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Raphael      September 05, 2007

Beloved Archangel Raphael
David C. Lewis
September 5, 2007   7:25-7:46 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat

Paradise Valley, Montana

Come Forward to Secure This Land for the Lord

Most gracious hearts who understand the process of invocation of healing light to a world, I come in defense of my bride, Mother Mary. For, I AM Archangel Raphael. And I stand in this hour in this space and in this place, hallowed by your prayers, to conduct greater fire and to secure a bastion of light to which you have dedicated your daily prayer services.
            There comes a time and a place where the Lord God does sanctify certain areas upon the globe toward the holy purposes of healing. And this you have known for quite some time, blessed hearts—that this land long, long ago was dedicated toward the easing of pain, the purging from the lower self of elements that are not pleasing in the sight of God. And thus, many have come here, working to provide a means whereby the physical bodies of men and women and children could receive that grace that allows them to move forward in their service to life in whatever way that they see fit.
            This messenger has come this day on our behalf to be the receptor of certain frequencies that, even during the giving of your rosary, has caused a great transmutation to occur in the Earth. For when sacred Scripture is read of that which John saw and which Jesus gave unto his disciple as to the matrices through his holy vision of what could occur upon Earth in what some have termed “The Last Days,” these were given as a sign for those who understand the sacred science of invocation and the mysteries of the Spirit to use to forestall, to transmute and to prevent greater calamities upon Earth.
            Thus, I tell you that as you were hearing the words of John and pouring forth your love during the giving of this rosary, that we, the Seven Archangels, were moving in many quarters upon this planetary home to consume records of war and that which could be mitigated because of your givingness and your oneness with our hearts.
            This sacred service may continue here so long as heartfriends, devotees of the light, servitors of El Morya come forward to secure this land for the Lord. Truly, blessed ones, in some respects you are standing on shaky ground, not only here but anywhere and everywhere that you abide. For the coming changes upon the Earth are such that no place is safe except to those who dwell within the very Presence of God where they live.
            Thus, you may also read the words of Jesus as embodied as David in the Psalms to understand that only those who stand under the shadow of the Almighty may truly receive the protection of our wings of light, day by day.¹ And even in an unguarded moment, you can be caught off guard when not in that Presence of the Lord under your own solar beingness.
            But when, blessed hearts, you come together and pray as you do daily here and in your Hearts Centers and homes of light, we do spread our wings of loving protection around you. And you may feel secure in this sacred embrace of our hearts. We begin here a greater emanation of light. For a portion of the mission of The Hearts Center, which we state and aver this day, is the healing of souls and the lifting of burdens upon the physical bodies of lightbearers.
            True healing always begins within and then flows without. And we state for the record that although there may be physical healings in time, as always we focus on and concentrate on the alleviation of the burdens upon the soul first. And  when that soul has risen in consciousness to a certain level of understanding of the spiritual path, gaining self-mastery in the workings of the law of Selfhood, then that one may also receive a more permanent healing of body and mind and soul at all levels of being.
            Thus, although many of you are studying the science of healing, we remind you that the Lord God himself is the healer, the light that flows from the Source through those who allow themselves to be used in the great circuitry of light as anchor points for the release of that fire. Then the greater physical manifestation may come forth through your holy surrender to this sacred science that you are learning.
            I come with a request for the greater body of heartfriends within this movement to defend and to secure this sacred space here, made holy by each of you who has participated not only physically but on the broadcast. For you see that the word going forth from you has blended with the words of those here. And there is created a most beautiful manifestation of light that, if you could truly see it, blessed ones, you would understand whereof and why I come to implore a greater action of dedication both physically, financially and through your calls to secure this retreat of my beloved Mary.
            I open now the portal of the future to the eyes of your Real Self who already knows that which will transpire in these sacred environs so close to the retreat of the Divine Mother, Lady Venus. For you see, it was truly through a discussion between my bride Mary and  Lady Venus that they came up with this plan to secure this property long, long ago. For working together, anchoring the Mother Light and focusing through the prism of each one's Godhood and understanding of the nature of God as Mother and along with the blessed Kuan Yin, who has a number of devotees also in this region, there is a threefold action of the release of that Mother Light which is for the healing of the souls of their children.
            Many pass through this valley and receive at the soul level ampoules of light within their auras, unbeknownst to their outer awareness, through the calls and the prayers issued forth [both] through this body of devotees [and through] others that you know of. Would that many more could come to this sacred fount and understand the sacred science that we will employ day by day in the use of the secret [crystal] rays.
            We do not judge. And yet we call some higher through a greater understanding of this movement of light, of the nature of ongoing revelation and that God may use any vessel to pour forth his blessings, his radiance. And that vessel, blessed ones, may also be you and not just one whom we choose as the mouthpiece of our words. Truly, you are the voice of God each time you bear witness to the light of your own Presence and of the ascended hosts and partake in this sacred service through your invocations.
            You are the voice of the Mother to a world in need, to many of her children who know not quite the way to go yet. You are the voice of healing love. And as the heartstreams from your own heart pour forth through your voice, there is the sacred nourishment of children everywhere. This is the ongoingness of our plan to reach many more souls.
            It starts with holy prayer. And then and only then, when a foundation has been laid in this manner, will the greater influx of souls come to understand this path through your heartreach, through your media, through all that you will present lovingly in many ways great and small to contact souls throughout the Earth.Yes, it begins with prayer. And this place dedicated to prayer is one that we simply must have, blessed ones.

  Therefore, I ask that a committee be set up now of those who will work assiduously to secure this property. For unless and until it is safeguarded, we may not fully bring forth all of the teaching that is simply waiting in the wings to be given unto you through dictations, through discourses and through Meru University.
            Once you have your home in order, then the Lord will open the door and abide with you whenever you invite him. Would you invite him to your home this day by preparing in all ways for his coming, blessed ones? If so, let each one be the one to stand for the light, to dedicate the allness of Self toward the holy purposes to which all of us together work.

It will not take just one rich person to secure this land. It will take the heart fires of all us together in the oneness of God's Presence, employing through the Causal Body momentums of light all that can be summoned to secure for my beloved her rightful retreat here in the West.

Blessed ones, long, long ago, Mary seeded a certain quotient of her heart fire here, through a devotee who saw into the future a vision of hope. This seed now grows through the crystal fire of your devotion. Let it continue to grow each day until the full-blown manifestation of that original vision becomes a reality. It may be so through you, each one, if you choose.

I thank you for your attentiveness, your attention upon God. For you see, blessed ones, when you pray the rosary to Mary, all of the archangels receive your words of light. And we glorify God where we are, for we always stand in the Presence of the one God where we serve.
            In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Mother most holy, I seal you in our wings of healing love.

1. Psalms 17:8; 91:1

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