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Lanello      March 24, 2006

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
March 24, 2006 7:19 - 7:35 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            I come to my own to claim you this day. I AM Lanello, and I am proud of those who have determined to rise with me. The Master Morya, being the intrepid master that he is, has accelerated to new levels of cosmic consciousness. And beloved ones, we must not fall far behind his footsteps.
            It is a new day, and on the horizon I see many souls who are waiting for the foundation to be laid within this activity for their involvement and work with you. The recent work of a number of those among you in preparing the objectives for this activity has truly won the ear of many in heaven. And therefore, you have added to the momentum of your physical work in the earth those of ascended beings whom you have claimed as co-creators in the process of the development of your mission statements and work on our behalf.
            When a new activity is begun, we survey the sea of earth's schoolroom to determine those whose hearts [are] receptive to ongoing initiation and the acceleration that does come through direct access to our hearts. And we pluck these souls, as it were, from wherever they currently abide to meld together a union of hearts for a holy purpose.
            Not all are ready for the initiation of the secret rays that you have borne in this activity. Not all are willing to let go of the past through paradigms that have been inculcated into their very mindset and reasoning processes. And yet, you have allowed the new wine to flow through your consciousness, washing you clean in a new energy and light and vitality that can mean for you the gaining of new ground in your personal attainment and in your ability to maintain light, to anchor light for us.
            We see you as pliable ones, like the bamboo of the East. For we would breathe new life into not only this activity through you, but into the world itself. For Earth is changing and must needs change more quickly if a golden age is to come. Therefore, we applaud those who have scaled to new levels up the mountain with the Master M. and have accelerated, through their beings, into certain levels of cosmic consciousness, even within the domain of the plane in which you dwell. For you see, beloved ones, cosmic consciousness is not simply won in an hour, but you must understand how, through the acceptance of cosmic rays and light substance into your chakras and beings day by day, you are becoming who you truly are-God.
            I AM everywhere in the consciousness of God. And so you, too, may be when you claim the presence of light that you are, in the crucible of self in the now, where you are.
            We behold the angelic realms and the coming to earth of many legions of light in answer to your calls. Beloved ones, if you truly knew what is available to you in terms of assistance and aid hour by hour, you would not fail to give those fiats hourly, moment by moment, wherein the legions of light may intercede in all affairs of mankind and truly make the difference for a world in travail.
            Therefore, read Revelation again and know that you are coming to a certain point in this hour of the fulfillment of prophecy wherein the divine appearing of the Mother in the sky does initiate certain cycles in the Earth of both cosmic justice and judgment and of mercy for the lightbearers. But this mercy comes with a price. For you see, if you would be received into heaven, then you must divest yourselves of all unmerciful attitudes toward others and yourself, toward all parts of life, even the tiniest of elementals and nature spirits, being compassionate in all things, to all peoples in all ways.
            Therefore, trust in God and in the process of your own salvation through the acceptance of divine love through your hearts at all times. And through the magnanimity of the blessing that you can be to all life when you are attuned to our octaves, you can bestow to many quarters grace untold as angels of mercy in the earth.
            I AM Lanello. And I move with Morya swiftly across the galaxies, drawing forth that fiery substance which earth needs in this hour. I deposit now upon you a portion of this star-fire, secret-ray energy to seal you in a new level of oneness with your Christ/Buddha Self, locking you into this higher level so that you may not slip back into old momentums of overeating and overindulgence in the substance of this world. Exercise the mind, the heart, the will! Exercise your bodies! For many of you have not completely understood that adeptship may only come when balance is sustained at all levels, beloved ones.
            If there is one regret that I could have that I would share with you of my life as Mark Prophet, it was that I succumbed, at times, to the overindulgence in the substance brought into and through the orifice of my mouth. And yet, you know that this was the outpicturing of my love, even as the ingesting of the substance of the world and the elemental kingdom. For I do love the elementals themselves.
            Become accustomed to less and you shall receive more. Sustain yourself more with light and the darkness will flee. Gaze into the eyes of Helios and Vesta each day, and know and receive that direct connection through their eyes, with love-wisdom at a higher level streaming into your world and beings.
            I am with you always as you sustain true love within your hearts, your families, your communities. My love is with you always, even unto the end of the age of human non-reasoning and the initiation of new cycles of cosmic Logos-light within you.
            Bless you each one. Receive now Holy Communion served this day by Master Morya and K.H. [Kuthumi] and Djwal Kul who will, as you come forward, adjust, if you accept it, the balance of your three-fold flame to newer heights of love, wisdom and power.
            I am with you ever, your guru, friend and benefactor. Bonaventura this day, I say, and God-vision be with you always.

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