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Lanello      September 26, 2005

Beloved Lanello

David C. Lewis

September 26, 2005   7:15–7:26 am  MDT 

Wellspring Retreat

Emigrant, Montana



This Is a New Day for Us!

Create Anew, Beloved Ones!


Beloved Ones,

I AM here, your Lanello. And I say that you are making great inroads now for us in this world for the victory of light to manifest. We see a great upsurge of light now across the globe, and you should feel this day the beginning of a lifting of a certain burden that has been upon you in recent days because Mighty Victory has come with his legions in answer to your daily calls.

            And you should continue to call to him, to manifest his presence with his angels throughout the earth, for Victory is come, Victory is nigh! And we must have the full manifestation of victory at all levels of being, in all continents, in every nation, in every Hearts Center, in every life for The Hearts Centers to be victorious, beloved ones.

            One among you has discerned the truth—that in order for us to be victorious, we must have a tremendous growth in those whose hearts beat one with yours. Therefore, we are on the move, and we send our messengers here and there, creating criss-cross patterns of light throughout the earth. And Mother and I overshadowing them as the Two Witnesses above and below are transcending cycles, even our own cycles. And you see a great influx through the delivery of the word daily, your mentoring by Morya, opening now your minds, opening your hearts and creating a new sense of the will of God in all things. Why, this is a joyous path, beloved ones!

And though some of you had in recent years gotten to the point where you simply did not know the next step to take on your path but were trudging almost, in a sense, a willful disobedience to your own inner calling, now you have a newfound faith, a newfound freedom in discerning the will of God for your own self and your place within the great scheme of life.

We are ecstatic, as you would say, to see so many rising almost from the dead and coming into a newfound freedom, a newfound hope and a joy unbounded. And for that I say, kudos to each of you! Kudos to you who have given and striven so faithfully in these recent months!

The legions of light are building! The legions of light are on the march! And so we do honor that march music that one among you may create, for we need troops here and there in the vast expanse of the plains of America, in the major cities. We need our Hearts Centers builded quickly.

We need those who will join in creating this cascading vigil whereby day and night the word is going forth—the sacred word of your prayers and decrees and mantras and the replaying of dictations and even of lectures—so that those who tune into your website will receive, hour by hour, the streaming forth of our radiation in all ways.

Beloved ones, you should now discern what products must be created for us. And many of you are creating anew, beloved ones. For we see songs for the children, we see songs for the adults, we see the joyful ones creating as co-creators of God. You have a right to do this. And no one should be in desperation to think that God cannot use him in whatever way he sees fit to create.

This is your birthright and even your duty, beloved ones. For if you are to win your ascension, you must not simply sit back and observe what is occurring as a passive receiver, but you must launch forth from your heart new ideas, new concepts, new means of bringing the will of God and the mission of The Hearts Center and the Two Witnesses into manifestation daily.

This is what was missing in recent years through The Summit Lighthouse that I sought to reinvest my light into. And so, many have gone the way of believing the lie that they are not worthy or that they could not themselves be fully a part of the great mission that we had begun many years ago. So, we are nearing the jubilee victory cycle for Gautama and even for The Summit Lighthouse activity that, had the full mission been brought forth, you would all be glorying in, in preparation for that cycle.

Beloved ones, we will move on anyway! And we are using all of you who have discerned the truth of this activity, these messengers and even of your own messengership this day, to deliver the word in that manner and means whereby you, yourself, are able and capable with my cape of ability to bring forth the joy spirit of the violet flame and all that you have received.

Why, this is a new day for us! Glory in it! Be joyful! Rejoice! Sing, dance and know that we are with you always as you together create this new vision for us of a golden age dawning. Why, put aside now all sense of lack, all sense that the mission cannot be fulfilled. For truly it can, beloved ones! It must! And we will not fail Morya! We will not fail Saint Germain!

But, we will stand firm together, arms raised, sword in hand, as we say together even now, “All for one, and one for all! All for one, and one for all! All for one, and one for all!” Beloved ones, I am grateful for each of you and the rededication of your life, your spirit and your great love of us. I am with you always, your Lanello. Do not forget to call to me daily, for I do love that prayer which I did pen through the inspiration of my chela with the messenger in his office, “I Have the Strength of Ten.”

And when you give this, I will give it with you and magnify not only tenfold but a hundredfold the power of light that flows through your chakras. I thank you, beloved ones, and I return you to the heart of Morya, my mentor. For he truly is the captain of the ship of this activity. And we do laud his great heart, his great mien of bringing forth all that God desires within The Hearts Center.

I thank you. I love you and I am always with you. And I also do applaud your new song to my decree and wish that you begin giving it daily, beating your chests and roaring with me in the full fire of the Holy Spirit. For we are victorious, are we not? [Audience replies joyfully, “Yes!]  I thank you and bid you have a wonderful day.


           I am with you always,   




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