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Pelleur      May 14, 2008

Beloved Pelleur
David Christopher Lewis
May 14, 2008   8:13-8:34 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana 

Use the Light of UR to
Return to the Crystalline Nature of Earth

[“UR” intoned by Pelleur for 13 seconds, and then two more times for 13 seconds.]

            I am Pelleur. And I have heard and felt the love of the ruby action of light of your prayers. And I distribute in all quarters, in all planes of being the light of the Mother that I have received from my beloved Virgo for the raising of sentient life. Blessed hearts, when you see and feel earth changes, it is time to go within and call to us. Even in our names the action of light of UR is present. Virgo, Pelleur. And within the very center of the Earth, the light of the sun abides. We are grateful to the Buddha of the Ruby Ray who has held a great balance for the evolutions of Earth and for those of you who understand the science of stillness, of being and of maintaining balance within you.
            As you maintain harmony through the light of the UR at the core of your being, we are able to more easily sustain for all evolutions the balance of Mother Earth. How you manifest that balance within the earth element of your own being decides the fate of your own earth, your own physical temple. As you partake of those substances that ennoble the Mother energy within you, so balance is sustained. But as you partake of essences and substances not divine, then an instability within the deepest levels of your being and consciousness causes tremor in the substrata of the subconscious at the cellular structure, not only of your physical vessel, but of the solar cells of your inner being.
            When mankind digs deep within the earth to secure resources that have been locked away as part of the very body of the Mother herself, this causes undue stress upon her temple. It were better for mankind to understand the science of solar UR light emanation, solar light emanation, such that they could fulfill the light work of the ages within.
            As you know, in its pristine state long ago the Earth was not dense and dark but was crystalline in nature. We ask you, blessed hearts, when you see the Earth in your mind's eye as you visualize the blessed body of the Mother Earth, that you always maintain that perfect crystal vision of this planetary home as clear, as radiant, already emanating fully its Solar essence in all quadrants of being, at all levels of consciousness.
            As you hold for the Earth this perfect ideal, we hold for you the same immaculate vision. And thus there is an incremental and accelerated action of the light of UR radiating throughout your being, raising you into Solar awareness. There has been a compression through the densification of the spirit in mater through a lack of awareness that has caused what you see as the earth to manifest, not in all of its pristine glory, but in the earth earthy that you know.
            One day all will be liberated and the Earth as a sun shall shine in all of its glory. This is our hope. This is what we hold in our mind's eye for the very being of Gaia, the very essence of the Mother. So you see how many words even within your language contain the essence of Mother; even father contains that light of the UR. Brother, sister. As you say these words from this day forward, endow them with that light of UR. And know, blessed ones, how much you are cared for by the Earth, by Virgo and Pelleur.
            We will be at Shasta with you. All of the Hierarchs of the Elementals and many gnomes are even now gathering in joyous expectation of the spiritual work that you together with us will accomplish as the chohans lead you into new realms of spiritual awareness.
             Have you named your gnomes? Even as Snow White knew them, some of you have many that follow and trail you as you travel and walk upon the earth. But you have not always recognized their activity, their love for you and their requests for calls and prayers. If you would have seven gnomes with you on your walks in nature, then name them, invite them, along with the chohans, to do their works of beauty, to fulfill assignments that you give them. So they will revel in the light of your aura, even as they attempt to fulfill their reason for being—to sustain harmony and balance and love in the earth. We trust that you will not name them Grumpy or Sleepy or Dopey but names that befit their office as servitors of the Mother Earth.
            We now increase the light within the Sun of even pressure at the center of the Earth and extend this radiance to the crust and to every soul evolving here. All may know this light of UR. All may feel the fire of the Mother Earth.
            So, blessed hearts, we are grateful for your conscious prayers, your singing and laughter and the great joy that you bear humanity in these morning sessions, in your evening and weekend vigils. Every erg of energy and light that you invoke, that you radiate forth, goes forth to accomplish its perfect work, you see. And so, in purity we are one. In the radiance of Virgo and Pelleur we win. [“UR” intoned for 9 seconds, then again for 9 seconds and then more deeply for 9 more seconds.]


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