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Lanello      February 02, 2007

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
February 02, 2007 3:33-3:45 pm local time
Bergvik, Sweden

Lanello's Welcome to Heartfriends of Scandinavia:
Come Unto My Heart and Understand the Nature of Fire

Blessed Friends, Who Understand the Nature of God as Fire,1
I feel at home here in your presence, blessed ones. For this home has been readied for our coming by hearts who understand not only the nature of the divine that inhabits the entire universe, but of that essential light that burns within your own heart. Throughout the centuries through all my embodiments there was a thread of contact with God in some way. And I held on to that contact, seeking ways and means by which I could fan the flame within my heart in greater measure for the benefit of life.
This day I fan that flame within you, each one, because you have chosen to come to partake of the eternal fire that vibrates here. I welcome you to my magnanimous heart. I embrace you each one as holy brothers and sisters in that great fraternity of light of the Great White Brotherhood. For each of you [have] earned a place within this company by your steadfastness in prayer, by your humility, by your service to life in many embodiments, not only here in Scandinavia but in other nations. You have embodied here to be wayshowers for these peoples and those to whom many may look unto-both on the outer, but especially on the inner-for support, for spiritual nourishment and to direct them [to] there own divinity, which you may point them toward, blessed ones.
The teachings of the Ascended Masters are real and they are present within this company and movement in greater measure than some have beheld and understood them in the past. For we are living masters; and we move and have our being in many dimensions and planes of consciousness. Yes, we work with whoever desires to call unto us and to accept our radiance and the transmission of light, both through Messengers and directly heart to heart, unto each one who may raise their consciousness to receive our vibration and love. Each of you may communicate directly not only with me but with other Ascended Masters just as Moses did on Horeb's height, beholding the burning bush and the presence of God there.2
Look now blessed ones upon the fire within the hearth within this room. See the tangible manifestation of light and the warmth that comes from the burning action that translates into this essence of God in your dimension-constantly moving, constantly changing and yet difficult to fully understand from the human viewpoint. If you touch it you will be burned and yet without it, you may not live comfortably in these climes of cool weather as you know. The import of fire is essential to understand at the very core of the teachings of the Ascended Masters. For you are a flame, you are a spirit-spark of God. And nothing should ever take you from your own mooring as one united with the eternal fire of the spirit of God, blessed ones.
In the warmth of this circle I lend my momentum unto each one of you. And if you choose to perceive a higher path and a personal walk with me, with Morya or others we will guide you day by day, we will take your hand, we will impart directly unto your heart and mind keys for your own victory, for your own acceleration and especially that which you may do to move forward the plans of the Brotherhood toward the salvation of many more souls upon earth.
We honor those who have sponsored this weekend and each of you who have responded by being here, blessed ones. For you see, we desire to impart many gifts of the spirit this weekend through our dictations, our sharing and darshan with you. But the greatest gift is the presence of our fire and the word, [such] that when you receive it fully, you may be changed from glory unto glory and become that which you aspire to as sons and daughters of God.3
I am Lanello. And I will be with you throughout this weekend, moving among you, impressing upon your heart what is upon mine. Some of you may even see my image, either through your inner vision or through a flash of enlightenment here and there. Whether you have known me heretofore or not, I welcome you unto the Hearts Center and present my messenger unto you, one whom I have known in a number of embodiments and whose only desire is to serve you the food from our realms.
Be blessed O friends and know the inner light and the fire which burns more brightly because you have come. I thank you.

1Hebrews 12:29 "Our God is a consuming fire."
2Exodus 3:1
32Corinthians 3:18

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