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Archeia Christine Expands the Solar Glory of God within Our Minds

Archeia Christine Expands the Solar Glory of God within Our Minds
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Beloved Christine
David Christopher Lewis
October 13, 2013 10:00–10:15 am MDT Livingston, Montana

Feel Your True Brilliance!

Accept that God Lives Fully as the True You within You Now

Gracious Ones,

With diamond essences of golden, liquid sunlight I come, showering upon you the radiance of your divinity, the blessings of your spirit, magnified by the Lord and released into your life, into your mind for the furthering of your spiritual evolution and your mindfulness, and for the Buddhic essence to be yours throughout your days, throughout your nights upon Earth.

I AM Christine, and I come with legions of angels of the second ray—yes, those bands and choirs of spiritual servitors of the One God whose duty it is to bring true education to the mankind of Earth, to inspire, through the wisdom teachings of Theosophia, truth, virtue and all that uplifts the soul, inspires the heart, elevates the mind. When you can feel the golden-yellow diamond nature of your true being as you live daily to discover greater and greater elements of your higher beingness in God and when you invite us to be with you, we come graciously and we alight in your midst with the glory of the Lord shining forth round about us to assist you in giving birth to the new you, the true you, blessed ones.

As you study this course of Meru University with us, we are lending a greater-than-normal measure of momentums and abilities, through the gifts and graces of the seven archeiai, for you to maintain your presence throughout each day and to accept and truly receive all that is essential for your life in the way of an abiding radiance that helps restore the original golden stamp of your divinity within your being, vouchsafed to you at the point of your conception and birth in the heart and mind of God.

?Feel your true brilliance! Know the shining Solar Godness of your Higher Self, your Higher Mind, your Buddhic beingness within the One. When you learn and self-educate your own mind from the vantage point of holy truth, holy wisdom and divine gnosis, then what you receive is truly essential for your Solar journey, and you leave aside all of the information that bombards your attention and seeks to stimulate something else within you that is not truly a part of the vitality of your inner quintessence, joy and beauty.

We the archeiai come for the raising of the Mother Light within you now, and not in some distant future—unrealized, dreamed of, as far apart from who you are now. Accept that God already lives fully, completely as the true you within you now, blessed hearts. And know that you are worthy, each day, to receive some new revelation, wisdom teaching, some great restoration of the ancient memory that has been held inviolate within your Higher Mind, your Christic Presence for thousands and even hundreds of thousands of years of your existence as a spirit-spark of the One.

O, the glistening essences of God-good that we see and accentuate within the crystal-clear minds of these, O Lord, are beautiful to behold as we—both silent and vocal choirs of angelic ministrants—view them from the perfected realms of heaven’s glory.

Shine forth, O Solar light, now upon and within the higher motor functions of the minds and the physical brains of these your servants and students, O Lord. Where there is a lack of a self-image of beauty, holiness and virtue, let it be gently replaced by God’s perfected and immaculate image of this child of God, this noble son or daughter of your heart. O beloved Mighty I AM God Presence of all life, increase the Solar energy patterns within their higher motor functions so that they may be able to cognize the truth at every turn, wisdom at every Y in the road of their decision-making processes in life. Let them decisively move forward into the arms of beauty and perfection, of glory and divinity in order that they, each one, may know thee, O Lord, may feel thee within the mind radiating forth Theosophia’s gifts and Mercury’s mindfulness.

O Solar Lords of Life, instill now within these the greater Buddhic essences flowing from the origin of All, the Source of cosmic refreshment. Bless them with the brilliance of your glory, O Lord, and increase the holy wattage and amperage of golden, liquid light now, even within their bloodstreams, their heartstreams, their mindstreams. As they meditate in silence in the morning or any time throughout each twenty-four-hour cycle of the sun, let them have an impartation of that which you know to be true of them, O holy Father-Mother of all Life, as already complete, harmonic and resonant within them. For you have seeded it in the beginning; and you, O Lord, sustain it even now as the all-seeing and all-knowing One, omniscient in the Allness of your beingness and ever present and omnipresent for each one.

Dearest hearts, as you study the law of your own being by working on yourself each day, a little bit more of the holiness of who you already are, self- realized in God, becomes clear within your outer waking consciousness; and all becomes easy for you in the way of the Spirit, in the grace and glory of the Solar One.

I AM Christine, crystallizing now within you your true essences for the glorification of your Higher Self right where you are. I thank you.

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