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Portia      September 27, 2007

Beloved Portia            
David C. Lewis
September 27, 2007   7:27-7:39 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

A Dispensation of Grace for the Securing of the Wellspring Retreat

 Among You Will Stand with the Lords of Karma to Affirm
Your Desire to Be of Assistance to Us?

Gracious Servitors of Freedom's Flame,
            I come and I stand now in your midst to anchor the light of God-justice on behalf of the evolutions of this planet and those who have stepped forward to proceed with us in a new venture of light toward the fulfillment of that flame of freedom for all.
            We of the Karmic Board have heard and read the request of the Darjeeling Council through El Morya, and we stand to deliver now to you our reply, that because of the intent of certain among you and the causal body momentums of light that you bring to bear, we have offered a dispensation of grace whereby there may be an increase in your abundance and in the light vouchsafed to you so long as a certain number among the body of this Heart Center movement stand to declare and affirm with one voice their desire to move forward with the plans to secure the property at the Wellspring Retreat and the Golden Ratio Project.
            You have heard the messenger state that even he was willing to lay upon the altar that abundance such that this project may move forward. I, Portia, now stand before you with my sword raised to say that if a certain hundred among you would declare and aver your support of this endeavor, then, blessed ones, we of the Karmic Board will move heaven and earth to also move away the certain obstacles and barriers that have been set before you by the forces of darkness working through one or another to attempt to abort your plans.
            Cosmic justice is moving in the stream of light of the Lord God that does flow through the hearts of those who understand [that] the processes of heaven can be a boon for you, blessed ones. But there must be a one-pointedness and a conferment of and upon the dispensation through your assent and through bold steps that must be taken by some among the leadership, as well as many among you who will set aside certain personal agendas such that our greater plan may manifest in the physical. There are stalwart souls who are ready to join you in your efforts, and even in this hour the angels of cosmic justice are moving to contact them in the great cities. And just as soon as your website is prepared, with this divine portal that will magnetize many more to this movement, blessed ones, the cork will be uncorked and the flow will be established whereby many more may come to this fount of teaching.
            Step by step we build, and the edifice is rising at the behest of the Divine Mother even in this hour. But it takes some among mankind who will endeavor to be the firstfruits of the light in order that the dispensation may be safe and secure in this hour. O blessed ones, we see the sacrifices that you have made. And some among you, even in this hour, say, “O Lord, how can I give more?” And yet, there must be the drawing forth from your causal body, by God's grace, and only by God's grace, that great light that you have access to through the ultimate surrender of the lesser self and the garnering of the light of the greater Self through your work and service, blessed hearts. Thus, where the intent is firmly affixed as an icon of light in the earth, then all of heaven moves and the forces of light surround, support and gird their very momentums around that forcefield such that the victory may be had.
            It has always been so, blessed hearts, [that] when certain warriors of the Spirit have stepped forth to be the ones that God could work through, miracles of light did manifest and the evolution of mankind moved forward. Thus, I ask in this hour, who among you will stand now with the Lords of Karma as we deliver this dispensation to affirm your desire to be of assistance to us? Who among you will be the firstfruits and will deliver upon the altar your signature, your stamp of approval upon our plan?
            The blessed Mother Mary has done much in the way of releasing dictations, and twelve have been called on Wednesdays to come, and yet not always do we see the sacrifice of some among you to fulfill that request. If those in this local community can move to assist the blessed Cosmic Mother by being there every Wednesday morning, then the very light anchored through her Presence will be, as an action of the precipitation ray, a great boon to you, blessed ones, in securing the very physical property itself. Do you see that this Lady of Cosmic Abundance, our blessed archeia of the fifth ray, also holds the key to the very flow of that divine grace from the heaven world to the physical, [which] you call abundance and the treasures of heaven? If you could see all that could be employed if a certain quota were to fulfill the requests of the Brotherhood, then truly your pathway would be easier, your way clear.
            Thus I come in support of the archeiai and, specifically, the blessed Mary. When you affirm not only through the Hail Mary but through the very affirmation of your spirit that you will be there physically, then the angels surround you and the light does flow and the abundance will grow. This is my fiat. This is my statement unto you. And the Great Divine Director, the Goddess of Liberty, beloved Nada, Cyclopea, Kuan Yin, Vairochana also affirm through me, as their messenger this day, that we will be in support of any who will [give] what they are capable and able to, even if it were ten dollars sent in for the building fund. We will multiply it. We will increase the flow through you personally if you believe and if you perceive with new eyes what is possible, what you are capable of being the anchor point for in this sacred alchemy.
           I bless you, dear hearts, with the light of the Master Alchemist, my beloved, this day, who stands to increase that light in those who perform the alchemical works through their hearts upturned to God. May heaven's grace be yours each day, not only when you pray but when you look upon each other also as brethren, as sisters of the light and affirm the light in each one. Ennoble it, draw it forth and multiply it through your service and through the cosmic-justice sacred flow that will be yours as you attune to our hearts.
            I thank you and bid you good day.

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