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Zadkiel      June 16, 2007

Beloved Lord Zadkiel
David C. Lewis
June 16, 2007   8:01–8:21 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

A Replica of the Holy City Is Lowered over Bozeman, Montana

Devotees of Freedom,
            I come to instigate a release of the seventh-ray action of the light of freedom within America and within your souls! I am Lord Zadkiel, and I stand in Bozeman, Montana, to anchor the light of freedom's fire in preparation for one of the major releases for the ascended masters of the light of freedom in the last one hundred and fifty years.1
            Beloved Arcturus has told you of the replica of that cosmic generator placed within the Gallatin Valley as a focal point for the release of the violet light. And now that you are coming into a greater understanding of the acceleration of this light, utilizing the laser action of its manifestation, you can see how there is the very crystallization within the Earth itself of this amethyst matrix, which is preparatory to the coming of the seventh root race, as well as, very shortly, the appearance of Alpha within your midst.
            The New Blue that Morya has spoken of is a new cosmic energy, as impulse from the heart of Sirius, that is requisite for the inculcation within the Earth of these higher frequencies such that all of the evolutions who are due to ascend may have the wherewithal, as a cosmic impetus, to transcend all that has transpired in the past in order to breathe in the new essence and light rays of the seventh age, which is the summum bonum, blessed ones, of all that has transpired heretofore.
            Therefore, I stand now with the seven archangels and the archeiai within the very vortex of light of this generating station, and we increase now [the violet laser light] within the chakras of all devotees of the light who bow to the great Lord of all life and who worship the one God. And there is within the Holy City, lowered now over Bozeman, Montana, as a replica of light of that which will fully manifest during the seven days of your gathering together, a tremendous crystalline structure [such] that, through the action of your prayers, mantras and songs, there will go forth from this place an action of light such as has not been seen, as I have said, for over a hundred and fifty years. And even though your numbers may be small in comparison with other gatherings, the acceleration of light through the frequencies of cosmic harmonies amplified by this cosmic generator will truly create within the Earth itself a new vibration of oneness that many hearts will feel, that many souls will resonate with. And there will be a new aliveness within the greater body of God upon the Earth because of the coming of Alpha and the fine tuning of the souls of all sons and daughters of God through his appearance.
            O Elohim, we the archangels and archeiai bow before the co-creators of the seven worlds and beyond who attended the very altar of God in the Great Central Sun, carrying out through the seven days of creation the mandates of the one Light. 
            [Lord Zadkiel chants:] ELOHIM   ELOHIM   ELOHIM 
            A blanket of violet fire now surrounds this valley. As you arrive, blessed hearts, to our sacred event and enter the sanctuary, where you will remove your shoes, know that the ground upon which you stand is holy ground, made sacred by the Elohim, the archangels and the chohans of the rays. And as you kneel in prayer and rededicate your lives to this service of the Universal White Brotherhood and as you listen to the sacred song of those who sing the new song of freedom, know that we are in your midst. And as you pray in unison, you may even hear the sound of the angels and the archangels praying and singing with you, amplifying the great love of your hearts as you attend to, through obedience, the Word of the Lord.
            We are that Word. We are the delivery of the message of hope, of freedom to an age and to a holy people. And we bring our trumpets. And the sounding of the seven trumpets of the archangels shall be another call to the sons and daughters of God to leave off of [their] living a life in honor of the human ego and a call to spiritual arms to take up the sword of the Word in defense of the Mother and her seed, with whom we also stand in this hour to defend unto the notable day of the appearing of the Lamb in your midst.
            O holy ones washed clean by the violet transmuting, singing light of the amethyst joy of beingness in God's heart, we radiate the fire of freedom through you whenever you call for that violet light. Know that we are present in your midst when you sing and when your children, through their holy innocence, also participate with you. For they carry the great light of purity to such an extent that if you would have even a few in your midst as you have your sessions and services, there is the great amplification of the light through their hearts, one with ours.
            [Lord Zadkiel chants:]  ELOHIM   ELOHIM   ELOHIM
           The Holy City is now fully manifest over this place. Many are called, but few are received through the gates in this hour. But it will not always be so. For when the gates are fully opened, when the Lord calls, then many will be received. Go and tell them. Usher them through the sure gates, studded with the jewels foreseen by John in his Revelation, and realize the full awareness of cosmic Presence, which shall be that which manifests as your wedding garment, which is your ticket, token, to enter the Holy of Holies within this sacred city of light.
            I am Zadkiel. I clear the pathway for another seventy to come to your event. Go and find them. Call for the release of their souls from the bondage of the past. And let this event be the turning point for the Earth such that all will be ready come the year 2012, when cycles turn and all must be prepared for the shift and for the new fire that will come unto Earth in that hour.
            I release those who have been shackled unjustly. And through the action of the seventh ray of freedom, their souls now fly unto their freedom in this hour.
            “Amen! Amen! Amen!” saith the Lord in the sealing action whereby the seventh seal is loosed and the sealing of the hundred and forty-four thousand occurs in their foreheads once more at the call of the Mother, with the protection of their witness to this great day.
            Saint Germain now stands also within this city, blazing forth the light rays through his heart in perfect love for all of life upon Earth. And beloved Portia stands on Venus, also emanating the light of the seventh ray; and there is established a cosmic cable of light between these two worlds, pulling Earth closer in spirit to the light of Venus, the light of love. And through this cosmic cable, frequencies of divine love may flow to Earth at your call, blessed hearts. For unless mankind truly knows love, there can be no victory. But it may be so through you that Earth still shall become Freedom's Star. Love is the key. And the amethyst-crystal light of transmutation, as an accelerated action of power and love to the nth degree, may allow it to be so through your call.
            I seal you in this seventh-ray action of love. We the archangels will continue our discourses these next two days until this action is complete and the entire Earth is sealed by the power, by the wisdom and by the love of the Almighty. 
            Prepare ye the way of the Lord! Prepare your consciousness, prepare your heart, and you shall truly know the All in all within. I thank you.

1. Lord Zadkiel is referring to the coming of Alpha at the Freedom conference to be held in Bozeman, Montana, from June 30–July 6, 2007.

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