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Manjushri      September 13, 2008

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
September 13, 2008   8:08–8:27 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Manjushri's Mindful Moments

1.  The possibility for world spiritual advancement exists within every mindful choice you make for greater presence, greater love and greater wisdom each moment.

2.  Intuiting the divine will in any moment requires being still and listening intently with great mindfulness to the inner voice that speaks with clarity that which is obvious, beautiful and full of authenticity.

3.  Great opportunities exist for your beatification in the here and now through the workings of your heart in full synchronicity with your Higher Mind.

4.  The glory of divine radiance that can manifest through each human being is great so long as there is surrender to holy purpose, holy wisdom and holy love in balance within and it is carried as a heartstream into manifestation through conscious spiritual work.

5.  Trusting in the Divine requires a daily letting go of something of the lower self, something of the past and something of the egoic mind.

6.  Representatives of God are you all when you live in your Presence' mindfulness.

7.  Traveling with the Holy Spirit requires being attuned to where his itinerant winds are being directed, where the needs of humanity lie, where the light of love may be best focused for the upliftment of all.

8.  Involving yourself in Buddhic mindfulness means that you are engaged in lifelong spiritual learning through study of the Dhamma, the sacred teachings of East and West through the inspired ones, augmented by your own inner wisdom.

9. Practical daily spirituality is the nondenominational religion of the New Age.

10. All true wisdom teaching is born of mindfulness.

11. In your I AM statements created by the breath of the Spirit moving within you, enter new fields of beingness as the Word flows through your heart-mind.

12. Only in entraining your heart to the great Heart may you live mindfully.

13. Caring for naught but divine light, muse on mindfulness for a moment and then strive through work to co-create your new vision with other conscious ones.

14. The subtle emanations of mindfulness are flowing through your crystal cord from your Presence each moment. Stop, look and listen to their sublime message.

15. The blessedness of divine light is the essence of mindfulness.

16. Providence knows what is best, but the rub is for you to choose to authenticate God's wisdom in your life through your thoughts, words and deeds.

17. Mindfulness is manifest through stilling the outer mind to begin an intense new love affair with the heart-mind of God.

18. The ego is utterly ridiculous in its strutting, pompous displays. The Divine Monad born of being is the true beautiful one.

19. Idealizing anything or anyone other than the inner light eventually brings about disappointment and confrontation. Dissolve all deification or human ennoblement of outer manifestation with identification with the sublime oneness of being within all.

20. Truth is mindfulness in its axiomatic expression.

Awakening to the Totality of God's Presence within You

           Glory by glory, blessed ones, mindfulness is growing within you each moment. As we survey the scenes of the world and attend to the hearts of mankind, our solar identification with the Sun of pure beingness involves us in divine affairs. These we bring to you in these moments together of blessed beingness in the light. The radiance of the Presence of the conscious ones ascended is yours as a gift, as a dispensation born of presence by those who are determined not to appease the human personality but, in great respect of the authority of the Divine One manifest throughout the cosmos, to bring to your outer ears, and hopefully to your hearts, the joy of the Word.
           Gracefully, the ministration of angels all around you is manifest through the flowering of your own consciousness as you partake of these quintessences from our hearts. Born of Spirit, they may be born again within you as you assimilate the essence of our offering with great care, with reverence and with an inner understanding of your own path of blessed beingness.
           No one can live your life for you. And none other can fully assimilate that which you would drink of this nectar of the Spirit. Day by day the planet is raised. Moment by moment you are the one through whom the earth ascends. For you are born of the earth earthy, and yet the Spirit moves within your physical substance, intermingling—as Above, so below—divine quintessence with the particles of the dimension in which you abide, co-creating a new world right within your heart.
           In great presence in these moments of mindfulness we speak, and yet your soul speaks. And if you are attuned to that inner voice, that which speaks within you will grow until one day, as a fully awakened one, your own voice and message will be that which will be shared among the stars. As a new divine quintessence is born and as you merge with the cosmic stream of our oneness, it is, blessed hearts, as a new Milky Way through which you may soar within the Sun of your own being. This is the day of awakening within you, which may be now if you accept it.
           I am Manjushri. I have accepted the totality of God and God's Presence within me. May you also accept that which you are in reality fully and know, by the authority of your Real Self, the validity of your own beingness, your own Presence and the fullness of a new life this hour.
           Bless you, keep you always in the embrace of the Mother, who dotes on her Buddha children each hour. I thank you.

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