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Nada      March 26, 2005

Beloved Nada
David C. Lewis
March 26, 2005   8:01-8:19 pm MDT
Easter Conference
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

A Shower of Roses as a Distillation of Love.  Become Love Always and You Shall Know Me.

            Beloved, this aria to my heart sung so beautifully by my beloved, does draw me down to your side this evening to commune again in the rose of our love together.  You know your own Lanello did take voice lessons [audience laughs] shortly after he ascended. [More laughter.] My beloved has already far outdone him don't you think? [More audience laughter and applause.]¹ And so, as my own is in embodiment and Lanello's own is also, he has danced with me many a time for we both await our own to return to our arms together, not quite together. [Audible breath by the Master.]
            O the beauty of your soul.  O the grace of the adornment of the rose of hearts gathered here and in devotion to the Mother Light rising. We of the Karmic Board are joyous this evening to see the budding of this new rose of this movement in such short order. And it is almost as if the videotaping of that rose was set in fast motion don't you think. [Audience chuckles.] So we would expand it more gloriously in days to come.  And yet, how can we make it more glorious than this event?  Well, we will. [Audience laughs.]
            So come to our July event and we may just double the number of dictations that you will receive [laughter] if you will be ready and bring two or three or four or ten with you beloved.  And the reason we have not set forth the place yet is to see just how many will be coming for we do not see this place holding them all.  And so, prepare for an even greater feast in days to come as we continue to commune with you and as those of you listening on the broadcast and those of you who are here from other climes and stratas in the earth begin your Hearts Centers. You may invite us and invite these messengers to come to speak to you.
            For wouldn't you like our presence there tangibly with you in your living room discoursing  and conveying that intimate communication of joy that expresses the wonders of this new day and this new dispensation beloved? (Audience responds: Yes!) So prepare, clean your homes, wash your dishes, do your laundry with that new violet flame decree and see the earth ensconced in violet and rose and the golden-pink glow ray that now dawns upon this earth.
            We would expand the reach of the light from our retreat over New Bedford. And so I invite all of you to come this night to my retreat led by Tom who will drive you in that golden-pink bus [audience laughs] with Lanello at the helm too for he did love to drive that bus you know. For the two are really one. You just don't see it yet.  For Tom contains within his heart the fullness of his guru and that is why he did recognize this messenger and Lanello's verse through him.  For that jolly old fellow, Longfellow, did train this one as a poet long ago. And so, they both like to script the higher verse of the law and the teaching and offer to you in song , in poetry and in these most glorious and simple discourses that we give you.
            Roses shower now down upon you all.  Breathe in the essence of the rose, the scent, the floral offering from my angels. For they have been picking many roses these days from Mother Mary's garden, [audience laughs] and fortunately, there are plenty to go around so she will not miss them, I think.  But you may catch a few of these petals if your hearts are spinning too fast. And you may even offer a petal or two to those whose hearts are bowed down through the density of the burdens of life.  When you breathe in the air in your daily pranayam, breathe in the essence of rose.  When you come before the Karmic Board to ask for graces inscribe a little bit upon the petal that you offer your particular offering cleaned from the essence that you breathe in from my heart each morning and evening. Soon you will become almost drunk with the love of God that I would give you if you can contain it.
             Pray for Tom. Pray for the divine art of the spirit to replace those images most unholy that do come before your eyes in the museums and the galleries and the periodicals of this day. For we have been training many new age artists to be born into your midst who will give to you those creations from our retreat that will change the culture gradually through the vision of perfection and glory that they have beheld in the celestial cities just above you. Would that Tom could multiply himself a hundred fold and teach many of you how to put pen and airbrush to paper, to display what the angels themselves cannot create for they rely on physical hands and feet and hearts open to inspire them to receive that direct communication from the Father of how he would express beauty in the earth.
              We are grateful to all who have offered themselves selflessly to put on this conference, to come here and give selflessly. I take my beloved's hand now and you may take the hand of that one sitting next to you in yours, the left hand receiving and the right hand giving, overlapping.  I, Nada do pledge to each of you my eternal love.  Forget not this one whose hand you now clasp. Become friends. Communicate with each other. Share with each other. Learn to love each other. For though the term  "love is the key" has almost become overused at times, we would make it even more meaningful for you. And when our arms are locked together, no one may unlock them unless they join us with this key of love.
            Thank you, beloved, for your love. For only love is witness to love. Only love receives love. And only love can understand the paradox, the mystery of those solar systems, unnumbered, that this youth will one day come to teach you how to master and expand your consciousness like Saint Germain to become cosmic beings in your own right.
            I seal you in the distillation of love. Become love always and you shall know me also.

¹Before the dictation Tom Miller sang an aria to Nada, his twin flame.

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