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Archangel Uriel Blazes Forth the Light to Free Souls Caught in the Astral Plane (video)

Archangel Uriel Blazes Forth the Light to Free Souls Caught in the Astral Plane (video)

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Beloved Uriel
David Christopher Lewis
April 19, 2014 8:30–9:00 am MDT
Livingston, Montana
You Can Make the Difference


Many Will Rise When You Are an Example
of a Life Consciously Lived and Consecrated to God

I AM Uriel, and this day I anchor within the Earth and within your hearts the eternal light of God-beingness in love.

Precious ones, as you descend into matter to claim the light of God where you are, you are born within a world that is not native to your spirit. For your spirit is eternal; your spirit is one with the Divine One. And yet within this plane you have opportunity to experience God in a reality that allows the expansion of spirit in form, of light in matter itself. Often many souls cringe before they enter the birth canal, knowing the challenges that await them, the darkness within this realm that comes as a challenge to the soul, yet as heroes and heroines of heaven you have alit here, just as Jesus the Lord did. And so we the archangels and archeiai support you in your mission to be upon Earth arbiters of a divine destiny on behalf of many souls, numerous evolutions of light.

Yes, blessed ones, it is daunting to live in a world that is fleeting, in one sense, where you know that your body temple may only have threescore and ten, or possibly more, years upon this sphere to work out your salvation, your self-elevation. Yet when you consider the great opportunity to physically anchor light in this dimensional plane of being that you call Earth, blessed ones, you see the miracle of life manifest through you and all of nature, and there are so many possibilities for advancement of your soul evolution, as well as the Solar evolution of all life upon Earth, by your witness, by your testimony, by the demonstration of your beingness here in physicality.

Yes, the Lord did say that unless that corn of wheat fall into the earth and die, there would be no life, no resurrection and even no ascension.1 Yet here you are in the matter planes as an intrepid one, following in the footsteps of the living Christ, the liberator of humanity, the Logos in incarnation. And so you too, blessed ones, through those greater works that you are doing day by day, are impelling the evolution of life forward, are advancing a new Solar civilization in this hour.

And so we support you; we urge you onward. At times we breathe the breath of the Holy Spirit upon your soul for her nourishment, and we are there through every trial and tribulation, through the thickness and thinness of all that transpires in your world of light and darkness. And, blessed ones, should any fall on the road, we are there to pick you up, to carry you if necessary until, healed and whole, you may again transport yourself on this sacred journey of light.

Some have called me the Angel of Judgment, others, the Angel of the Resurrection. Blessed ones, I prefer the latter, especially at Eastertide, when all celebrate the victory of one Son of God, which we would urge you to consider as the victory of all sons and daughters of God, in possibility and in reality by your conscious lives lived to the glory of God.

Dearest hearts, would you be resurrected with our Lord both on Easter Sunday and daily as you arise to greet the sun? Often I am standing in the sun, raying forth the fire of God unto the Earth and the evolutions of mankind with Michael and Faith, with Uzziel and Azzalea, and with many of my brethren and sisters. And we even activate new Solar frequencies through our oneness with the Divine One, by which and through which you may access greater skeins of light of your own God-consciousness and Solar awareness.

If you greet the dawn, dearest ones, with full conscious awareness of your own God Presence and the Solar Reality that you are evolving within, there can be a new energization of who you are, a new activation within the Earth of the resurrection currents from the heart of God and the Great Central Sun! And there may be both a new dawning and a new day come to all through the shining light who you are as a God-realized one; as a seed now fully grown into a tree of life, from which many may partake of the fruits born through your works of the Spirit, and upon whose branches are also the leaves that are for the healing of the nations.2

I speak in symbology words of the Logos through the living Word, who I am as a Spirit divine, one with the eternal Source of all light and life. And you too, blessed hearts, may do likewise each day as you ennoble and grace the Earth with your presence of love, of service, of ministration, of peace, standing firmly upon this Earth, Terra, and embodying through your very cells the light of God.

We the archangels and archeiai are all about empowerment. We are all about helping you to self-realize your Godhood. We are all about nurturing your soul and your spirit with God’s holy quintessences of divine joy and the radiance of his virtues and her ways sublime, harmonious and rich in the beautiful forms and formlessnesses of the eternal Presence.

As you watch and await the coming of the Lord’s Spirit, which, having descended into the dark regions of the astral plane and affirming before the lost ones that all may still rise if they accept God’s light within their hearts, you, resurrected by the grace of God, may also call to many souls to arise and assist them in their journey to the sun and to the Sun Source of all beingness.

Blessed ones, this day I use this opportunity to tell you that the doctrine of eternal damnation is a false theological and diabolical twist of what God, in God’s eternal mercy, knows to be the way, the truth and the life of the cosmos for and on behalf of his creation. Would you as a father or a mother to a son or a daughter condemn that one to the eternal fires of pain and suffering in endless cycles of timelessness and spacelessness? Nay, blessed ones! How could, then, the Almighty provide this form of Hades, of hell, for his own children?

You have heard of the restored angels, those who fell and yet, through opportunity, bent the knee and received new opportunity to work again in the light of the eternal Presence of God. If God provided this means for his angels, do you think that it would also be possible for him to provide a resource, a bridge, a portal by which his own creatures, the sons and daughters—yes, prodigal at this time—could return to his heart? We think yes. And therefore those of you who have descended into the realms of physicality are here for a holy purpose: to save souls, to encourage many to reach inward and upward to access their own God-light—the light, shining more brilliantly than ten thousand suns, that has always existed within the centrality of being, who God is within their hearts.

O holy ones, let’s clean the slate whereby many feel condemned, downtrodden, worthless, lacking in what it takes to walk the spiral staircase of light back to the throne, the three-in-one, of God. Wipe it clean by the power of the Word that you manifest through your prayers, invocations and your conscious life whereby you demonstrate self-mastery on their behalf. You are an exemplar of light when you first nurture who God is within you and live according to the truth of your own beingness. And then, having claimed and affirmed this selfsame oneness that Jesus did, you may extend your hand to those who have lost the way and assist them in rising out of the darkness into the light and grace of God.

Yes, I am come and I affirm on behalf of all that God loves you, that you have that light of God within. Seek first the kingdom and all things shall be established in your world.3 All abundance that you require will be yours. Your needs, your expectations, your desires shall be fulfilled when they are committed first unto God, who shall restore unto you the kingdom of light within your aura and world. And your life will fructify and expand and you will miraculously be of greater service to all.

Now there is a humming, there is a strumming and there is a life knell, a vibration of the resurrection that is a call from the archangels and archeiai to souls caught in the web of darkness, self-created by their sense of separation from God. And that sense of being outside of the circle of God-consciousness is now dissolved in this hour by the power of the living Christ manifest through the example of Jesus, which we celebrate this day. And through this action of the sounding of the eternal sound of the OM, many are freed, and the restored angels themselves, with numberless numbers of angelic beings, descend into the astral plane to free souls of light across the Earth. The glory of God is manifest through the prayers of the righteous and even the blood shed by the saints robed in white in this and in past lifetimes as they have stood firm in their resolve to affirm the light and the teachings of the Christ, the Buddha and the Divine Mother in the Earth.

Now extend your hands, blessed ones, to many who look to you as a resource for their own resurrection, their own freedom in the light. Call to Astrea, to Kali, to Durga, to Michael and to all of us to continue to free souls caught in the grips of self-idolatry, narcissism and all manner of deviant ways of living upon Earth.

Blaze the light of God through the major media, which brings forth examples of deviltry, of darkness, of satanic and Luciferian illusion. Burn through now! I, Uriel, call forth the light of God as cosmic justice and judgment upon Hollywood and all movies whereby the dark ones have chosen to bring before mankind images of zombies and of dark spirits, of murder and mayhem, of slaughter and all manner of maya. Blaze through! Blaze through! Blaze through!

Even now the actors, the directors, the producers and all those who work to create these movies are given opportunity to leave off of these dark ways. And angels of the resurrection, angels who rescue souls attend to them on the inner and offer them a new way to use what they consider their creative and artistic methodologies to move higher, to use imagery that is of the light and supportive of the soul’s evolution and of victory in the light.

Blaze the light of God now through the karma come upon mankind and especially within Los Angeles, New York and wherever these movies are made. Blaze the light of God! Blaze the light of God! Blaze the light of God! If necessary, blessed ones, there shall be a shaking and a quaking in the Earth as a sign from the heavens that the ways of the dark ones are not the ways of God and that a new way and road must be walked by humanity in order that this Earth may be restored to its rightful image in the eyes of God and in reality in this plane.

Therefore, those who will continue to utilize that which has been given them of life to display death, nihilism, destruction, chaos and confusion are warned that the Four Horsemen are on the march for a season and that much will be required of them at the day of their own unveiling of their book of life. And therefore the angels may even appear to some physically or within their dreams and say, “Thus far and no farther! Ye shall not continue to create this imagery of darkness.”

Yes, blessed ones, you see, many who view these movies live in the astral plane in their daily lives because they have allowed the sewer of Hades and of hell to abide within their emotional and mental bodies. And by dispensation of the Lord Jesus this day, even these are washed clean by angels of mercy, by angels of purity, angels of light and levity. And Magda herself, with Mother Teresa and many who have served humbly and have ascended, nurture these who have not known the mercies of God, the graces of the Spirit in this life because of the uncaring of their parents, their peers, their role models.

You can be a role model now to many of a life of purity, a legacy of love. Therefore, continue to clean and to clear patterns deep within your subconscious and the most ancient records, back unto Atlantis and Lemuria and before, that you have created by your sense of separation from God and have allowed to be retained. As you clear and clean these, blessed ones, on a daily and hourly basis, you will see new life shining upon and within the Earth. You will see many rising because you, as an example of a life consciously lived and consecrated to God, can make the difference. And you are making that difference daily as you love all life free and serve all with your love.

Now the Lord Jesus stands in the heavens raying forth Cosmic Christ consciousness to all of humanity as the energy of Spirit enfolds the Earth in a halo or divine shadow of light, in preparation for the great dawn of tomorrow, Easter sunrise. As he comes to join you in your services on the morrow, O humanity, we too will be there with him, raying forth the cosmic energies of the resurrection currents unto all for the victory of life everywhere.

With Aurora, I AM Uriel, and I affirm God where I am, God where you are—God, God, God. I thank you.

1. John 12:24.
2. Revelation 22:2.
3. Matthew 6:33.



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