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Lanello      August 11, 2005

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
August 11, 2005            8:15 p.m.
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
            Let the world know the truth of this dispensation! For I, Lanello, am here and as the ever-present guru I stand and I sit and I am everywhere with you. Truly, this journey has been one of fun, has it not? But let's have more fun on the morrow. I expect you to sing, to tell stories, to share in the van so that the time will fly by and soon you will be at your destination before you even know it.
            Yes, I approve of leaving early. First, start with your traveling protection and the necessary mantras to seal the vans in crystal diamond white fire. Then give your Rosary, and then sing your decrees, for you may, through my assistance and that of other masters, receive the songs to some of your decrees while on this trip. So experiment with them. This is a great opportunity. For when you have this much time on your hands, or actually on your rear ends, it is a good time to be focused in your upper chakras.
            I am gratified to see so many beings of love in this nation. Hasn't it truly been a joy to see the shining faces of people of all ages in the cities wherein you have traveled thus far? These are my people. These are your people. These are the people of The Hearts Center. For they are centered in their heart, and that is the key to the victory of your mission. So these will respond when finally you are able to reach them in a greater way through the media, through presentations, through lectures, through heart-to-heart communiqu�s. But this trip has been primarily to lay a foundation, to do certain spiritual work. And John the Baptist does also ask to speak during this trip while you are in Mexico. For as you know, as a wayshower and one who clears the way, he also desires to have a word or two with you before Jesus dictates on the fourteenth in Mexico City.
            Beloved ones, we are building a spiritual fire in preparation for the coming of Mother Mary on her feast day. The entire mission and its inauguration and announcement months ago was for the purpose of anchoring a great light through her heart on her ascension day. So that is why she has asked you to continue singing and praying hourly to her. So think not lightly of this assignment but see the spiritual fire building around you each one and around the collective momentum of all of you such that when you finally go to the Basilica and see the magnificent presence of the tilma there and feel the radiation that still flows from that spot, you will be ready because you have prepared yourselves for the great light that she will convey and that you must also convey to mankind.
            Beloved ones, the native peoples who have walked this soil are descended from an ancient culture attuned to the heart of Maitreya. And you see in the depth of their eyes the writing of God's vision, God's love, God's heart. And so when one or another comes to beg before you, I ask you not to ignore them but to in some way extend yourself either through a centavo here or simply an embrace or an extension of your heart because what you do to the least of these you do to me and to the Christ in all. So I thank you for purchasing those little dolls and extending yourself to those who came to you in the square. For you do not know how much you touched them. And as you touched their lives, I also have entered their hearts through you.

            I am your guru. I am ever-present if you remember that I am here. So I do give you my radiance, and thy radiance shall grow as mine has never waned and continues to grow as an ascended being. And you can tap into that expansion of fire and radiance, beloved ones. And you should, because you need my radiance always.
            I thank you for all that you have accomplished. I thank you, David, for receiving my 33 messages and more and for being willing and able to extend yourself as my son most personally to many. This dispensation is truly one that we are continuing to refine and craft as the free will of each of you is outpictured in your decisions, in your
meditations, and [in] all that you do. And so it is a work-in-progress. And do not despair that at times you have not fulfilled every last assignment quite yet. For we are working and you are working and our hearts are one, dear ones.
            I thank you. And I give you now your Jesus.
(C) Copyright 2005 The Hearts Center (TM)

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