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Bonnie Blue: Welcome to Our Heartland, Pilgrims of Light!

Bonnie Blue: Welcome to Our Heartland, Pilgrims of Light!

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Beloved Bonnie Blue
David Christopher Lewis
September 15, 2014 9:14–9:28 am EDT
2014 Autumn Equinox Pilgrimage

A Sacred Journey with Saint Germain to Southeastern Canada
Montréal, Canada

Bonnie Blue Welcomes Pilgrims of Light to the Canadian Heartland

Precious Pilgrims, Devotees of Light,

Those who would enrich our world with your love and shine forth your essence unto Canada as well as all nations upon our sacred planet, into your midst I send a ray of my love and affection for you as well as for this nation, this commonwealth of light. With the grace of God flowing, I raise an azure standard in your midst. This standard, as a banner of light, is before you as you travel from city to city, as you walk the streets of these cities and partake of the culture and, in a certain way through the lens of your own awareness, investigate what is transpiring here that is wonderful and that you may bring to your own homes—as an enrichment of your own heart and spirit—of these people, of their essences, of their way of life, and even of their needs and that which, prayerfully, you may offer unto God on their behalf of the givingness of your own heart at this time.

Blessed ones, this ray is now distributed to every molecule of every acre of land within this great commonwealth. There is a scintillating field that now, because of your devotions, your calls and your praise of the Almighty, goes forth to bless and enrich the lives of millions. For it is God’s great pleasure to provide the resources of higher consciousness to his own children upon Earth, for them to ascend out of all sense of limitation, of degradation and of lack into a new environment, heavenly in its estate, glorious in its radiance, effulgent in the bounties of the Lord provided for every soul to know her worth and to feel that strong connection with Spirit whereby love is present and integrity won.

As angels of the sacred fire are here in your midst, even now preparing for the coming of Archangel Michael and his legions of light, there is an increase of the vibratory field, both in this Province and throughout this commonwealth. Many souls may feel a certain action within of acceleration concurrent with an opportunity to grow, to expand and to nurture a new and fresh outlook about life, about self, about nature, co-creating a new future in love and light and discovering all that is of that abundant life that may be nurtured within, felt and experienced at the core of being within one’s heart.

Truly, dearest ones, you have come to the heartland of this nation—not the Elohim focus over Winnipeg; rather, an area in which many live. We have called you upon this pilgrimage to be emanators of light and harbingers of the new era and way of divine love. We have witnessed the magnificence of the master Saint Germain’s discourse on love yesterday that has raised all life.1 Even in those tender moments where you received his appreciation and the validation of your being already one with God, a great benefit has been incurred by the souls of light evolving here. For on the inner they have witnessed your love, your sacrifice, your givingness. And this instills deep within their soul a new memory pattern that will give birth within their own essence—shoots of grace, flowers and fragrances divine—even as the angels of Portia, Lady Opportunity, come to win them for the new streams that may emerge from within their own beings to guide them to the shores of eternality and to the Elysian fields of beauty, harmony and peace that they may truly walk in to feel God’s Presence ever.

O cherished heartfriends, as I engulf you now in the radiance of divine joy and the frequencies of holiness, extend your hearts, extend your hands and expand your minds to this nation and her peoples. For this blessing is permanent. This grace will be bestowed again and again, every time you engage in devotion of any kind toward the One Light, sing “Oh, Canada,” and bless one another with gratitude, with words of kindness, with gestures of appreciation and equanimity.

Truly, dearest ones, it is a new day for Canada because of your coming and the coming of many masters in these short days before you. Walk in the light, radiate that light, and win them for Micah and the unity field of beingness, which you have heard so much about of late, that is dawning upon Earth within the lives of the conscious ones, the awakening and awakened ones who would be Buddha, who would be Mother for all life and nurture them with tender regard and loving care.

I pray that you feel inspired, through my presence and the presence of many ascended lady masters who come with me, to nurture the souls of humanity who require uplift and support, who require an encouraging word, a role model, someone to show them the way out of the human dilemma and into the light of the eternal Presence of God. Will you be that one for us today and every day, dearest hearts? [“Yes.”]

Thank you for who you are, who you are becoming and awakening to, and who God within you will truly spiritually alchemize through the divine rays of grace into the flower-light flames of holiness and love. I am that love-light in your midst. I am that ever-present support and overshining Mother-radiance for you and for all my children of Canada. I thank you.



1. Saint Germain, September 14, 2014, during the one-day seminar Saint Germain on Meditation, held in Montréal.

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