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Arcturus Blazes Forth the Light of the Seventh Ray for Cosmic Justice to Manifest in Africa

Arcturus Blazes Forth the Light of the Seventh Ray for Cosmic Justice to Manifest in Africa

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Beloved Arcturus
David Christopher Lewis
January 24, 2015 9:12–9:38 am MST
Livingston, Montana


Arcturus Blazes Forth the Light of the Seventh Ray for Cosmic Justice to Manifest in Africa

Sons and Daughters of the Most High,

I, Arcturus, come this day blazing the violet fire of the seventh ray into, through and around you and throughout the entire African continent. For it is mete that this light goes forth north, south, east and west to co-create a new world of freedom as an investment from the altar of the Most High God for the victory of the light, for the victory over death and hell and that which some among mankind have accommodated within their awareness that is less than the perfection of the great I AM THAT I AM.

Blessed ones, you have called forth the light on behalf of the elderly, on behalf of those who in the tender years of their final moments upon this planet have understood the dynamics of life itself, of givingness, even of surrender of the mortal coil of their four lower bodies. You do not have to wait for your elder years for the light of wisdom and the light of freedom to be yours, blessed ones. For the Earth requires a greater light of wisdom and a greater fire of eternality manifesting as the seventh ray of alchemy, joy, freedom, brother/sisterhood and divine love so that all may know that there is a way out of the dilemma that currently manifests upon your planet and that that way is the seventh ray of freedom.

Dearest ones, my legions are now stationed around the entire African continent and especially in those areas where the light of death has manifested through the unconscious ones, and there is a turning up of the dial of the intensity of this fire of freedom this day in answer to your calls. And the light of freedom casts out all that is anti-freedom, that which you have seen manifesting as destruction and the incarceration of the little ones, the holy ones, the children and especially the young girls. There is mitigation this day, and Kuan Yin herself steps forward. There is an action of light for the liberation of those who have been put in bondage in some way by those who are simply tools of the sinister force. There is an unshackling of the holy innocents, and concurrently there is an action of the binding of those responsible for this infamy and the diabolical ways that some upon Earth have allowed to manifest through their consciousness unwed to God.

Therefore, O legions of freedom, therefore, O legions of the seventh ray of Lord Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, blaze forth your rays now in a great wave action of light! Blaze forth the sacred fire into these nations so accosted by these dark ones. The ray of freedom is also a ray of divine justice this day, and Lady Portia and the God of Justice stand forth in this hour in those nations beset by this darkness. And there is an action of light released so that those responsible for this infamy are called before the Lords of Karma in their souls and given one final opportunity to bend the knee. Those who do not, blessed ones, will swiftly be removed from the scene by the action of these legions of light, who are now also accompanied by the legions of Uriel and Aurora, the legions of Justice and Judgment, as well as the legions of Archangel Michael and his hosts. And there is a great conflagration of sacred fire throughout these nations for cosmic justice and cosmic judgment to descend! And the right hand of the Lord Jesus, as the Christ himself, descends now and pinpoints those responsible for this infamy. And this action of justice and judgment is extended to other nations also beset by this darkness, in the Middle East and throughout this world.

Blessed ones, no one, no one, no one upon Earth may invoke the light of Allah and then in some way bring about destruction, mayhem, murder and violence in the name of the Great One and, in a sense, get away with it! For there is no other way than love! There is no way other than light! There is no other way than justice and freedom! The Lord God decrees it, avers it, and there is a statement to these souls upon Earth who are responsible for this darkness and also to those who are in some way responsible for the reactivity and the creation of war everywhere upon Earth.

Thus far and no farther, the Lord God says through the Christ, through the one Jesus, who comes as the Prince of Peace in this hour to declare that peace, peace, peace must reign upon this sphere. And therefore we the Elohim, seven and five, equaling twelve, stand forth to support the Lord Jesus the Christ as the true messiah of the Piscean Age. And those who think that in the name of Allah, in the name of Islam, they can purport and they can export darkness through violence and murder are called now before the Four and Twenty Elders, those specific ones who have lifetime after lifetime manifested this way of violence, destruction, murder, war and infamy.

And in their souls, dearest ones, they are shown the records. They are shown the specificity of that which has resulted in the loss of many lives upon this sphere. And the Maha Chohan stands as the Representative of the Holy Spirit at this enclave on the God Star before the Four and Twenty Elders, and for some who will yet not accept the terms of cosmic justice, there is on the inner withdrawn from them in this very hour, in answer to your calls, the breath of life of their souls.

Dearest ones, this is an action of mercy, for we have heard the cries of many upon Earth: “How long, O Lord, will you allow this darkness, will you allow wars to ensue upon this Earth?” And therefore the Lord answers swiftly this day. And this action will manifest, dearest ones, for a number of days, during which a certain five thousand who have been at the center of this destructive activity over eons of time will be named by the Keeper of the Scrolls. Then there will be the action, for some, of final reconciliation within this sector of this galaxy.

Blessed ones, although many of you prefer the gentler way of love, it is the action of ruby love, accelerated love, and the action of cosmic justice that are truly the highest love for all of the evolutions of God manifesting in all worlds. For the law of cause and effect may not be abrogated, and therefore we as the Elohim, the creators of worlds, may uncreate that which is no longer in alignment with the holy purposes of co-creation and of God’s own investment of his eternal light-energy within the sons and daughters. And though the energy is neither created nor destroyed by this action, it is, as you know, recirculated, reconsecrated to a new, holy and noble purpose—that of bringing forth God’s holy will, wisdom and love in action in all spheres created by the handmaids on the One and the Solar Lords eons ago.

Dearest ones, God ever prefers the gentler way. And yet if those who have continued for tens of thousands of years to purvey darkness, as you have seen, do not grow up, do not learn their lessons, they must be sent back to the drawing board and, in this case, be recycled. God’s Spirit remains, and yet the energies of their individuality may reemerge in a new cycling of new identities. Therefore we the Elohim bow in this hour before the Lord God in the Great Central Sun. And ye also, blessed hearts, in humility, should honor this action by the reverence of your hearts and beings in appreciation for that which God himself/herself declares.

Now, blessed ones, I would like to speak about that which you are engaged in in these monthly sessions. For your words are real; your words are alive. And as you co-create the world upon which you live in light, in love and in all of the virtues of God, so it is. And we confirm your words with an action of seventh-ray joy, which you would be amazed to behold with your inner vision. Your words literally sparkle with your identity and they are supercharged with your heart essence. And as you will learn soon through the words of the Master Saint Germain through his advanced alchemy book—which we pray will be released on time through the diligent work of servitors of the light—you will find keys to your own illumination in the understanding of divine alchemy, higher mindfulness, heart-centeredness.

Your words create your world. Your ideations manifest through your mind, through your vision center. As you speak lovingly, graciously words of truth, and as you aver God’s will within your life and within this Earth, so it is charged by the light of your Presence, your Solar Reality. Therefore choose your words wisely. State only that which you desire to see fully realized in form upon this Earth. For when you lapse into unconscious language and speech, we, in what many would call a parallel universe, must uncreate your I AM un-affirmations, blessed ones. And this is not a pleasant task for us or for other masters of light on behalf of those who claim to be initiates and yet who at times even criticize this one, our spokesperson, through their own lack of understanding of his mission and the ways of this path of light.

Therefore look within to ascertain the Word itself within you as your own Logoic light of Christic Presence and illumination. Understand the exigencies of the hour, the necessities for Self-realization and transformation, and work with all of the fire of your heart to make the path clear for others by being a true example of selflessness, service, sacrifice and surrender to the holy cause of the Universal Great White Brotherhood.

Many of you are touching new divine realms of beingness within your meditations and during certain spiritual practices, as you have fulfilled the majority of your life mission and are moving into the higher echelons of cosmic light. Beware, as this is where the subtleties of the dark ones may at times emerge. Therefore it is better for you, in a humble and honorable way, to assent to that which we direct through this one rather than attempt to go it alone or to consider that there is a swifter or surer way to the altars of the Most High through some other means, which you will quickly find, dearest ones, are compromising ones that lead you, in some cases, into byways of a quasi-existence in the astral netherworlds of darkness.

It is time to rise up and be who you truly are. It is time to socialize with angels rather than with those among your families who are not invested whatsoever in the honorable and decisive spiritual work of this time of imperatives and planetary change. You see, what you put your energies into, what you spend your time focalizing upon and within either illumines you or sets you back. It is your choice. Some of you are quite the social butterflies and are not fully invested in the work of cosmic integration that we see as required of adepts and initiates.

Why do I speak these words? Because for a few, even among the greater company of this movement, there is opportunity yet for victory. And for a few, the doors of cosmic justice are just barely ajar. We invite you to reach through that door, that nexus of God-attainment and leap into the fire beyond to behold the eternal light of God, which will illumine your way, shine forth throughout your day to allow you to truly know God, to know yourself and to merge with your true Solar Selfhood.

Yes, gracious ones, the path is lit before you. Walk in the light; blaze forth your light. For as you do, all will be vivified, electrified and recharged in the spiritual fire that you bear and in the light of God that you aver through your consciousness wed to the Eternal One, fully clothed in the Solar Reality of the light.

I AM Arcturus. I arc the light of the Great Central Sun to your higher Oversoul for you to accept and then to invest within your own daily practices for your victory in all things. I thank you.

Messenger’s comments:

Thank you, blessed ones, for allowing this message to come forth today and go a little over the normal time period. If we choose, Arcturus says that we can give calls to him and to his beloved Victoria for the victory of this action of cosmic justice that has manifested today. He’s recommending that we do this for eight days, so it would be through a week from tomorrow. And I would like to recommend that we give that prayer fourteen times daily in our sessions. This is an action of two times seven—seven for each of the Elohim, Arcturus and Victoria. We can sing it and it counts as three times, as we know. So whatever you would like to do to give it fourteen times would be wonderful. I will be giving it on my own now. If you choose to remain and continue broadcasting and go overtime even more, that is your freewill choice. If you already gave it a number of times, you can subtract whatever you gave from the fourteen.

So God bless you. I’m going to sign off for now. Thank you all who contributed to this wonderful service today. Bye-bye.



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