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Bodhidharma      December 21, 2005

Beloved Bodhidharma (Lanello)
David C. Lewis
December 21, 2005 10:27-10:53 am local time 
Honolulu, Hawaii

Darshan by Bodhidharma

Aloha to my students, dressed in floral offerings.  Mahalo for coming here. I am Bodhidharma, and I reopen my school this day. Those of you who have been on our trek together have experienced a new aspect of the Mystery School which is not so mysterious at all, is it? So, I come honoring you in the becoming of who? Who are you, I ask this day? Would you share it with me now at the other mic. Who are you?

Attendee: I am nothing. 

Bodhidharma: Anyone else?

[Other attendees offer answers:]
I am a crystal.
I am awake.
I am the One.
I am waves of mother love flowing to all mankind.
I am a flower.
I am an aspiring chela seeking peace in the heart.
I AM God.
I am a teacher in God's name
I AM the One as all life.
I am the power of God's love by grace.
I am transforming the world.
I am a crystal of fire suspended in time and space through which God blesses all life.
I am light.
I am Bodhidharma.
I am a knight and lady of the flame.
I am a pure fool.
I am a diamond of blue-white fire.

I, also, am all these. Am I not? [Yes!] Am I not? [Yes!] Am I not? [Yes! No?...Audience laughs.] I am the knot of Maitreya's head. [Laughs]

Now tell me, students, how you enter into peace.

[Again students offer various answers:

Surrender, surrender all into the nothingness of the allness of God.
I enter the secret chamber of my heart.
By being who I am.
I visualize myself floating in the ocean of the cosmic mother.
By going into the heart and radiating love in all dimensions.
By becoming silent.
I gaze into the portal of infinity which is my threefold flame.
Ram, ram, ram, I am.
Answering the heart of my guru.
By knowing that I am peace.
By connecting with my I AM Presence
By meditating upon all the various facets of Bodhidharma to the point where the mind can longer understand because it is so beyond and therefore it has to be still.
By entering the heart of God.
By invoking the peace commanding presence of Jesus Christ.
By listening and being.
By stilling the mind
By following Jesus' words, “Peace be still.”
By meditating on the being of the elements, going to the ocean and becoming one with the elementals.  

Bodhidharma:  For Kendrick: How does the turtle know where to return to lay its eggs?

Kendrick: It imprints on its mother, “Mother beach.”  

Bodhidharma:   For Debra:  How do the swallows know to return to Capistrano? 

Debra: By feeling the warmth of the mother's heart.

Bodhidharma:   For Lisa: How does an infant know how to first receive milk from its mother?

Lisa:  It's instinct. It just knows.

Bodhidharma:   For Celeste: What is a teacher? 

Celeste:  There are no teachers; only the inner teacher.

Bodhidharma:   For Tom:  What is a pure fool?

Tom:  The grail.

Bodhidharma:   For Boyd:  What is beyond your threefold flame?

Boyd:  Beyond my threefold flame I see the great sea of infinity within which there are points of light who are the masters and the Buddhas, sun centers and all of God which is the Divine Us.

Bodhidharma:    For Christine: Who is Kuan Yin composed of? 

Christine:  All that God is.

Bodhidharma:   For Jackie:  Why is flight important?

Jackie:  To set your soul free.

Bodhidharma:   For Janice: What is taste?

Janice: The flavor of God.

Bodhidharma:  For Anita: What is mindlessness?

Anita:  It is oneness.

Bodhidharma:   For Paul: What isn't joy?

Paul:  Anything outside of the heart of God.

Bodhidharma:   For Illona: What is a koan? 

Illona:  It is the removal of all fear.

Bodhidharma:   K-o-a-n  or  c-o-n-e? 

Illona:  I thought you said c-a-l-m.

Bodhidarma:   You thought I said “calm?"  What is a koan, k-o-a-n? 

Illona:  I am not sure, but I think it is a piece of poetry.

Bodhidharma:   Beyond that.

Illona: The sound of God. 

Bodhidharma:   For Nicola:  How does God smile? 

Nicola: God smiles from the heart.

Bodhidharma:   Marsha, what is voice?

Marsha:  Pure God-desire.

Bodhidharma:   Michael, what is hair?

Michael:  Something you lose when you get older. Light, light emanation.

Bodhidharma:   Pamela, what is purity?

Pamela:  Purity of love.

Bodhidharma:  Now, you can't answer a question with the same word. So you're going to have to think on that again and come back to the mic. I'm not putting you on the spot. This is for all of us because some other people did the same thing. Do you see any definitions in any dictionary that use the same word to describe what that word is? Okay. So you have to think. Or unthink.

Pamela:  Holiness.

Bodhidharma:   Carol, what is the Eye of God?

Carol: The inner sight.

Bodhidharma:   Cathleen, how are you…[seventeen-second pause]…now?

Cathleen:  The inner me is God. And God is always fine, always. The outer me, in this very moment, is a little bit shaky.

Bodhidharma:   Doreen, what is jade?

Doreen:  Jade is a focus for light.

Bodhidharma:  My masked chela and last resort, what is a forest?¹

Masked chela: It's a community of many of God's creatures.

Bodhidharma:   Have all received a question, 'cept the little child who knows all?  Bravo, students! You have begun a new life. I AM Bodhidharma.  I await the next lesson sooner than you think!  But don't think!

 ¹One devotee was wearing a white nose and mouth mask as she had been ill with a contagious condition.

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