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The Maha Chohan Speaks of the Mission and Gifts of the Chohans and His Offer to You

The Maha Chohan Speaks of the Mission and Gifts of the Chohans and His Offer to You
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Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
February 4, 2014 ¬† 7:04‚Äď7:23 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

I Bring Forth a New Wave Pattern of Solar Perfection

It Is Time that the Holy Spirit Be Known in a New Way


               In the power, wisdom and love of the omnipresence of the Lord, I come. And I distribute, through my heart, to the heart of every heartfriend the light of God, the love of God, the virtues that are illuminative of all who God is. And within the sacred space created through the heartstreams that this day flow through each of you, I comfort life. I bring hope and expectancy, joy, reverence and those God-qualities that, when incorporated within one’s heart, soul, mind and life, raise consciousness, bring peace and an eternality of beingness into every situation, harmonizing all with the spirit of love from within.               

                As your Maha Chohan, I come to complete the message of the seven chohans delivered in the Twin Cities. These powerful releases, blessed ones, have been indicative of a specific action of the rainbow rays required there, throughout the Earth and, likewise, within you, as these lords of life have provided an impetus for the acceleration of awareness at this hour and juncture of Earth’s history.
               If you could see the interplay of light within the various cultures and Manvantaras of Earth’s long, long history, you would see the work of the chohans of the rays and of those who have held the office that in this hour I am privileged to bear. Through this office God's Solar consciousness has been suffused throughout the Earth through the individualization of the God-flame within many hearts for the edification and enlightenment of souls and for the spiritual evolution of mankind as a whole.
               Some of you have studied deeply the history of previous golden-age civilizations, as these chronicles have been recorded through various dispensations, including the Theosophical movement. And, dearest ones, you have found the threads of continuity exhibited by the Great White Brotherhood. It has modeled, displayed and harmoniously shared its teachings and light with those upon Earth who are invested in the coursing of light throughout the Earth through their own awareness, one with God.
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†This day I am here to bring forth a new wave pattern of Solar perfection and emanate it into the deepest recesses of the souls of mankind, as well as throughout the various cultures, root races and peoples of this Earth. For it is time that the Holy Spirit be known in a new way‚ÄĒboth as the comfort flame within the heart and as that light which proceeds directly from the heart of God and assists the soul to fulfill its purpose. The eternal fire that burns in the heart, when fanned and expanded, may result in the unification of life within and without in all realms, and in oneness with the Source throughout the cosmos.
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Mankind has forsaken God in many realms and thereby become disconnected from, unplugged from the true, virtuous Source of eternal energy and divine beingness. You, O soul, must model what it is and what it means to be one who is true to your reality, connected to light and the virtuous appearance of the Spirit from within. And when you raise your own awareness daily, as Saint Germain and the chohans have admonished, there can be the new civilization, the new Earth that you envision manifest right within the auric field of your own being as an example of what a God-man or woman is and should be‚ÄĒyea, a teacher, a friend, a humble one whom mothers may look to for support, guidance, a ministering spirit, a graceful, gentle, kind and loving heartfriend.
               Yes, there is suffering within this Earth. And many of you have gleaned the keys to assuaging the pains, the hurts, the anguish that have been withstood by so much of life, which has turned a blind eye to the eternal Source and ignored the impulses of the Spirit from within as encouragement, as inspiration that could move all into the highest reality of beingness and return them to first principles, causation and unity.
               When you are invested in the light work of the ages that the Great White Brotherhood so nobly models in their sacred work of the Spirit within all cultures and peoples, then, dearest ones, your true purpose is fulfilled, your divine plan is manifested and you are raised in the light of your Presence, through love, and in the process win your victory in all things.
               As a representative of the Holy Spirit, who, as you know, is a feminine aspect of the Godhead, I am here to comfort, to share the swaddling garment of my love with each one who calls to me; each one who sings of love and grace, of harmony and peace; each one who cries out to the Almighty for an answer to the dilemmas of life upon Earth today, the knotty embroilments of the soul within the world order, which, within this Kali Yuga, has taken a downturn and yet which may not always be so. For the impulses of the Spirit are flowing; souls are awakening; enlightenment is becoming, through this new wave pattern of light, the norm for many more souls upon Earth.
               Therefore sing your songs of praise to the One. Enjoy the spiritual life that you are privileged to know, understand and live in this hour, as promulgated by this dispensation of The Hearts Center movement and community. Love one another with your entire being, giving not into temptation to in some way criticize or pick apart others, their ways, or to see them as less than holy and virtuous in the light.
               Why, dearest ones, the subtleties of degradation and unconsciousness that some of our disciples engage in at times through their conversation, forgetting the highest and most sublime activities that they experience during the services, events and Meru University courses, are somewhat astonishing to us. And therefore assess yourself daily; vow to improve your speech patterns, your thoughts. Watch your feelings and that which moves you in some way into actions that do harm, at a very subtle frequency, to souls or life, and know that heaven is watching.
               Heaven participates with you in so many endeavors when the invocation to light is there for the angels, the muses, the masters, the Elohim, the divine spirits and guardian friends to be with you. There is so much more that we could fulfill within the Earth through our disciples if they would simply make the leap in awareness to accept their divine birthright, their Holy Spirit gifts and the virtuous outpourings of light and love that may be theirs any moment throughout the day simply by being still and knowing God as the I AM within the breath, the heart, the soul, the center of being.
               Yes, the chohans have spoken; their light has gone forth. And I augment that which they have so graciously brought to Earth as the gifts of the Spirit through their own words, their wisdom and their loving ways. Follow them, blessed ones, in word and deed, in thought and in feeling back to the center of Self.
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Feel each day the impulses that the Holy Spirit will provide you when you ask lovingly and accept graciously. Fortuitous in this ritual of acceptance, appreciation and acknowledgment, you move higher upon your path. And as you aspire to know God from within and to accept the Spirit as the only means to your attainment of eternality, you, being wed to the One, may know love as we know love‚ÄĒin its allness, its perfection, its eternal beauty.
               Be graceful; go with the cosmic flow. Understand what is at stake and your part in it, and deliver your best through your highest efforts, your humble lives, your virtuous givingness in all things.
               To those who would have a greater communion with me and with the eternal Spirit, the Great Spirit that permeates all life, I simply say, I am here for you, one breath away, so close, so ready to assist you. I thank you.

Copyright ¬© 2014 The Hearts Center¬ģ. All rights reserved. We encourage you to share these messages with heartfriends throughout the world. With the approval of the messenger and/or the master, some of the spoken words may have been changed, or new words added, to provide greater clarity in the written word. Short excerpts may be quoted as long as full credit is given to the author. Contact us at Correspondence and contributions may be sent to P.O. Box 277, Livingston, Montana 59047 USA.




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