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Arcturus      May 01, 2006

Beloved Arcturus
David C. Lewis
May 1, 2006   5:37–5:46 pm  PDT
Renaissance Hotel
Walnut Creek, California

You Can Be Alchemy in Action for Me
We Seek Those Who Can Be Change Agents for Us

           I am a cosmic alchemist, and I choose this day to perform alchemy here in California! I walk the El Camino Real and anchor through my presence the action of the violet fire for and on behalf of the evolutions who live in this state. Those who pray will receive grace; those who have no outer contact with or desire to know God must come into alignment.
           Therefore, where I walk and where Hercules and Amazonia have walked, there is now the weaving of a giant blue-fire/violet-fire carpet beneath your feet. And when you travel along Highway One, or others, through the length of this state, you may see the fire through your exhaust pipes being violet fire instead of that carbon monoxide that has polluted the atmosphere around you, beloved ones.
           O, that we would create anew vehicles through you of the action of alchemy whereby the very air itself is purified through your speech, through the outbreath of your word. You can be alchemy in action for me, if you desire, such that every breath that you breathe contains elements of not only the violet fire but all the seven rainbow rays. For you see, as descendants of Noah, you may bring to this Earth the rainbow of eternal promise for the victory of light in this world. What does it take to be masters of the seventh ray? You must pass through the other six, master them and know the full radiance of those rainbow energies through your chakras, [which] will give a new spin to your soul, beloved ones.
           Therefore, I come to weave a new spiral of light [within] the government of this state, nearby in Sacramento. I am now inspiring upon certain ones an action plan for a golden-age consciousness to enter into the minds of the people of this state. For if you can perceive of a new day and a new civilization, even within one territory of this land of the United States, then this can be the leaven for the changing of the entire nation America, beloved ones.
           What one can do, all can do, when through the biology of belief, accepted in your very atoms and molecules, you change through transmutation the very core of the civilization in which you live. We are change masters, and we seek those among you who are, as we have said, change agents for us. This is positive change and not the dwelling upon the past but looking to the future for what may be because some have decided to make it so, being the avant-garde for a new consciousness, a new awareness of self-transcendence.
           Why, even the elementals take note of our coming in this hour. And through their attentiveness there is the activation within the natural world of new levels of violet fire blazing brightly within the four quadrants of the Earth. Can you imagine a new world activated by the action of the violet fire, beloved ones? Can you imagine it? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Then make it so, not only in your mind's eye but in reality, through practical application, through writing letters and making phone calls to those who can do something about the changes that are required and being not despondent when you see the crumbling of certain elements of the past. For out of the ashes, the phoenix will rise! And a new day will be born—first within you and then within all.
           Thank you for your presence. Thank you for your willingness to be cosmic receptors of violet fire that we bear. What you can receive, others may know because first you have become, through surrender and through acceptance, the allness of cosmic alchemy for us.
           I am Arcturus! And I send an arc of fire from my heart across the galaxies and back again to this point for victory, for life and for a new age of cosmic reason, cosmic accessibility to the energies of Maximus, who also walks with me and Victoria on our trek this day.
           Thank you! Thank you. Thank you, beloved ones, for your calls to the violet flame, for your songs invoking, through that joy spirit, the violet transmuting, singing, joyful flame that I bear. Amen.

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