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DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
5/22/17 2h 32m David LewisDavid Christopher Lewis: Preparation for My Mission
5/20/17 1h 8m El MoryaEl Morya Darshan with Australian Hearfriends
5/18/17 2h 32m HeartfriendMorning Meditation and Prayers 2017
5/17/17 2h 46m Mother MaryMother Mary Darshan during Mexico Broadcast
5/17/17 2h Clare de LisClare de Lis Says, "Increase Your Inner Fire to Withstand the Rigors of the Path"
5/16/17 2h 34m El MoryaSharing on Flower Newhouse's Life at Crotona and on Our Spiritual Community
5/13/17 2h 30m Mother MaryMother Mary's Message on the 100th Anniversary of Her First Fatima Appearance
5/12/17 1h 36m Buddha of Diamond Crystal LightThe Crystalline Breath of God
5/11/17 1h 35m Saint GermainDarshan with Saint Germain for San Mateo Expo Participants
5/11/17 2h 33m HeartfriendMorning Meditation and Prayers 2017
5/10/17 2h 30m Gautama BuddhaGautama Buddha's 2017 Wesak Address
5/9/17 2h 35m JesusJesus Releases the Fire of His Being to Help Us Come up Higher
5/7/17 60m El MoryaEl Morya on Motion in Rest and the Importance of Restoration and Renewal
5/7/17 2h 5m HeartfriendsAfra Group Vigils 2017
5/5/17 2h 50m CapellaCapella Speaks on Lasing Light through the Solution of Our Own Beings
5/4/17 2h 34m Cathleen AlexanderMorning Meditation and Prayers 2017
5/3/17 2h 40m PortiaPortia Says, "Opportunity Knocks, Will You Answer?
5/1/17 2h 37m Saint GermainSaint Germain Speaks of the Gift of Life
4/30/17 2h 6m OmraamMaster Omraam: Clothe Yourself with the Sun!
4/29/17 2h 38m AfraAfra Anoints Each Knight and Lady Who Is True to Their Vows
4/28/17 2h 32m Maha ChohanThe Maha Chohan Asks Us To Represent the Holy Spirit with Him
4/27/17 2h 33m HeartfriendMorning Meditation and Prayers 2017
4/26/17 2h 35m LanelloLanello Speaks on God's Love Affair with the Creation
4/20/17 2h 37m Jackie FlederMorning Meditation and Prayers 2017
4/19/17 2h 30m LotusLotus Blazes Sacred Fire across America for the Awakening of Freedom
4/18/17 3h Mother MaryMother Mary Darshan during Mexico Broadcast
4/16/17 1h 35m JesusJesus Says, "Experience the Resurrection Light Now!"
4/15/17 60m MagdaMagda and Jesus Darshan with Australian Heartfriends
4/13/17 2h Goddess MeruGoddess Meru on the Miracle of Handel's Messiah plus a Darshan on a South American Retreat over Argentina
4/13/17 2h 35m HeartfriendMorning Meditation and Prayers 2017
4/12/17 2h 30m John the BaptistJohn the Baptist Comes to Initiate Us Earth, Water, Air and Fire
4/12/17 2h 5m VistalaVistala Releases Teachings on the Healing Heartform
4/10/17 2h 30m David LewisAnastasia in the Garden IV Overview
4/8/17 2h MaitreyaLord Maitreya and Clare de Lis on the Psychology of Reactivity What We Have an Aversion Toward We Have Within Us to Overcome
4/7/17 1h 35m AspiraSpecial Services and Dictations 2017
4/6/17 2h 33m HeartfriendMorning Meditation and Prayers 2017
4/5/17 2h 35m David LewisArchangel Zadkiel as a Cosmic Alchemist
4/4/17 2h 37m El MoryaEl Morya Recommits Himself to Us and Speaks on the Law of Compensation
4/2/17 2h LanelloLanello Comes to Defend Meru University and Says "Manifest Your Solar Awareness"
3/30/17 2h 31m HeartfriendMorning Meditation and Prayers 2017
3/29/17 2h 30m JesusJesus' New I AM Affirmations and a Sacred Darshan with Mexican Devotees
3/29/17 2h 35m Angel of StillnessThe Angel of Stillness Speaks on How to Commune with God Within
3/28/17 3h 10m Sanat KumaraSanat Kumara on the Judgment of Planetary Pedophilia
3/26/17 2h 20m El MoryaNavigating the Divine Ego vs. the Human Ego
3/24/17 1h 30m Clare de LisClear the Air with Clare de Lis!
3/23/17 2h God MeruPlay With Your Solar Awareness
3/23/17 2h 36m HeartfriendMorning Meditation and Prayers 2017
3/19/17 1h 32m HeartfriendsAfra Group Vigils 2017
3/19/17 57m David LewisDivine Love: The Universal Panacea
3/17/17 1h 18m Serapis BeyDarshan with Serapis Bey and Amen Bey
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