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Christmas Eve Message on Jesus Communion with Angels in His Youth and Beyond (video)

Christmas Eve Message on Jesus Communion with Angels in His Youth and Beyond (video)

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  • David, this Christmas eve message was wonderful. I must share that my assignment these past 20 years, through my sandwich business, was to anchor the 3fld flame in as many physical locations and to the visual consciousness of as many souls as I could, so as to focus God's Presence here on Earth at this Time. I calculated that I have made over 5 million 3fld flame sandwiches in 20 years and over half was for the youth through schools. Over 1000 per year was donated to area schools for personal achievements and special education Victories....... My point is, my Holy Brother of Light, I do recognize "opposition!!!" I know this feeling. I know the battles in my life and business, to anchor this Light, as do all Light Bearers who themselves are the very existence of Anchored Light Itself! We know the pressures, the initiations, the Glories, the Victories too....Today on video, I saw you give this wonderful message..I also saw your tired Aura...your relentlessness, your fervor, your determined true blue Will Power.... Just a word from a Brother of Light who cares about you, as I have those around me, who also have said to me,,,Take a short rest,,,so lie down under this shade tree with Mona for a while, take a short nap. I and others will stand guard around you and watch your back. If your whole crew needs to rest, then do so. I in the physical will stand guard with legions of Angels and guard your rest. I Love you as your Brother of Light, YOUR purpose in this Life is important to US. Yes we may have to walk this life alone at times, but for now, we would still like to walk it with you and yours. As in this Christmas message of Jesus, You have brought the Great Arch Angels through, this past week-end. The opposition is heavy. You are amazing, so are we!!....I AM praying to share your load!! and "Zap", "Zap", "Zap", this energy with the Violet Flame and the Solar Ring Energy this moment. I AM calling on all Past momentums of Godfre and Lotus and Lanelo and Mother and all of the positive momentums of all of the past I AM activities that have ever existed, to transmute these seeming energies of opposition with God's Glorious and Victorious Rainbow Light Rays of all the hierarchy to assist in this God Activity Now.....SO BE IT......Always in the Tube..your Brother Greg Merry Christmas
    12/27/2014 10:01:50 AM
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