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Victory      May 13, 2007

Beloved Mighty Victory
David C. Lewis
May 13, 2007   11:26–11:28 am  CDT
Houston, Texas

I Seal You in the Double V and in the X of Texas

Messenger:  Please all stand.

            I, Mighty Victory, come now to seal this session with the light of God that never fails! And I plant now a rod of victory here, not only for the victory of this Hearts Center but [for] that of Dallas and others that shall be established within this great state for the communication, heart to heart, [of] souls unto their God.
           Blessed ones, the seal of Venus and of Victory in the double V is upon you! And through the victory that will come day by day as you perceive what it is that you must do each day to fulfill the mandates of heaven you [will receive] the impetus of fire for the acceleration of your consciousness into new heights!
           And, blessed ones, when Victory stands with you and when you call to me, I will answer and I will be there to cut them loose and set them free to come to your events, to come to your lectures, to come to your homes of light. And it will be so if you have the victory consciousness, if you have within your hearts and minds and souls only the sense of victory that all will be well, that all will be victorious, blessed ones.
           So, will you have this sense of victory always, I ask? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Then I seal you in the double V and in the X of Texas! As Above, so below, the victory is here and now through these hearts, O God, for I, Victory, have proclaimed it! Amen.

Messenger's comments:  [Victory mentioned] the double V. The X has the descending V and the ascending V. And that's at the nexus of Texas.

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