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Fortuna      July 12, 2006

Beloved Fortuna
David Christopher Lewis
July 12, 2006 (18 minutes)
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana                        

            I indeed do release sacred energies unbounded unto you each one this day, for you have called it forth.1 And it is rightfully yours to accept the abundance of heaven within your domain, blessed ones.
            I am Fortuna. And once again I come to place my presence among the body of believers in cosmic abundance so that the cosmic flow may come forth through heart and head and hand into your outer awareness and into that fully-manifested state that you accept through your attention upon the emerald light of living, loving abundance.
            You must enter into the point of loving abundance for yourself for you to manifest fully what you need. Seeing is believing. And when you have before you a clear picture of what you would like to manifest in your world, first and foremost as the mission of your life and then how that mission through your vision will be outpictured, then all of heaven moves swiftly to assist you in your endeavors.
            Therefore, blessed ones, if I could offer a point of advice to each son and daughter of God, it is this: to spend time in meditation upon the One, such that you may tune into your divine plan, visualizing at each step of the path as a spiral staircase ever winding upward into the light, what must be manifested within your world for the victory of your mission to be fulfilled.
            Many of you have dreams. And often at an early age in your lives you have lost hold of those dreams through fear or through acceptance of what others have either seen for you or put upon you, including parents, relatives and those who you thought were well-meaning. Yet, beloved ones, your God-parents are truly those who know the totality of who you are and what you must become in this life. And therefore, it would be better for you to spend time with your God-parents in silent contemplation asking to receive intimations from their hearts, through their greater vision of your lifestream, of what it is at each step along the path that you must accomplish and fulfill.
            When the stage is set and you have before you a clear and detailed picture of all the elements that must be completed along the way, then naturally, beloved ones, it will be easier for you to take the next step. This is the alchemy of abundance made manifest practically, not only for yourself but for your families, your communities, your Heart Centers and any activity and endeavor in which you desire to engage.
            Clear processes which promote the graduated fulfillment of the goal and vision are what is required not only for this movement of light but for each heartfriend, partner and servitor of light.2 Therefore, it is always recommended that before you retire at night you prepare for the next day for all that you, through your meditation upon the incremental fulfillment of your divine plan, can see as the next steps in the process that must be accomplished. When you lose track of or [lose your] hold on the vision of the fulfillment of your dream and goal, then there can be a tendency to take missteps or back steps on your pathway.
            Often, it is also recommended that you secure the resources, the instruction or the guidance of one who has attained greater levels of [spiritual and material] fulfillment who can usher you or guide you on your path. And therefore, in terms of your physical abundance, a planner-either a financial planner, an estate planner or one who has a certain background and training in finance-can assist you in laying down a clear picture of what will be required for you in all of your affairs to attain your goal.
            Yet how many of you have actually planned to receive that abundance which is rightfully yours through deep meditation on the abundance of your causal body, the gifts and graces that you know are ever available for your use from your God Self, the talents that you must bring forth in practical ways of service to life to secure those resources in the physical and the love that must be employed in all of your affairs? For truly works without love, beloved ones, are meaningless.
            Therefore, as a practical master I suggest that you take to heart the lessons that you have received throughout your lives and put into play the highest aspect of yourself each day to move forward the evolutionary ascent of your soul to oneness with God. The words inspired upon this devotee who truly has created a model for attaining to not only human but divine wealth [are] one[s] that you may play over and over in your devotions through the giving of this rosary, blessed ones.3
            For at each new level that you attain in consciousness as you rise daily [up] the spiral staircase of attainment, you will come to understand from that new perspective the glories of the heaven world that await every son and daughter of God who, as they rise, also surrender the elements of lack and limitation from themselves. For you see it is easier to rise when there is more lightness in your step and you do not have a backpack of density and darkness to pull you down as you rise.
            Blessed hearts of fire, I am grateful to each one who has understood the alchemy of love manifest through service to life which is the key to your abundance. As the flow is sustained through your givingness to others, to your families and even to yourself in terms of your spiritual givingness unto your God Self, then you will ascertain, truly, a newfound spirit of joy [and] expectancy. And in that spirit of fun, all will come unto you at the appropriated time according to the cycles of your divine appearing not only in this world but the next.
            I am Fortuna. And I place a single emerald tablet within your hands in this hour. This tablet is an electrode, a talisman of fire for you to use for the precipitation of the all- abundance of God that is rightfully yours, blessed ones. I have drawn from your causal body with permission from your Higher Self, from the emerald ring of the higher bands of fire from your treasures in heaven a specific quotient of energy and formed it into this sacred tablet. You may visualize this tablet as you drink your water daily, placing it within that water, seeing its essence permeate the water and then drinking it for its full ingesting and assimilation within your entire consciousness.
            This tablet is self-perpetuating and will actually grow for some of you as, through your vision and work, you secure more of the divine, spiritual energies from your causal body into your outer waking consciousness and use through your work. This dispensation comes because of your devotion to the Blessed Virgin [Mary] that you have proven now these many weeks and months and even years to be that foundational work of drawing forth the emerald ray from the angelic presences that surround you always when you pray. Blessed hearts, is this not truly a new opportunity and means for you to attain all that you need, not only physically but spiritually, for your lives?
            I thank you for your love, your devotion and your support of the ascended masters of the Great White Brotherhood in their work for and on behalf of mankind. Truly the bonds of our oneness flow and grow daily through our joint service to life. Open your eyes, blessed ones, and see all of your angel friends around you. Why, if you could see as we see and truly know how much each one of you is appreciated by us. And through the acceptance of the grace from our hearts that is ever available to you, you would never have a sense of lack or despondency or fear. For God is always with you in the presence of love around and above you.
            I am Fortuna, and I bid you good fortune this day in your service to life.

1The master is referring to the lyrics of the song Alchemy of Love which was played as the meditation piece immediately preceding the dictation.
2Servitor, partner and heartfriend are the three levels of membership affiliation in The Hearts Center.
3Fortuna is referring to the words read during the rosary that devotees gave before the dictation which were taken from Har-money Cards(tm) created by Heidi Baer.

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