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Lanello      December 24, 2006

Beloved Lanello

David C. Lewis

December 24, 2006   7:10-7:22 pm  MST

Wellspring Retreat

Emigrant, Montana


Witness to the Divine Essence That is Within All


            In the presence of the Holy Spirit, I come. And this night each of us partakes of the essence of the flame of the experience, reenacted, of the birth of that one, Jesus, in Bethlehem. Whether you are Christian or Jew or Muslim or Buddhist or Hindu or Taoist or none of these, I come blessing your heart and giving you hope that a new world may be born this night because one such as Jesus came, dedicating himself to the holy cause of the liberation of the souls of mankind.

In churches throughout Christendom this evening, the story is told, but not all. For the story must unfold within you, blessed ones, if the mission of Jesus is to be complete. For you see, it was only a beginning in that hour. And his great hope is that each son and daughter of God would take to heart not only his teaching, incorporating the essence of the Word that he conveyed and the healing light that he spread throughout the Middle East but most importantly to make it real within their own lives—yes, even for thousands of years into the future. For his light does still shine within not only the sacred space where he walked, but it shines within the hearts of those who understand his message.

            Therefore, look upon the countenance of these blessed children and you will understand how each and every one is a potential Christ or Buddha or Krishna or Lao Tse. Each and every one has the same flame burning within their hearts that the Lord Christ received at the behest of the Father-Mother God. Yes, I said Father-Mother God. For even in the very subjugation of the feminine potential of the soul within all mankind, there has been squandered that great potentiality of the rising of the feminine ray within all.

And so this day the Mother comes and has blessed you and has spoken of her great love for each of you. And you must understand the mastery of the soul conveyed through the presence of that Mother Light within you. East and West, West and East—this rising light must come to bear within the lives of all of earth's children—witness to that divine essence that is within all. The Lord said that what ye do unto the least of these, the brethren, the children, the elementals, you do unto him1. I ask you to meditate this evening upon what you, personally, have done unto the Lord through all of your actions, your words, your thoughts. For even in your thought and feeling world, do you bear witness to that light within each created son and daughter? Or in some manner have you suppressed that light within yourselves and others, blessed ones?

            Take to heart Jesus' message that if thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light2. And therefore visualize, even within your own children and those entrusted to your care in your businesses, how you treat the Christ within all. The Golden Rule, if it had fully been employed within the business world and within all aspects of society and education, would truly have been the foundation for a Golden Age civilization upon earth.

            And yet even in this hour there is not the respect of other persuasions and religions and thought. And you see warring among peoples and nations where there could be the bonding of hearts and the building of a true brotherhood and sisterhood of the Spirit. This I ask you, each one, to work toward in some measure during this lifetime. See how those that come within your sphere of influence may understand the nature of brotherhood. And no matter what their belief system, see how you may work in consonance to move forward the spiritual evolution of mankind in some manner, blessed ones.

            This is my request to you, each one. For you see, then and only then will the great demonstration of the life of Jesus within the world be meaningful when all can see through their brother's eyes a pathway toward oneness of the Spirit.

Take the hands of the one sitting to your right and to your left and feel the pulsation of that one's heart even through the contact of your hands. I, Lanello, enfire to a higher measure that eternal flame within you in this hour. Through this antahkarana of our oneness we strive to fulfill the will of God in the world of form, O Lord God Almighty. And no matter where we have come from, we pledge this evening to make real within our lives the holy purpose of our individual coming to this earth to be one who could demonstrate that there is hope, that there is light, that there is meaning in life. And that meaning is made real because each of us came for a purpose.

            O blessed ones, I thank you for your prayers, your meditations, your Spirit of Faith, Hope and Charity. And now the blessed Lord Jesus comes in the full empowerment of his spirit to also speak with you this evening.


1Matthew 25: 40

2Matthew 6: 22

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