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The Piano as a Metaphor for the Spiritual Path

The Piano as a Metaphor for the Spiritual Path

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David Christopher Lewis Discourse
June 9, 2014 9:00–9:25 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

The Spiritual Symbology of the Piano

Good morning, everyone. As some of you know, I have been privileged to play the piano in my lifetime. My grandmother had a 1908 six-foot Model O baby grand Steinway piano. It is a wonderful piano.

I have meditated on the symbology of the piano, its components and the amazing alchemy that transpires when one learns to play it as an amazing musical instrument. In a full-sized piano there are eighty-eight keys: thirty-six black keys and fifty-two white keys. There is a soundboard. There are many strings and there is what is called the action, which activates the hammers that come down when you strike the keys. The hammers, in turn, strike the strings, which then create the sound. There are three pedals, probably the most important being the sustain pedal. It’s interesting that when you desire to sustain a sound or a series of notes that you depress the sustain pedal and yet you can’t have it sustained throughout the duration of the song or the music that you’re playing because that would be inappropriate. So you have to lift up on that sustain pedal at appropriate intervals.

I see an analogy between the sustain pedal and our lives, specifically in the dynamic that occurs in our spiritual work, where we have to engage, be focused and sustain certain activity for periods of time. When we meditate, we desire to sustain that meditation for maybe ten, fifteen, thirty minutes, maybe even an hour if we can master the state of no thought or work on our breathing or go into more rarefied aspects of meditation in which we do certain inner spiritual or planetary work. Yet we can’t as human beings, at least in this dimension, sustain the intensity of that meditation or really any activity for long, long periods of time because most of us would get fried, or, as they say, burned out. The yogis in India, in the Himalayas, through months and years of training, are often able to sustain what they do for longer periods. Yet, as a whole, for those of us in the West it is not our objective or our life mission to do this. However, I believe that all of us can sustain an auric field that is rich and replete with light, divine radiance, the virtues of God, harmony, peace and all of these amazing higher qualities.

When we have so worked on ourselves for years and decades and lifetimes to master ourselves—our psychology, our inner being—so that that light is always manifesting in our world, the emanations of grace and peace can be sustained. Even our own vocal cords are strings. And our voice goes out to the world through the impressions with which we strike those cords, through our conscious presence and our attention, whether it is a speaking voice, a chanting voice, a singing voice, a humming voice, maybe even a yodeling voice. Observe your own speech, the patterns therein and the patterns of other people’s speech—perhaps other languages, inflections—and the nuances of how sound is made and creates language; and how language, in turn, facilitates communication; and how communication, in turn, facilitates the transfer of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. And hopefully all of these are used in such a way as to lead to brotherhood, sisterhood, communion, enlightenment.

The piano is a great instrument—eighty-eight being double infinity, double Buddhic beingness. We use the left hand for the more Alpha aspects of the lower range of notes, and the right hand typically plays the higher notes, the lighter, more feminine elevated pitches. Together there is an interplay. The white keys, representing the seven rays, and the black keys, representing the five crystal rays, provide an amazing opportunity for alchemy to be outpictured through sound and music. When someone learns to play or even perhaps brings back from past lifetimes a mystical mastery of music and sound, there is a new dimension of light through vibration that can be released, co-created, which can be majestic, even miraculous.

Last night as I was returning from a trip to Denver, driving solo eleven hours, as I was nearing home and passing through Big Timber, Montana, I was listening to the radio and, by God’s grace, they were playing the William Tell opera by Rossini. And in the famous overture that most of us have heard where there is that amazing movement that sounds like the running of horses, I felt the impression of the artist, the composer, entering my being and I felt a wave of light pouring through my chakras out into the atmosphere throughout the valley that I was passing through. It was like this surge of God-beingness, this surge of energy, of presence that was impelling me forward, ever forward. And I listened to more, the entire first movement and then other movements. You may not have listened to the entire William Tell opera. There is an amazing interplay of various voices in this opera by Rossini, and I encourage you to listen to it to glean more of what the inner and the outer message is. Rossini was an initiate. He returned and reincarnated, and I met him in this embodiment. He was a composer in this life, Russell Filippo, still with an Italian name and that Italian flair and zest for life.

As I have played the piano, listened and meditated with music, composed my own music and interpreted as best I could what each composer was attempting to capture through sound in the sounding of many voices and instruments, I have been moved to higher consciousness. How often have we listened to expressive and inspirational music as meditation in preparation for our HeartStreams and dictations and been literally on the edge of our seats, ready in consciousness to partake of the light release of the ascended hosts? Prepared how? By the impelling of sound, music, harmony and melody to move us to a state of presence. We can be both receptors and emitters of light. We can be instruments ourselves; God can play us. The angels can tap upon our being, our chakras, the vessel of our higher awareness so that we, like a piano, can radiate sacred fire across the Earth as a blessing to life.

All of the music that I have been privileged to compose has come from the Source, the fountain of light of my own Presence, and from communion with higher beings, especially the angels and particularly the blessed Mother Mary, the archeia of the fifth ray of music. I encourage you to compose something in this lifetime, whether through humming or through listening and perceiving from deep within you your own inner keynote—a blessedness that represents your awareness of your oneness with God, who you are as a sentient being, as a God-conscious one. Write the harmony of who you are in sound, with lyrics, with movement as an illustration of your beingness, as a representation of your essence.

Whether or not you play a musical instrument, at least you have a voice and you have those strings, those vocal cords that can express who you are: your virtues, your graces, your gifts, your talents. Coalesce them into a representation that is meaningful to the uni-verse today. Capture something divine of your inner self and sing with cosmic abandon, not caring what others may say about whether you sing on pitch or not. When you are in love with God, you are always in harmony. When you are in love with life, with nature, there is always something sacred of the divine melody that is moving through you because your vibration is born of peace and grace.

In order to create sound there has to be a striking of that cord, those strings. If we are playing a wind instrument—a woodwind or brass instrument—through the pressure of our lips pursed against our instrument sound is released and a specific tonality is conveyed with various nuances of expression. We muster sound with its energy patterns from our lungs, using the air, the oxygen, that we breathe in and out. And using the instrument of the Holy Spirit to convey that sound is all-important in the dynamic of the creation of music.

Nowadays we have electronic pianos and other instruments that we plug into sockets, whereby electrons move in electrical currents, which in turn act as an intermediary for that sound to emerge. It’s not quite the same as an acoustic piano, which doesn’t use electricity, and yet it can still convey vibration, harmony and music. I prefer the older nonelectric models, yet the new ones don’t go out of tune. They are keyed into perfect pitch. That’s one advantage of them. And the newer electronic pianos often allow you to record your own original music through the miracle of today's technology.
Some of you out there play the piano—our beloved Carol Wells, Dean Anderson, and others I know not of. If you play, drop me a note. I’d love to hear you play! I’d love to hear Gregg Griggs play his accordion again. I’d love to have us use our music for the great purpose of inspiring many beloveds throughout our community and around the world with our hearts' fire.

So press your own sustain pedal today. Sustain the action of light as long as you are able without undue pressure or stress. Try to sustain the action of emanating God-consciousness and Solar awareness for greater periods of time throughout your day. Attempt to maintain that state of inner peace, presence and divine power, and let up on that sustain pedal of your attention when required so that you don’t overstress or burn out. And then depress that sustain pedal again when you are ready to be even more divinely emotive and emittive of light-energy, God-consciousness, peace and the virtue you desire and decide to emanate and to bless the world with.

Let all of our strings be played and struck with those hammers of our attention at the intervals that God inspires us to so strike them. Let all nature feel who we are through our consciousness as we commune with the trees, the bushes, the plants, the mountains, the forests, the many creatures that inhabit nature as we know it, and as we commune with the unseen divine beings of light: the devas, the archangels, the archeiai, the seraphim, cherubim, thrones, principalities, powers, dominions and all who inhabit the greater higher worlds of light.

I think we have all been inspired by some music at some point in our lives, where we have felt the rush through our being of something more than ourselves, something more amazing, dramatic and powerful that the Holy Spirit brings. If we can experience that again and again and feel the same cosmic effects and emanate that quality, that virtue throughout a greater context of the world, we can truly have a world of peace, enlightenment, freedom, brother/sisterhood.

The Master Peter Deunov composed much music on the violin, and we are the beneficiaries of the Paneurhythmy music, which we will be experiencing during our summer conference here in Montana. We have a beautiful area in our backyard prepared for that Paneurhythmy if we have twenty to forty people. And if we have many more, we have a greater area in the meadow in front of our home for fifty, sixty or more. I am looking forward to being with you. If you have not registered and there’s still a possibility of you coming, we will receive you with open arms and hearts. We will embrace you; we will cherish you; we will love you; we will nurture you; we will succor your spirit.

Thank you for being with us this morning on this Monday, the ninth of June, 2014. God bless you. Have an awesome day and an awesome week. And as Dwynn and Renoldo conclude the service today, let them choose a song that represents love, if they choose. And if they can find a version of that William Tell Overture excerpt on YouTube or wherever, let’s play it, get energized, be active today, be up and doing and sustain the light throughout this day and every day. God bless you. Take care.

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