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Lady Jewel: A Cosmic Blessing from the Great Central Sun

Lady Jewel: A Cosmic Blessing from the Great Central Sun

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Beloved Lady Jewel
David Christopher Lewis
September 21, 2014 1:38–1:53 pm EDT
An Autumn Equinox Sacred Journey with Saint Germain to Southeastern Canada
Canada Pilgrimage 2014
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

A Cosmic Jewel Blessing from the Great Central Sun

Beloved Hearts of Eternal Love,

I AM Lady Jewel, and I bring cosmic jewels from the Great Central Sun this day to bedeck you with certain divine radiances. For it is my privilege to do so and to so shower them upon you who have so consecrated your time during these past nine days and more to bless Canada with your love and light, to bless the Earth with your own Solar radiance and to charge the very atmosphere in the space of the Earth upon which you have walked with gracefulness, consciousness and presence.

As you have sung to the Great Central Sun, we have heard you prayers, and your hearts’ fire has been felt by many Solar beings on many systems of worlds. And therefore I, on their behalf, come to anchor here within this space, throughout all of Canada and North America, and especially within your hearts, a jewel blessing, a grace drawn from the very love fires of Omega herself, who smiles upon you this day from within your own sun as she stands both with Lady Vesta and the with the Goddess Meru to shine her light forth brilliantly in your midst.

Dearest ones, when you dedicate a portion of your time together as one family, as one heart toward one holy cause requested by the masters of the Universal White Brotherhood, there are a number of blessings that are bestowed to you, as well as to others who have participated online and those who are energetically supporting you even throughout the world, unbeknownst to your outer waking consciousness. Yes, dearest ones, the alchemy of love in this hour is great on behalf of Canada. And we dip into the fires of love in the Great Central Sun and we spread them now throughout this land, especially within the cities that you have walked within and the spaces that you have traveled over by plane, by bus and especially by foot.

Jewels of cosmic light substance are now bestowed tangibly within the Earth. And as we also make contact with the sun of even pressure within the Earth, there is a chemicalization of light—truly a divine, loving alchemicalization—through these jewel substances, which are indicative of that which will be continuously flowing to the Earth during the dawning of the Golden-Crystal Age that you are even now envisioning and a part of precipitating through your own higher consciousness, one with the Sun.

Blessed ones, there are so many avenues of expression that you may now engage in, having witnessed the power of water itself, the Mother flow, as the fountains of Earth reach the fountains of heaven; and the fountains of heaven descend to enrich the fountains upon Earth with the light-energies of that Mother presence, which is so beautiful, which is so powerful, which is so transformative for all. Yes, gracious ones, you are all mothers to us in the sense that through your prayers and devotions, your adoration to God, your praise of the Almighty, there is the nurturing of all souls by your collective spirit. This is the power of the One through the many who blend the resources of their hearts toward the one cause of eternal light.

Now an angel of Omega comes to bedeck each of you with a focus from my heart as this jewel energy is crystallized in the etheric octave and placed over your heart chakra. For some it is a simple and yet sweet reminder of this trip coalesced in form, geometrized with specificity based on your particular representation of light through your givingness and all that you have offered to the universe and to the peoples of Canada during this pilgrimage. For some it is as a necklace of light that you will always wear as a reminder of your time together.

Now, blessed hearts, the Master Saint Germain comes with beloved Lord Zadkiel and Amethyst and with his own beloved Portia to grace you with an anointing of Spirit in this hour.


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