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Uriel      June 14, 2007

Beloved Archangel Uriel
David Christopher Lewis
June 14, 2007            4:00-4:27 am MDT
Emigrant, Montana
Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat, the Chicago Hearts Center 6:00-6:07 am MDT

Megajoules of Joy for the Earth

Intrepid Ones Who Are Rising in Solar Awareness Each Day,
            I come with legions of the sixth ray to enfold the earth in the radiance of solar joy. Within the very core of the solar radiation that comes to you daily from the sun is the essence of every ray, of every substance, of all the energy that you need for life upon earth. If you consider how life was formed and of how life is continuing to evolve, you will see that there is within the center of life a pulsating energy that is God and that is also joy!
            The joy of life is the key to solar living, for only when you embrace the light of your own Solar Presence may life come into an accelerated manifestation through a meaningful mission to shine that light to all! And the archangels are the full realization of this light and joy, for we radiate our beingness of God's Presence always, blessed ones.
            Some have called me the Angel of the Judgment, but I ask you today to consider calling me the Angel of Joy, for when you understand that the release of the intense light of God's energy that some have seen manifesting as the action that you call judgment is simply the throwing off of the anti-joy energies that have been present within those who have not embraced God's Presence within them. It is truly an opportunity to realize divine joy, and so we turn up the heat of solar love to a fever pitch that flushes out the ague of argumentation and replaces it with the justice of joy within the Now of life.
            If divine realization is to come to mankind, then all simply have to embrace God who is already manifest within and who has been dormant until the love-wisdom-power radiance is seen and then watered and then fully comes to life. Many are coming to this point of now seeing the possibility of becoming more godly. And thus they are releasing the old ways of mortal living in ignorance of God's love within and beginning to embrace their own reality and inner radiance.
            Our work and your work, if you choose to accept it, is to always uplift souls by directing their attention, focus and loving acceptance back within themselves as the Master Jesus so beautifully did when he said, "the kingdom of God is within you."1 This one statement is the key to conscious realization of the individual, beloved. So all of you should take it to heart and seek to realize a little bit more of that kingdom consciousness each day.
            Meditation upon the Presence of God within is what we always employ in our solar work, for we are step-down transformers of the original release of cosmic love from the heart of God to all evolutions whom we touch, whom we bring the light of solar joy and cosmic justice. Our ministration is key to all those who seek true peace, which is not only a surcease of war but the intensification of divine presence within such that none of the misqualified martian energies my abide where you are.
            If you truly want world peace, begin within and increase the flow of the divine radiance of righteousness, of the right use of God's energies, within the crucible of the solar plexus and then radiate that peace to all. Breathing in our cosmic peace and then exhaling that peace multiplied by the power of ten through the crystal of your own solar awareness is a simple ritual that you can partake of for ten minutes each day and would do more for the planet than all of the anti-war demonstrations that occur around the earth, beloved hearts.
            Focusing exclusively on the problems that exist to the extent that you are in a reactive mode of living actually keeps us away from you because it sets up a barrier around your aura of resistance to our presence rather than one of acceptance of every good and perfect gift that may rightfully be yours in our ministrations. Thus, "try me", use my energies each day, I say, and see how the joy of peaceful living may be yours when reactivity and resistance become the pi�ce de r�sistance2 of perfect joy within!
            I am God's jubilee of divine justice and I release megajoules3 of joy across the earth to those who accept the presence of Uriel and Aurora, of Peace and Aloha, of Nada and her twin flame this day. Be buoyed up in joy and know the eternal I AM THAT I AM light within! I thank you.

1Luke 17:21
2Pi�ce de r�sistance: the defining essence of the whole, that part that makes it memorable or gives it its unique character.
3A megajoule is a million joules. A joule is the work done to produce the power of one watt continuously for one second. One joule is primarily defined as the amount of energy exerted when a force of one newton is applied over a displacement of one meter. A megajoule is about 948 BTUs or about .28 kilowatt hours.

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