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Lanello      November 11, 2005

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
November 11, 2005 8:15 - 8:28 pm MST
Bozeman, Montana

            I welcome you to my magnanimous heart. I AM Lanello. I have been called a jolly good fellow at times, and I have enjoyed Morya's quips with you. The presence of our love as a community of hearts is expanding. And I dare say that many of you have counted for two or three, and a few for ten or more, based on the intensity of your devotion, your love, your willingness to serve and your staying power day after day wherein you have begun to merge at ever higher levels of awareness with your own divine self.
            How many of you are feeling on a daily basis a greater experience of living in your Presence, beloved ones? Is this not worth every erg of energy that you invest? [responses] For far too long many of our chelas have uttered words, thinking that through simply the process of the giving of decrees alone they could enter into oneness with God.
            You have begun to understand the fullness of this process through the acceleration that occurs when you realize your true worth, first to yourself, then to a planet and its people. Think of what it took for me to build the ark. You are building a new, a divine architecture, not only as The Hearts Center as a body of lightbearers throughout the earth and your own individual centers in numerous cities, but you are building the architecture of your soul wed to the cosmic corona of your causal experience when first sent forth into [life experience from] the cosmic void.
            Meditate upon that pinpoint of light, the first cause and emanation of your God identity in the beginning. The pulsation of this fire in its initial sending and inception contained within it the full-blown identity of your God reality. We are calling you back, back, back to the first cause, beloved ones. And through the rounds of your evolution in time and space, the experience that you have gleaned (wherein you understand, through first the involutionary and then the evolutionary process, the totality of the cosmic drama), has won for many of you the means whereby you can now enter fully into this divine relationship as exalted, sentient beings becoming gods. And yet, there must be the complete surrender of the not-id ere you can have the total experience of that union divine.
            Harmony among the brethren must prevail. And in your relationships with each other, when there does come within the hallowed circle a certain interference, through a lack of self-conscious awareness, then the burden borne by all may be great. Therefore, you should consider how the purging and ongoing purging of yourself first and the cosmic sphere next can occur such that you may move onward without great delay. For we have many plans for each of you. And at times the lowest common denominator of your own human nonsense does keep the ship of state from moving swiftly across the waters.
            O, beloved ones, I do see in this valley a great community of fire, many hearts beating in unison with mine and with other ascended masters. We are building, brick by brick, heart by heart, a new movement of fire. And the intensity which each of you brings to bear will allow the process to occur naturally but swiftly. For Morya is impatient that leaders arise and that [the] confusion of the past be put beneath your feet.
            I am grateful that each of you has determined to stand and to still stand for God. It takes courage. It takes the magnanimity of mind and heart and soul to understand the needs of the masters. For we see well beyond even the next few years of your work and are planning greater things for this movement, our messengers and each of you who are rising higher.
            When you are willing to take the next step, however painful or seemingly so at the time, when you reach the next level in the balcony and look back to where you had come from, you will discern that all was worth it, all was worth that surrender, that selflessness and that acceptance of the plan of action that Master Morya has delivered.
            Beloved K-17 is with me and would share with you now some of his thoughts.

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