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Victory      March 13, 2007

Beloved Mighty Victory
David C. Lewis
March 13, 2007   6:48–6:57 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Our Spring Cleaning Ritual for Your Souls and Spirits
You Are New Creatures in Christ This Day

othing Can Stand in Your Way when You Are in That Light of Victory!

Hail, legions of Victory! Hail, legions of Victory! Hail, legions of Victory!
           I am come this day to anchor the light of Victory in every man, woman and child in whom there burns a threefold flame, still.
           Blessed ones, I come from Venus to declare to the evolutions of this planet that it is time for the Victory consciousness to be upon you, to be in you, to be of you, to be all around you! Always only Victory!
           When you stand in Victory's fire, nothing can assail you, blessed ones! Nothing can sway you from that fiery God-determination to stand until the last vestige of darkness is cleared from your aura and from the planet itself!
           If you would have a golden age, then you must be that golden age in manifestation within your own consciousness, you see. And therefore, what better way to do this than to live in Victory's fire 24/7! Thus, I come in answer to your calls and I have led this session through the messenger. And did you feel the acceleration of the light as we prayed together, blessed ones, on behalf of the seven archangels and their archeiai? Did I hear you or not? [Audience responds: “Yes.”] What? [Audience responds more emphatically: “Yes!”] Okay!
           It is time, blessed ones, that you determine to be that Victory fire, and if you do not want Victory, then leave! But I am here, and I am here to stay with Archangel Michael and beloved El Morya and their legions. And we are now circling the planet round, and we are clearing the auras of those who have prayed in some manner, some manifestation to the Lord God for assistance and aid in this battle of light. And we are nurturing their souls, and we are uplifting them from the doldrums of death and hell and decay and darkness. This is not the divine estate of mankind. Your true estate is your oneness with your Presence. Do you see?
           And thus I come to buoy you up and to give you a charge of light this day! Nothing, nothing, nothing can stand in your way, blessed ones, when you are in that light of Victory! Thus we come. Thus we go. Thus we flow with you everywhere!
           Justina, in answer to my prayer to the Lord God, now comes to wash clean your crown chakra. For there has been a certain dulling of the mind of mankind through the density of nicotine and other substances that they have ingested that have gone directly to the fatty tissues of the brain. By dispensation this day, we release the sacred fire into the very brains of mankind to wash a certain layer of ash from their consciousness that has kept them bound to this dimension and not able to attune to the higher frequencies of their own God Self.
           You see, blessed ones, if you could truly attune to the level of your own God Consciousness, you would see the light of ten thousand suns blazing right where you are, illumining your crown, loving through your heart, speaking through your throat, feeling through your solar plexus, emanating cosmic joy through your soul and expounding the light of purity from your base. Each of these sacred centers you may know as God's awareness of himself within you, if you so choose.
           Thus we come and we begin at the crown chakra, and there is a purging of layers of maya and density now from each of you. By your acceptance of the presence of Justina and her angels, this work is now accomplished. And each of the archeiai now come also to work on the clearing of your seven chakras with their angels this day in answer to your prayer. This fiery ritual whereby you are stripped of yesterday's and yesteryear's darkness may be yours in an instant each day if you can visualize the presence of the archeiai with you, even for five minutes, in your meditation and see their blazing light [rise], dissolving this substance of the centuries around you and in you. And thus each day you are washed clean, and just as you take your showers or your baths each morning or evening, so you can be in the presence of these holy sisters of light who love you so and desire each of you to be wed to your holy mighty I AM Presence.
           So, the action is now complete within each of your chakras, blessed ones. You are new creatures in Christ this day, March 13, 2007. And as you prepare for the spring equinox in eight days and the coming of the Lord Jesus, both then and at Eastertide, it will behoove each of you to consider how you can lay something upon the altar during this holy season of Lent. Fast and pray. Purge your four lower bodies of substances accumulated during the winter months. Ingest more prana and light from the sun, and truly prepare for the work that we are about in this hour for the expansion of light across this planetary body. This is our spring cleaning ritual for your souls and your spirits, blessed ones. And we are privileged to be the servants of mankind and of the sons and daughters of God and of the light of Victory always.
           I am Victory! Stand now in the full presence of your I AM Solar Presence! Feel the light descending around you! And I suggest that from this day forward, when you give that decree each morning, or whenever you give it, that you stand and feel the full radiant power of the Presence of God—which is truly who you are—blazing through you scintillating fire, caressing your entire consciousness so that you will know that when you give that prayer, nothing can sway you from your complete and absolute God-victory in all ways, blessed ones!
           This is my message to you this day! And we fly back to the heart of Venus to continue our work there and everywhere. I thank you.

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