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Micah Charges the Fire of Unity into Canada and the Earth (video)

Micah Charges the Fire of Unity into Canada and the Earth (video)

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Beloved Micah
David Christopher Lewis
January 23, 2015 9:03–9:25 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Micah Charges the Fire of Unity into Canada and the Earth

Gracious Ladies and Gentlemen, Keepers of the Lightning, Sons and Daughters of the Most High God,

I, Micah, come this day to invest the blue-fire radiance of the light of unity in your midst and in the midst of all peoples around this world where the flame of peace is required and where a greater bestowal of that flame of union and unity may be felt, experienced, energized through those who have trued themselves to the Almighty and been invested in the teachings of nonduality and the experience of true unification with their I AM God Presence.

Yes, blessed ones, if you desire peace upon this Earth, it is up to you to live in the unity field of beingness, supercharged by your Solar Presence with that light that affirms within you moment by moment that God, as one being, exists throughout the cosmos, within all creation and may be known within the heart as the eternal love-fire of that Presence of purity and divine light. When you live, move and have your being in a crystal-diamond Presence, in a unified field whereby God is present within your mind, your heart and your will in balance, then, dearest ones, the flame of Cosmic Christ peace manifests effulgently through your awareness and is rayed forth into the world in multidimensions of being to assist every lifestream upon this Earth in his or her Solar evolution, awakening and Self-realization. The greatest spiritual work that you, individually, can do is to become the fullness of that light through identification with your Solar Reality and to live truly within this field of being, who God is within you.

This field is love. This field is light. This field is eternal joy and it raises you out of the doldrums of a lesser existence outside of the circle of God’s being and into the new reality of the New Day, wherein Aquarian love may be known, felt and experienced as the magnanimity of that heart of God that is extended to you from within your threefold flame, the very love-fire of God’s Presence vouchsafed to you.

As an advocate for this blue-fire light of unity, I am invested in many works across the Earth—in negotiations, in diplomacy here and there—whereby peace may be restored, unity may be experienced between peoples and whereby those of all cultures and those who feel disenfranchised from a sense of their own validation and valuation as sons and daughters of God may again be respected, may again be honored as part of the one family of the One God living throughout the cosmos and upon this sphere that you call Earth or Terra.

Blessed ones, the work of Archangel Michael and Faith, my parents, is imperative for the restoration of balance and harmony within all life. For the balance scales of justice are often trued again through their work in answering prayer, through the miraculous works that come about as a result of invocations of sons and daughters of God, as a result of the inner desires of the heart of many through prayer and meditation. For their work, blessed ones, is holy. Their work is restorative of grace and the all-possibilities for Self-realization. Their work restores the integrity of God within the soul. And though they are often invested in the salvation of body temples in answer to intense calls and fiats, yet the greater work is the harmonization of the light within the entire being of the sons and daughters of God and the outplaying of this blue-fire radiance to reestablish a platform for the advancement of civilization, for the kingdom of God to truly come upon this Earth. Therefore I lend the momentum of my being, as their son, to the equation, which is honorably discharged through their angelic choirs and hosts, through their work and service to the Almighty.

You would be amazed to see the specificity of the dynamics of how prayer is answered through the miraculous light of this first ray of the dawn, how it penetrates into the core of darkness, and how this sacred science of restorative grace brings balance through light. Yes, dearest ones, your prayer sessions, that which you invoke, that which you are is amply amplified by the light of the Great Central Sun and the New Blue wave currents descending from Sirius during this hour of Earth’s transition into a Golden-Crystal Age of awakening, of freedom and of integrity. When you participate consciously, when you energize that which you behold through your vision, by the grace of God, through your heart’s fire, then the mysterious, the magical and the miraculous manifest because you, as a son or daughter of God, are applying the principles and values that you have learned, that have been provided unto you in great teachings from the ancient ones, the masters of East and West, in order for there to be a true Solar civilization upon this planet once more.

Yes, I said “once more” because in ancient times all knew God within, all felt and experienced the divine light fully within their being, within nature and within the entire framework of their existence. This time and this experience is coming again to many, blessed ones, in a timeless sense of the individualization of the God flame—first within self and then within the totality of the hallowed essence that you call this Earth. And this experience may be now, and not, as you have heard, procrastinated unto some distant point in the future that is not yet—a time that is seemingly too far away from where you exist now, from where you experience life within your heart and mind.

Draw the future of your perfectionment in God into the ever-present reality of your heart, and know that you have always been a part of the whole, that God has always been vibrating within you as the pure energy field of light, love and levity. And in that experience of drawing that light, with a depth of feeling, into the present reality of your consciousness, you can be a victor over self and every form of limitation, every debilitating thought process. Yes, dearest ones, often many of our best servants temporarily laze into an awareness less than that which we know them to be capable of fully accepting and manifesting as their God-identity. And therefore we come again and again to infuse you with this light of acceptance of your true I AM God Presence and the reality of your divine nature. When you can awaken each day and be reinfused with this light and never again lapse into that sense of self-worthlessness, and when you can reclaim again and again, through affirmations, a greater sense of acceptance of your I AM God Presence integrated within you and as you, then the joy of God is present. You are a witness to that light that blazes through your cellular structure the totality of your being, the manifest divinity of who you are as an integrated son or daughter of the One.

Yes, integration is unification, and the Buddhic path is one that I often refer to in teaching the laws of unity and nonduality. And often, dearest ones, there is a great shift in awareness when individuals experience this nondual field of beingness, which is resident within that flame of unity. For they are drawn wholly into the light and there is a new breath, a new acceptance, a new field of awareness that plays upon them and within them, that nurtures their soul, that gives them a sense of inner peace. This is what is possible for everyone and what you as an integrated one should always model for those who look to you for inspiration, for light, for guidance.

Yes, you may not think that you are capable, dearest ones, of being that guide, of being that God-friend. And yet many souls do already look to you for the light that you wield, the light that your aura charges the Earth with through that radiance that has been accepted and that billows forth from within your consciousness as a result of your daily spiritual practices. And lest any of you forget how important you are, how valuable you are to the Great White Brotherhood, to this activity and to the ascended masters as a whole, let me repeat it: you are, as initiates, as aspiring adepts, valued. And as Uncle Sam was wont to say, “I want you,” we say, “We want you; we need you.” And although, as you know, there is no want, need our lack in the heart of God, yet the desire of the Divine One is there for you to reach into your Self to experience that field of God-desire welling up from within you and to know this true sense of validation through honor and through the virtues of God, which are now and evermore shall be outplayed from within your awareness, one with the One God. There is only one, dearest ones, and when you enter the one field of unity, that is where true happiness abides. That is where your twin flame resides and the two become one, and the One is love.

Now there is grace dawning upon Canada and throughout this world as a result of the calls of our disciples from the north this day. And we re-ensconce Canada and all of her provinces in that selfsame light that was delivered during your recent pilgrimage.Âą And there is a reactivation of all of the dispensations and graces bestowed, and these are charging the very atmosphere and the earth itself on which you walk with the graces and the radiances of heaven.

Dearest ones, it only takes a moment in superconsciousness for you to experience again the vibrancy, the dynamism and the all-possibilities of God that already reside within you when you harmonize your feeling world and your thought processes with the Almighty’s through the acceptance of light as who you are. Therefore I say, be that light! Charge forth that light! Experience that light! Draw forth and recreate all in light as you live in this field of unity and rebirth this Earth as a land of love, as a hallowed planet, a true orb of grace within the cosmos.

I AM Micah. I am manifesting the magical, the mysterious, the miraculous today through you, precious ones, if you choose to be my man, my woman, my angel upon Earth in this hour. I thank you.

Messenger’s comments:

Thank you, beloved Helen, Estelle Marie. Thank you, all of our Canadian heartfriends. I believe I heard Marion and Nicola and Doreen. I would just like to say that I love you all, and I really appreciate all of you and what you do on a regular basis, both seen and unseen. What I’m experiencing now is the unseen aspects of what you do that are beautiful—the things that no one necessarily knows about that you do in secret, that you don’t broadcast to the world, that you do very lovingly, very humbly, and that bring the grace of God into play in your lives and in the lives of your families, your loved ones, your friends, et cetera.

I’d like to say on behalf of all heartfriends of our movement that I know who you are and the masters know who you are through this humility. I’m sensing that Micah is having me share this because part of building this field of unity manifests when you live in humility. When you are humble, when you are in that field of grace that comes through humility, you do live in that unity field of beingness. To restore a sense of that field of unity if you temporarily do not feel it or feel bereft of it, meditate upon humility and purity. For the white ray will help you to move into the blue-fire radiance of unity, which is also a white-ray quality at its core.

Again, thank you so much. I’ll say goodbye for now, and Helen, you can play any song you’d like to conclude the service today. Thank you so much again, everyone. And thank you, beloved Micah, for this absolutely magnificent HeartStream today, which I personally consider a very moving experience. If you agree, I think it could be considered one of our featured HeartStreams on our website. Take care and have a great day. Bye-bye.

1. From September 14–22, 2014, the messenger and heartfriends embarked on a pilgrimage to Canada: “An Autumn Equinox Sacred Journey with Saint Germain to Eastern Canada.”


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