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Cyclopea      March 30, 2005

Beloved Cyclopea
David Christopher Lewis
March 30, 2005 7:41 - 8:04 am
Livingston, Montana

Chelas of Immaculate Grace,
            I am come to spin the earth in the Eye of God. You have received and given the prayer to spin the earth in violet fire, and so I come to ask you to also see the earth spinning in the emerald fires of my heart.
            Seeing is believing, dear ones. And so, when you see God manifest in the realm of physical reality where you are, you bring His light closer to you. You must be able to see with greater clarity if you would hold the vision that we hold of earth's immaculate perfection. So, practice does make perfection a reality through the attention that you give to us who are masters at holding and maintaining absolute perfection's gaze upon all that we behold.
            Why is it so hard for mankind to behold the divine ideal, beloved? It is because humanity has lost the sense of the sacredness of life, and so it dwells in the inanities of mundane existence rather than seeing all as a part of the One. Beholding and upholding each lifestream in perfection requires your own humility in knowing the frailties of the flesh that have beset you, and so you have compassion for every part of life and can see each one in their true estate, knowing where you yourself have come from and the tests that you have overcome in getting to this point of your own evolution.
            Clear seeing requires a washing of the lens of the orifice of your purview (pure-view) of life through the wiping away of certain spots and stains that have caused your seeing to wax dull; and so you do not view the full spectrum of the soul, the aura and the causal body and elements of the subtle world that are all around you, interpenetrating your being. When you can hold your consciousness on the All-Seeing Eye and lift your gaze up and beyond this plane, we can begin to pour through you the light necessary to raise your seeing to a new level of reality where you view the total man or woman and the full spectrum of life from beginning to end, from end to beginning.
            The pure in heart are those who see God. So, develop purity as that quality that is most important in your life if you desire to see the God flame within all. As you know, I serve in the seat of the Fourth Ray on the Karmic Board, and so, I meditate on the Purity of God at all times, viewing the entire gamut of stellar worlds in perfection so that all spins in perfect unison with the Divine Logos, the Word manifest within the All.
            Study purity, meditate on the white light and see the prism of your being reflected in every thought, word and action as that wholeness and crystal clarity wherein you are super-aware at all times. To be in this state, it is as if you are always acting from your Presence' point of view rather than from the mortal reality to which you have become accustomed. When you can see from this perspective, you will maintain a pure heart, for compassion and light will flow to you and through you always. That is what your Presence does for you-it sends forth the crystal drops of pure love at all times into the chalice of your being.
            I Am a Chalice of Purity. I Am a Chalice of Perfect Love. I Am a Chalice of Immaculate Vision for All Life Above and Below. I Am a Chalice for God's Grace to Flow to Every Part of Life. Make this statement to the universe in this hour.
            Trust in the process of love, for it is the very process that will allow this grace to become perfect vision, clearing the way for a new you to manifest, beloved. Yes, I see you with a fresh new outlook day by day as you come to know love more fully! When you know love you will know me. And when you know me, you will see the reality of the pyramid of self that you must become for me.
            I Am Cyclopea, Visionary of Perfection for You Always!

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