through you and that you, like him, will light a world afire.
           Become the agni beings who you are, the fiery ones, as the aureole of illumination enfolds you now and surrounds this entire garden and valley and all its inhabitants—the blessed souls, the little children, the monks, those of all religious faiths or no faith, those who have come to see this great stupa and [to witness] the records of what occurred here. And bring this presence home with you as a cosmic storehouse of light, that wherever you walk you will know that Maitreya and Gautama walk with you. May it be so. May it ever be so, O holy ones.

1. Tathagata:
the name that the historical Siddhartha Gautama used primarily to refer to himself and also to other Buddhas of the past and those to come. The word has been literally translated to mean “one who has thus gone” (Tatha-gata) and “one who has thus come” (Tatha-agata). Thus, he no longer comes and goes but is beyond coming and going, beyond the cycles of rebirth, beyond death, beyond suffering. The word has also been interpreted to mean one among many Buddhas who achieves enlightenment and teaches others how to achieve it. [Note: compiled/adapted from Pearls endnote, Wikipedia entry and other online sources] 

2. Buddhist monks or nuns who were sitting nearby began drumming and chanting during the last half of this discourse.


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