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Godfre      May 14, 2007

Beloved Godfre
David C. Lewis
May14, 2007 5:58-6:22 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Be the Builders of a New Solar Civilization

            Gracious hearts who understand the mysteries on the path of wholeness, I am Godfre. And I come during this cycle of Taurus to add my momentum unto that which you have been building through the giving of the calls to Astrea. And on this last day of your 21-day vigil, Lotus and I make ourselves available to amplify the stripping action of that light whereby each of you may come into holy alignment with that God-obedience that will carry you into the immortal fires of union with God.
            When a planet and a people are determined through its spiritual leadership to come into conformity with that which the Lord God has envisioned for each one, then the momentum of godly energies that can be both invoked and manifest physically where you are, are tremendous.
            You have seen the work that the students of the "I AM" accomplished in the way of safeguarding the freedoms of this nation during a great time of peril, and I say that in this hour there is even at certain levels a greater peril to the soul evolution of the peoples of this nation and other nations. For though in that hour the conglomeration of darkness through one and through many came to the point of the brink of planetary disaster, yet, blessed ones, there is a very subtle force that has made inroads into the very foundations of society in the education, in the government, in the economy, in health care such that if these trends continue, those who have no good in their hearts would work toward the very subjugation of your souls for their purposes.
            Thus we enter the scene through our chelas and those who understand the science of the spoken word. And through the power released through that Word we create change at these very foundational levels, even deep within the earth such that the building of a new solar civilization, envisioned by the Lord Jesus, Saint Germain and many mystics of the past and present and even in the future will come to be because you have built them, blessed ones, through your own consciousness of acceptance of these love-wisdom fires of a new civilization.
            Thus, you are the builders. You are those who are setting forth the word which when that word is empowered by the totality of the I AM THAT I AM who you truly are, then they may manifest tangibly in your world. Some of you have had challenges in precipitating that which you have sought within your world. And I say that through obedience to the law of your own being then vision may flow, blessed ones; and that vision manifests as the precipitation of that abundance that you seek. But if you are not obedient to and fastidious with the law of love, wisdom and power within you, then how can you expect the Lord God to empower your works and your words with the reality that you seek?
            Thus look deep within you to discern this day where it is that you may have gone off the path of oneness with your Solar God Presence and seek ways and means to set the sail of your life, your schedule and your daily work so that you can not only take a full accounting of that which must be changed but that you will reestablish this course consciously within your life. If you are not happy with your work, then do something about it and do not relegate to others or to society the blame for that which you have manifested in your world. If you need more education in order to come to the point where you can have greater resources available to you in your sacred labor, then I say, "Go forth and manifest it through a conscious determination." You are only limited by your consciousness. You are only limited by what you can see and then make real by taking action, action, action!
            We move in this hour to build at many levels this movement of The Hearts Center. And Lotus and I have already talked to you of that which we are doing to support this endeavor, blessed ones, at inner levels. Yet many of you have not taken advantage of that which we have offered. And thus we come again to tell you that when each dictation is manifest through the messengers, you must study the word, make the call, reclaim those soul parts that come unto you through the release of the sacred fire that you can draw forth and magnetize again unto your world by being there for these releases of sacred fire.
            And thus I also come to support the words of the master whereby those of you who understand truly what it is that is accomplished during our summer Freedom Conferences may know that this is the one conference per year that you must come to, that you must make amends within your own being to determine with a great determination to be there with us, blessed ones, for the release of these dictations and especially in this year the coming of Beloved Alpha. If you could truly see and know what it is that will manifest for the earth when this great Lord and Solar God-being comes to the planet earth, then you would make every effort to be there, blessed ones, even if it means that you temporarily borrow the money or do whatever is necessary if you have not fully precipitated it in your dimension. Blessed ones, for the I AM Activity these summer conclaves were essential for the very holding of the balance for the earth itself and for America and the plan of freedom from Saint Germain which I, as his student and as his emissary, was responsible to uphold along with Lotus.
            And in this hour we have entrusted much to this body of lightbearers. For you see even those within the I AM Activity have not fully embraced the new wine of the Spirit that is gushing forth through that which you are receiving day after day from the enclaves of light in the heaven world. Thus, blessed ones, take to heart that which is spoken. Be obedient to the law of your own being, first and foremost. And as you see the words in letters of living fire that we release before you in consciousness, take them as that reality of that Word that may emblazon within your own soul the creative spark that will move you higher into a new plane and a new level of God-consciousness within your Solar Presence.
            Yes, your I AM Presence is real. It is more real than the trappings of the outer self that you have allowed to be where you are. If you could truly see your God-being, blessed ones, you would give all, you would sacrifice everything to manifest that light in your world at all times, putting aside those little manifestations of the not-self that trip you up time and time again to the point where you have not even seen what it is that can manifest in your world as possibility and as opportunity when you take advantage of the Word within you.
            Thus, I come this day to captivate you with a new light of God-freedom and God-obedience. Feel the release of my fiery love in this hour for each one of you and for America. If you would safeguard this nation with us, then make the call, give the fiat, roar with Lanello and be for El Morya those shock troops of light that will conquer all darkness that has inveigled itself within this and other nations.
            Yes, we are at war; it is a holy war and not one where we slay men and women and children but where we slay the lesser self, the tyrant ego dweller that has become the norm on this planet but must no longer be the norm for the sons and daughters of God who go forth now as those Davids to slay the Goliath of the nephilim gods.
            So we have come. Take to heart the words of the Master Alchemist1 in loving yourself as you love God. For only when you know yourself as God will you truly love yourself as God loves you, blessed ones. This is my message this day. I hurl the challenge unto you and your soul to come up higher where we are now! I thank you.

1Saint Germain, Lord of the seventh ray, is often referred to as "the Master Alchemist."

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