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Igor      July 01, 2007

Beloved Igor
David C. Lewis
July 1, 2007  8:01-8:17 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Holy Prayer Is the Need of the Hour across the Earth

I Come to Remind You of Your Vows to Maintain a Holy Vigil
during This Time of World Change

            A new distillation of the light of the Mother I bring to her devotees this day. I am Igor, and I egress here and there, East and West to deliver a new fount of holy oil to those who understand the spiritual path through prayer.
           Blessed ones, the heart is the altar for that reverence, [which] must be present when you pray. And entering into the quietness, the silence, the stillness of God's being before your lips speak of that which issues from your heart will allow a greater action of the light to go forth from and through you to all life.
            Holy prayer is the need of the hour across the Earth. For many who formerly entered into daily recitations of their mantras, East and West, have, because of the advance of materialism, left off of their daily time of communion with God. Thus we would use those who yet maintain the disciplines of the Spirit in their lives through this holy communion with God to accelerate the action of world transmutation through them. These conferences, where you come together and pray in greater numbers, may forestall great darkness and calamities upon the Earth. And as through one heart, at one altar, through love of the one God you emanate the frequencies of divine light to all evolutions upon the Earth, then greater numbers of mankind may awaken, may be quickened to receive the impulses of the Spirit that will move them out of the domain of darkness and into the eternal light of God.
            I was privileged to be one who saw the need of the hour and acted, offering my life, my heart to the Blessed Mary. And thereby she and many angels were able to work to prevent the slaughter of greater numbers of my compatriots in my homeland. Blessed ones, it may only take one in a city whose heart is afire, a pool of love, for that city to be saved. And though none may know of your sacrifice and the great givingness of your heart to God, yet we know, we see and we answer by impregnating greater cosmic quotients of energy through your being. It is almost as if, blessed ones, even before your lips are opened, the tap is opened and the flow of light does descend, and you as a receptacle and as a distributor of light-energies are there for the angels to use and to work through for the salvation of souls.
            Yes, your batteries are charged day by day. And depending upon that which you have surrendered and then allowed to reside within you of the cosmic charge that comes through your acceptance of your own oneness with God, then there can be a greater flowfield of light emanating through your being out into the world for many souls to feel and thereby receive the grace, the blessing and the currents of our love through you.
            Those who spend time in holy prayer will not be bereft of the graces of the Spirit that come unto them. Have you not, each one, received in greater measure for the time spent in this sacrificial offering greater blessings in your world—the very dancing of the light in your aura, the joy, the vitality, the sure knowledge that you are a son or a daughter of God and that you can, through your ongoing vigil, truly attune to the very heartbeat of God and receive through those pulsations all that you need in your spiritual life and even in the physical? There are many across this Earth who have very little in the way of physical possessions and yet whose hearts burn and yearn for God. For those of you who have traveled to Russia and seen our devotees, you know that of which I speak. Would that we could transport this level of intensity and devotion to many of our devotees in the West, some of whom have left off completely in their daily prayer work on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood.
            Thus I come to remind you of your vows to maintain a holy vigil for the Earth during this time of transition, of world change. For each of you volunteered and vowed to be a point of light for us in the Earth before this, your incarnation. Yes, you came before the Great Karmic Board and said that you would be one who could be counted upon, who could be trusted to maintain the light for the Earth. Thus, as you write your letters to the Karmic Board soon, see what you can offer in terms of a slightly greater momentum of quiet time and prayer to God. For the benefits that will accrue in your causal body will directly and in proportion to that which you give be returned unto you as dispensation—yes, your cups may overflow with the eternal substance of grace. For to those who have given much, more is bestowed; and to those who give but little, often the little that they have is taken.¹ It is the law of cosmos, the law of love, the law of giving and the giving heart.
            I am Igor, and even as an ascended being I maintain my vigil with holy devotees in all faiths throughout the world on behalf of the salvation of souls. Yes, I too have, with Kuan Yin, taken the bodhisattva vow to stay here so long as there is one soul left who knows not the light of God within. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”² I lay down my life—the essence of who I am—for you this day. Take and eat of that light. Take and drink of the Spirit, blessed ones, and know the grace of God within you always.

1. Matthew 25:29; Mark 4:25; Luke 8:18
John 15:13.


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