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Jesus Inaugurates a New Cycle of Light Within the Earth

Jesus Inaugurates a New Cycle of Light Within the Earth

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Beloved Jesus
David Christopher Lewis
May 25, 2014 9:40–10:00 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Remember Who You Are
An Opportunity for a Cosmic Level of Advancement on the Path

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Fire of God,

On this day I choose to be with my own as I inaugurate a new cycle of light within the Earth. For it is required for the turning of worlds and all that is transpiring now within your lives that a new measure of opportunity be presented for a cosmic level of advancement on the path for those initiates who choose to rise in light, and for a more profound blessing and radiance to emerge within the lives, within the hearts of many.

As your Jesus, I come, and this day I shower across the Earth seeds of light that may take root within the lives of thousands and more who are ready for a greater level of understanding, a new approach to meet the challenges of today. For you see, dearest ones, as I, with my beloved Magda, have been working very closely with Saint Germain and Portia to allow for a more peaceable, a smoother and more opportune transition from Pisces to Aquarius, we have been presenting various plans to the Solar Lords that will, when approved, allow for a greater influx of the light of Cosmic Christ-peace to reign in greater regions of the world so that this energy may counterbalance what is transpiring in certain areas that have become problematic for the Great White Brotherhood. For they are almost as astral cesspools of darkness, black holes of infamy that continue to draw the mass consciousness into downward spirals of decay, destruction and death.

Thus it is essential that lightbearers such as yourselves engage in a greater level of the delivery of sacred fire into the Earth in many regions. And this may only come about when you, each one, has first risen in your Christic consciousness to accept greater light, greater Solar fire, greater God-beingness within your soul and spirit.

On this day that many celebrate Memorial Day, yes, it is opportune to consider those who have laid down their lives for others. What are you willing to give now, O soul, to the Universal Great White Brotherhood in terms of a commitment of daily, weekly, monthly and annual energies invoked and entered into so that our plan may be victorious in suffusing the Earth with great God-joy, cosmic intelligence, divine love and all the essentials for a new age of enlightenment and freedom to ensue?

Many of you have laid down your lives in past incarnations for truth, for integrity, for honor, for nation, for brother or sister. Yet in this life it is a different type of commitment. It is truly the inner spiritual integrity of your being that is required for you to assist the Knight Commander and his beloved, and the Great Divine Director and his, in their plans, in their purpose, in the outpicturing of the specifics as to how victory may be assured.

Yes, many of you were incarnated during various wars in the past, and you yourselves were there as examples of givingness, of love, of surrender and sacrifice. The battle that is raging now is for the very souls of mankind, is for a planet to give birth to a new era of light whereby all the hypocrisies, all the divisions, all of the lacks of awareness and truth may be transmuted completely; and whereby peace, harmony, justice and the divine way of the I AM THAT I AM may reign in all lands so that even the divisions that you see as various nations, cultures and peoples may disappear and a true world of unity, harmony and brotherhood/sisterhood, based on the universal principles of cosmic justice and the golden rule, may truly be set forth and be fulfilled in all.

My life given in my final incarnation was an example, proof positive, that life goes on beyond the grave, or seeming death. And it was also a way in which many could walk through mercy, forgiveness, compassion and love so that bonds could be reestablished between various peoples of light and so that the old order will simply dissolve because of the power of the intention of those who are working as one to co-create a beautiful world of Solar awareness, of conscious presence, of love.

Gracious ones, I know that in one sense I am again speaking to the choir, preaching to those who already are invested in our work. Yet whom may we go to other than you who are open to our progressive revelatory teaching, to our ways of loving, our ways of giving daily prayers, supplications, meditations and songs to the Divine?

You see, each of you does count in great measure in the fulfillment of our plan. And when you imbibe the light essences that we etch within the atmosphere during these HeartStreams and you assimilate them deep within your core, and your Solar body itself shines forth the brilliance that it already has—for you are God-beings of light in your essence—then, dearest ones, there is the building of a greater flowfield throughout the world and our plan may more easily be accepted, be incorporated and sustained within the world structure as a whole.

Yes, it requires that each of you be suffused with light again and again, that you ingest and assimilate this light, that you fully become that light as self-generating broadcast centers of divine radiance. And when enough of you have emerged from the not-self state, fully conscious and Buddhic in your awareness of the Divine within, then, you see, there is a synthesis of our work established, a tipping point by which thousands, tens of thousands and more, will awaken; and our plan, through a wave of light crossing the Earth, will be victorious.

Remember who you are on this Memorial Day weekend. That is my message to each of you. Remember who you are, who you have always been within the heart of God, your connection with your Source, the industriousness of your life lived to the glory of God, the value of your soul, the integrity of your being. When you catch a glimpse of the totality of your reality, dearest ones, then nothing will stop you in fulfilling your purpose and you will make waves, greater waves of light than you know, for the establishment of the kingdom of God upon Earth through our collective work.

I remember when David fasted for those seven days at a young age. Even then I entered his heart and spoke to his mind and soul of his greater mission and purpose. Not all was revealed then. And yet my Spirit has resided within his cells for the duration of this life so that he could, in truth, speak for me and for many of my holy brethren in heaven, for the angels and the Elohim and now even for cosmic beings beyond this Earth.

You see, dearest ones, when you make a point in your life of surrender to a great cause of the Universal One, we know, we see, we feel and we enter the equation of that surrender, of that givingness. And there may be a permanent link between our hearts and yours established in that hour whereby you will, by God’s grace, be for all mankind a blessing, a boon, a spirit of hope, enlightenment and freedom.

Some have not yet fully made the ultimate sacrifice of givingness to God. They are still considering the options of how much they will let go of and how much of God’s eternal grace they will embrace. Today, dearest ones, I simply urge you to consider that when you give your all, God gives his all to thee, and the sacrifice is always worth the decision to be one with the Source.

Yes, I AM your Jesus. And I shine my light, God’s light, through you all to bless mankind and the Earth in this hour with the Christic and the Buddhic awareness of peace, of truth and of the way of light. God bless you, God keep you in the I AM name and state of perfect and holy beingness. I thank you.


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