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Lanello's Father's Day Address

Lanello's Father's Day Address

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Beloved Lanello?
David Christopher Lewis?
June 15, 2014   
10:35–10:55 am MDT
?Livingston, Montana 

A Father’s Day Message
??It Is Time that Integration Manifest at All Levels in Man and Woman?

Blessed Heartfriends,
            I, Lanello, come on this Father’s Day to bless you, each one, with the radiance of Alpha, with the fire of the Great Central Sun manifest through the Father energy of Spirit now made manifest within your world on behalf of all who look to you as a ray of light, as an example of spiritual integrity.??
            It is an age when the Mother light is rising unto the Father point of identification and beingness within the crown chakra, dearest ones. And for the Mother to be free to fulfill her purpose, the Father himself must be a magnet of light to draw that light of the Mother up the spinal altar to the apex of beingness.
            If fathers and male figures do not offer the dynamic of being the example of purity and truth and that which the mother herself represents, then how can they nurture that energy field and allow the kundalini to fulfill its purpose within self and within all life? Therefore it is incumbent upon men of this age to realize their purpose in being true to themselves first and in honoring women in all ways and the feminine potential of the soul to fulfill her purpose. When there is truth within manifest, when there is integrity, when there is acknowledgement that God is both Alpha and Omega, Father and Mother, male and female as a whole, integrated as one, then there will not be the continuation of the debasing of the feminine light within women, and you will see an age dawning of compassion, virtue, of kindness and freedom upon Earth.
            Many men are emasculated and therefore devoid of the full fire of Spirit because they have not first acknowledged that they are Alpha. And likewise, many women have perverted the feminine aspect of being by not acknowledging the light of Omega within, which is their true nature. Dearest ones, it is time that integration manifest at all levels in man and woman. And children must have an example through both parents of this level of integration for society as a whole to be whole, to be representative of the Father-Mother God and for the family unit to be a viable resource for life, for evolution and for the initiatic path.
            You have received in recent decades much teaching on the golden-age family. And we are grateful for those of you who have honorable and loving families, where communication occurs without rancor or inharmony, where understanding is manifest by honoring each individual as a part of the integrated whole of your family. If you did not grow up in a family in which there were pure examples of a father and mother who provided the shining light—the way, the truth and the life—for you to walk in, dearest ones, look to Almighty God and to the ascended masters, and especially to those twin rays who hold a matrix of fire, who can fit the bill for you and step in as the examples that you still require in order to have the level of wholeness within self that is essential for your God-attainment, for your Self-realization, for the fulfillment for your mission upon Earth.
            I stand now with Clare de Lis within our Temple of Light over Lake Titicaca and ray forth the fire of the sun on behalf of all evolutions in all nations, in all cultures and people. As many of you know, as Hiawatha I was there calling the tribes to unity, to commune as one divine clan for the realization of the goals of the Spirit divine, the Great Spirit. Dearest ones, when all put aside division and a sense of separateness, when all accept that all are brothers and sisters, no matter what culture, race, people or nation they inherit their gene pool from, then there can be the casting aside of that which has created a world of dissension, a divided Terra; and you may begin to see the Great White Brotherhood fully manifesting their divine design amongst all peoples in a greater and more fulfilled way.
            I am calling you, each one, to a higher life in God—God within, God as your own Higher Self, God as the Solar Reality of pure Presence, love in the center and core of your being. I am calling you to honor the integrity of Alpha and Omega and for it to be restored within your soul and spirit, dearest ones, as initiates of the sacred fire. When your soul is resolved to live in the unity field of beingness within the great atom of Self of your higher Presence, then your soul, replete with all of the qualities of the feminine aspect of your being, merges with the Oversoul, and the magnet of your True Self ever holds you in this resonant field of perfection and God-glory, beauty, harmony and grace.
            Yes, we often come again and again sharing the truth of our teaching in words that sometimes inspire you to say, “O Master, I have heard this often in almost identical verse.” Dearest ones, have you fully realized all that we have spoken of? Do you feel 24/7 the ray of light of your Solar Selfhood blazing within your chakras, your auric field, enlivening and enriching you with eternal joy, a spirit of wholeness and harmony? If you can truly say yes, then we may begin to withdraw. And yet for many our words provide, on a nearly daily basis, the inspiration, the charge, the radiance and the love-field that they require to make greater progress, to be restored to oneness within their hearts and to know God truly as Self within.
            As we continue to radiate forth the Solar fires of divine light to all nations throughout this day, I, Lanello, will make a personal visitation to every father upon Earth in spirit. I will actually appear physically to some and spiritually to all to remind them of their high and holy calling to lead, as well as to be humble; to love, to teach and to share, as well as to listen; and to enter into an understanding heart and a quiescent state of accepting the views and sharings of all family members as a part of the matrix of wholeness. This visitation is facilitated by the Holy Spirit this day so that every father will truly know the greatest opportunity to be who he is as a God Self-realized one, to honor the woman of his life, the children that they together have sired and brought into this world, and the family circle, which itself is integral to the victory of the New Age.
            Blessed and beloved ones, I thank you for the joy that you share each day as you sing, as you pray, as you emanate light in so many divine and inspired ways. And finally, I call forth a blessing, with my beloved, upon every heartfriend, every servitor and partner of God within our movement of The Hearts Center. Let all feel and know the love of El Morya and every sponsoring master within their lives. Let each of you know that you are a part, an active part if you choose to be, of the ennoblement of this age through all that you do each day through conscious awareness to bring forth spiritual fire, spiritual gifts, spiritual love into your lives and unto the world.
             Now, blessed ones, be happy. Spend time with your loved ones, especially in nature if you can, and enjoy all that God has given unto you as the abundant life this day and every day. God bless you, God keep you, God charge you with the light of Alpha and Omega now and always. Amen. And I thank you.
Messengers comments:            
One final word, if your father has passed on and you would like to communicate with him, Lanello says that you can just write a little letter and burn it. And your father, whether ascended, unascended, in the etheric, or wherever, will receive your message. This can be a ritual that you choose to do every year, if you like, or not. You can simply talk to your father, whatever works for you. Writing a message and then keeping a copy of it will give you something that you may wish to look at later when you and your siblings or other relatives desire to honor the memory of your parents. You can do that on both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.
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