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The Great Divine Director

The Great Divine Director, Ascended Master R, Master R, Ganesha

The Great Divine Director

The Great Divine Director is a cosmic being on the blue ray, or first ray, of power, protection and the will of God. He is the Guru of Jesus Christ and Saint Germain and is available to guide us, as his name attests, in walking in the highest will of God. 

The Great Divine Director is one of his many titles. He is also known as “The Initiator of Cycles,” holding the office of Solar Hierarch of Capricorn. Focusing the ray of God-power on the twelve o’clock line of cosmic cycles, he is the one to ask for help when starting a new venture or course of action. He is a master planner with the discipline necessary to create the structures that compose our cosmos—even at molecular levels. The Great Divine Director focuses within his causal body the formula of the ascension for the children of God evolving in this universe. What a magnificent master of creation and guidance!

One of the Great Divine Director’s commissions from Alpha and Omega, our Father/Mother God, is to interpret for initiates the meaning and the purpose of the flame of the Holy Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. Guru of our El Morya and Saint Germain, the Great Divine Director is the founder of the House of Rakoczy, and so has often been referred to as the Master “R” in esoteric writings. The Great Divine Director, known to the Hindus as the god Ganesha, is the Lord of Success and destroyer of all obstacles. He is also known as the god of education, knowledge and wealth. The elephant head represents wisdom, and his trunk represents the sound of cosmic reality and oneness—the sacred OM.

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Messages from the Divine Director

Divine Director      June 13, 2016

Beloved Divine Director

David Christopher Lewis

June 13, 2016   8:00–8:30 am PDT

Vista, California

The Divine Director's 2016 Summer Solstice Message


I AM the Divine Director, and this day I come to initiate a new spiral of light within the Earth and within you—within your heart, your mind, your soul, your spirit. For each of these components of your true Selfhood can be stimulated by the great cosmic light from the Great Central Sun, by which and through which these spirals of initiation ensue within your lives for the victory of your mission, your divine plan upon this Earth.

Each divine plan is composed of many components, blessed hearts. And when you enter into the cyclings of light of these spirals on your path of initiation, consciously attending to the things of the Spirit, that which God stimulates within you—your heart, your mind, your soul, your spirit—and when you lovingly engage with the Divine One upon this initiatic path, miracles ensue. You are in alignment with your sacred coursing through life and there is the engagement at the highest levels of your soul with the Oversoul of the universe.

I AM one to whom has been entrusted the responsibility to initiate these spirals and to assist lifestreams upon Earth in fulfilling their highest trajectory of light in every lifetime. And this trust I take very, very mindfully. You, blessed ones, entering into communion with me and what I represent, both as a manu and as an advocate for your own divine course through this and all lifetimes, may truly enter into, through this relationship, the greatest pathway that you can walk and live within for your victory in all things, eternal and temporal, in heaven and upon earth. For this lifetime is essential for you to fulfill in its highest purpose, in its most glorious manifestation in the here and now for God's divine plan for all of life to be realized.

Do you know, blessed one, how important your life is to the destiny of the universe? If you consider that you were created in the image and likeness of God, this will give you both the focus and the understanding and that which will bring you to this point of Self-realization of just how absolutely important you are to every lifestream evolving upon this Earth. If you do not fulfill your destiny, it impacts all life, both upon Earth and within the universe at large. Therefore consider the nuances of your life, the choices you make daily, the spirals that are a part of your own initiatic path and how important it is to fulfill the assignments that you, in communion with the Karmic Board, vowed to fulfill during this lifetime.

Each decade, each year, each month, each week, each day and each hour are important for you to consider in terms of what must be fulfilled within the greater whole and collective of your divine plan for you to reach the zenith of your being, the apex of consciousness, the transcendent point of beingness within your God Presence so that each and every point upon that path may be the brightest and most alchemical in its outpicturing—in joy, in Self-realization, in attainment with God, as God-beings. Each day becomes a great opportunity to soar with Spirit and to engage, engage, engage in the sacred work of the ages, outpictured through your spirit, one with God.

When you consider the dynamics of how each soul, each spirit-spark within the universe, as a component of the whole, is essential to the glorious manifestation of God's divine plan in its most opportune manifestation, then you will utilize the moments, the sacred seconds and microseconds of your life to be in alignment with your Divine Presence, to be focused upon your greatest goals, your highest aspirations, your most glorious dreams of self-fulfillment as divine beings. Truly, those who have held their goals inviolate in light within their consciousness, within their higher vision center, and focused and refocused and refocused again and again upon this dynamic and then applied themselves in the highest way—through the energization of their vision and mission within their mind, within their heart, within their soul and spirit—have proved that they, through their oneness with their Source, can fulfill anything. For with God, all things are possible.1

Truly, even some of the humblest of souls who have been born into abject poverty, with seemingly no resources to draw upon to fulfill their purpose, so consecrated and dedicated themselves to a higher purpose of oneness with God that they brought about the most glorious manifestations within the Earth that shifted civilization and cultures—here, there and everywhere—into a higher orbit of light. Look at the soul of Gandhi. Look at the spirit of Jesus. Do you think that somehow they would have left off of their dream? No, they engaged. They sought divine guidance, inspiration, and they applied themselves day after day because they knew their destiny. It was etched within their soul. It was ensconced within their spirit. And because they fulfilled who they were, you too, taking heart, can fulfill who you are, blessed one.


If at any point of your life you have felt less than, disempowered, unavailable to the cosmos to manifest your highest intentions, your greatest purpose, wash away, clear away this dynamic and enter into the blue-fire radiance of heaven's glory through divine direction now within your life! I affirm that you are God in manifestation! I say it to you this day, blessed ones, for many have lost hope. They think that outer happenings of this world influence them and disempower them. I tell you that nothing can dissuade you to manifest your destiny each day if, through your own free will, opportune and directed focus, you simply choose to engage and to do that work of the Spirit. There is no more any excuse for you, as an initiate of the sacred fire, to say, “O Lord, this and that situation, person or event precluded me from realizing my dream.” You have the example, the lives, the biographies of the great initiates of the sacred fire, which you have seen on the screen and read in books. The Internet is replete with all manner of magical, miraculous and mystical manifestations of the lives of the saints, East and West.

You can take heart. You can rise up. You can fulfill your dream. It is simply a choice to engage with Spirit daily, blessed ones. When you arise, say to God: “O Lord, send the light through my chakras, into my heart. I am engaging with you consciously this day, and my work is your work. My divine plan is a part of the greater whole and divine plan of the universe. And I am here, O Lord, for you to utilize for the greatest mission of light on this Earth. O Holy Spirit, pour your light through me, engage through me—body, soul and spirit—this day to work the highest work that is possible for my lifestream.”

Yes, blessed ones, when you make this commitment, God will work through you. Miracles will occur, and all the cyclings of light upon your initiatic path will come into focus and into your vision right before you. We will inspire upon you daily your highest work if you will simply humbly ask and then, hearing through deep listening, receive that instruction, that guidance. You do not necessarily have to do a long forty-day ritual for the clarity of consciousness of your divine plan to be realized within your outer mind. An emphatic will in a moment of connectedness with God, with your Divine Source, will bring the clarity of that focus right before you. And then you may move, move, move forward, ever forward, blessed ones, upon your sacred journey.

Yes, building up a reservoir of blue-fire radiance within your aura and within your Oversoul will provide a greater resource of light for you to engage at a higher level day after day. Yet the conscious choice in every moment is what will allow you to redirect the course of your life to its highest trajectory. And I am there within that focus, within that self-directed stream of God-beingness, of the blue-fire radiance of the holy will of God, which will allow you to smile when you feel connected and manifesting your highest joy, your greatest purpose.

Many in their elder years still ask the question, “What is my divine plan?” And we have answered this question many times though this dispensation and others. Simply take the next step that you receive from within when meditating upon God and your Divine Source, and every next step will come into focus clearly, blessed ones. You do not have to always see the end result of where you are moving in order to reach your destiny. You simply have to take that step, consciously, lovingly. And we will bring those resources, individuals and opportunities before you through those steps for your highest dreams to be realized.

David has even shared with you that if he knew the end result of what that first HeartStream by beloved Jesus the Christ through him would result in, he may not have taken up that opportunity. And yet Jesus simply said, “Arise early, meditate and then receive a message from us.” Well, we can say the same things to you. Arise early, meditate and harmonize yourself with the divine frequencies of heaven, and each day's inspiration will be there. Inspira and Allegra will overshine you. Your personal sponsoring master will dictate to you, through mindfulness, what is essential to be done. Each day may be slightly different in the way that your focused attention brings unto you—first in your mind, then in your heart, then through physical activity—the outplaying of that dream of God through your self-directed, God-directed life for that day.

Those who work the works of God are those who apply themselves in this way. And many who have lost sight of who they truly are and what they could be in a given lifetime go this way and that way, washed upon the waves without any mindful polestar before them to lead them to their dream and goal.

Now, blessed ones, I suggest that you secure that little wallet card with my image, and maybe have three or four—one in your wallet, one at your computer, one in your kitchen and one in your bedroom. And when you are ready to make an important decision in your life, if you look upon that image and focus for fifty or more seconds, asking for divine direction, I will energize you to make the highest choice in that moment if you will accept my direction, whatever it may be, even if it is seemingly wild to your outer waking consciousness in its message. It may be that in a moment I will share with you: “Go to this park or in nature. Get out of the matrix and the mold that you have accommodated yourself within.” And in that moment of being within the sacred space of the nature kingdom, then I can get through to your outer waking mind and give you the key for the victory of your soul and spirit before you make that important decision.

So, blessed ones, charge forth, charge forth, charge forth through life with me, with the manus, the chohans, your own guardian masters and sponsors. Be active in every way in applying yourself, studying and engaging in givingness, service, surrender and sacrifice through selflessness to others. Yet through enlightened self-interest, whereby you engage first with your own Divine Presence and apply yourself, through stillness and meditation, to perceiving your true God Presence from within, you will feel that energy, feel that spiritual fire welling up within you. And then the infusion that manifests each day will provide the framework for and the clear pathway for your victorious ascension each day of your life.

Last evening we provided an outline for the Spring Equinox 2017 conference here in Vista, California, and nearby at the Questhaven Retreat Center and property. I will come to infuse the initiates and those who decide to be here physically with my light, with a new energy spiral at that time. I tell you now so that you can make your plans and be here within this home, this sacred outer retreat of the ascended masters through this dispensation. You can receive an ascension spiral of light from Serapis Bey, for this event will be purposeful in giving you keys to your ascension, blessed ones. And when the hierophant of Luxor comes and stands before you to initiate you in these ascension currents, I will stand also with him to empower you to a new level of beingness. And when Jesus comes and speaks unto you, when Mother Mary stands before you for your perfect healing, and when Kuan Yin releases you from your past with the great mercy flame of her bodhisattvic heart, you will be a new creature.

You will look back after your ascension to that event, Spring 2017, and say: “O Lord, I am grateful I made my plans and my choice to be present, front and center, with you. For that was a turning point; that was a new spiral. And because I chose to be there, you, O God, provided the impetus for my ascension, for my victory, for my Self-realization in light.”

We are employing so many dispensations through this activity that if you could truly see all that we have blessed you with, as we have outlined it and embraced the Earth through it, you would be amazed. Yet many forget the dispensations, the graces, the blessings, the encouragement through these HeartStreams. They listen again and again; they watch. And yet what have they fully applied in their lives? Get onto the playing field. Engage with the initiates of the sacred fire. Apply yourselves through active work and service. This is where you enter into the higher spirals of light and where you truly gain your victory in all things, dearest ones.

Yes, this movement is a movement of initiates, because we expect that you will work rather than only listen and study. When you engage as servitors, Morya, Maitreya, Manjushri, Mother and I are there surrounding you through your engagement, through your work and service. And in this you are hallowed and blessed with the greatest light, the greatest joy, the greatest harmonic spirals of beingness.

I AM the Divine Director. God is great. I am his/her humble servant, even as I serve the living Christ, the living Buddha, the living Divine Mother within you. Thank you, blessed hearts, for your attention, your presence and the power of love flowing through you forevermore.

Messenger's comments:

I have a little more to share about the spring class next year. We were at a restaurant last night, a wonderful restaurant recommended by Boris Mitov, and the masters kind of gave us the names of the masters who are coming next spring to both here at Dennis's home and then to Questhaven.

            So on Thursday, Jesus will come with his welcome to the initiatic path. John the Beloved will lead a meditation on love. Confucius will talk about the path of enlightenment. On Friday, Mother Mary will come with a sacred touch for healing. Serapis Bey and Amen Bey will come with a darshan, where you can ask questions of the masters. The Spirit of the Cosmic Christ will come and perform an amazing alchemy with the Earth and with all of us in our Higher Selves. On Saturday, Saint Germain will come with his miracle pouch of light. Kuan Yin will come with a special blessing for all of us, and the Divine Director will perform a cosmic clearance. And then on Sunday, there will be a discourse at Questhaven with an unnamed master. We won't advertise who it is. It will be a surprise—a very important message.

And we will actually engage a little bit with the heartfriends of the community of Questhaven and be a part of their activity that day and listen to a little bit of what they do and share. And then, if it works out, I will also be able to share, through a discourse from a divine being, with them. It may not be so much of a dictation. It will be more like a sermon or a talk.

So that's the basic outline. We will be a Dennis's home in the mornings and then probably have lunch and then go to Questhaven. Is that kind of the plan?

Dennis:  I think so.

David:  And then many people can stay at Questhaven because it's less expensive than staying in a hotel or motel in the area.

So I thought I would just share that, fresh from heaven. [David laughs.]  It's funny how sometimes I get these messages on napkins.

1. Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27.

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