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Discourse on the Ascension Process

Discourse on the Ascension Process

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David Christopher Lewis Discourse
April 11, 2014 7:07–7:22 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Instruction in the Ongoing Path of Initiation at the Ascension Temple
in Serapis Bey’s Retreat over Luxor

Much occurs at the Ascension Temple in Serapis Bey’s retreat in the etheric octave over Luxor, Egypt. In addition to all of the initiations that occur there as souls are preparing for their ascension, having either qualified before going there or qualified while attending sessions there, there is much more that transpires. Up to 40 percent of all of the ascensions that occur across the Earth actually transpire at Luxor. This is because many souls still have things to learn, even though they have qualified at some level for the ascension, before the actual process of complete union with God and moving into higher octaves in the ascended state. So classes are held that prepare the soul for what is to occur after the ascension; it’s imperative that we know a little bit. It’s like going from high school to college, or college to a higher level, working toward one’s master’s degree or doctorate degree.

What I’ve been shown while we were meditating is that even ascended beings have further initiations moving them into cosmic consciousness, higher spiritual orbits where they undergo some of these initiations at Serapis’s retreat. The path is ongoing and never really stops, and there are levels of being an ascended master that we can attain to and grow into. Let’s say someone has earned the right, through much striving even as an ascended being, to enter into a certain level of Solar consciousness. They would go through the initiatic path to understand what this means. For instance, Helios and Vesta moved from our sun to a higher sun near the center of our galaxy on December 21, 2012, as the God and Goddess Meru took their place in our sun as the hierarchs of the great city of light there, the temple of light there, the Temple of the Sun in the sun. And then Lanello and Clare de Lis, formerly known as Guru Ma, or Elizabeth Clare Prophet, took their place as hierarchs of the retreat of the God and Goddess Meru over Lake Titicaca, over Peru and Bolivia.

If we see these transitions occurring in the ascended state, there has to be a path of training, of higher adeptship that these great divine beings are moving through in order to prepare them for the offices that they hold. Many of these initiations and much of the training does occur at Luxor, as well as in other retreats. And when the final tests are passed, when the initiations are mastered, there are always beautiful rituals offered to the ascended master to partake of, where divine beings are there showering their light-energies upon the initiate and assisting that one in transitioning to a higher level.

Now, for many of us still in embodiment, we go through the initiatic path; and when a major test even upon Earth is passed, something that we have overcome that may have been an issue for lifetimes, there are celebrations in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood and often at Luxor. Sometimes we find ourselves in the retreats, and although we don’t always remember everything that occurs, I can assure you that at times many of you have received appellations of higher beingness, approbations of godliness, and you have won a number of victories that have allowed you to make even greater progress; because with the initiation passed comes a greater mantle of light and a greater authority that you can wield through your Solar light body. And therefore it is an ever-evolving process whereby, as you master who you are, you gain greater entrée into the great schools of light of the Great White Brotherhood, and you have opportunities to learn from the great initiates who are the great masters East and West.

One of the things that I was shown is that much of the training deals with the weaving of what used to be called the deathless solar body, which we call the eternal Solar body. Using conscious language, instead of using the word death or deathless, we say eternal Solar body. We are constantly weaving this body through the skeins of light that are added to our Solar Reality through the decrees that we give, the prayers that we offer, the initiations passed, the service that we render to life, the blessings that come to us as we bless others through our service, through our love, through our great givingness. Every conscious act that we perform, every loving thought, word and deed that we enter into allows there to be a greater weaving action of these skeins of light by the hands of our own Higher Self, which is like a great seamstress who sews these cosmic threads by an action of light that is beautiful to behold.

If you could see your eternal Solar body now, you would notice the delicate etheric substance of which it is made, formed by the light-energy that you have invoked and what you have woven over many lifetimes of service to humanity and givingness to God and to others. Every prayer session that you involve yourself in allows there to be a skein of light woven. And for many of you on the broadcast and a number of you here, because of your givingness over years and decades, you have a greater spiritual weight, so to speak, which is actually a weight of light of this eternal light-body, that affords you an opportunity to rise higher in service through all manner of spiritual practices that you engage in, including meditation. So you can go deeper and higher in your time of silence because of what you have done. You can affect more lifestreams on Earth through your prayers offered in love because of the momentum that you wield, the power of your causal body manifest through all of the light-energies that you have invoked and brought forth in this and past lifetimes.

God knows everything that you have done. Your book of life is there to be read by any adept; it becomes obvious to anyone in heaven who you truly are, because everything is recorded in akasha. And the light that you have invoked and continue to manifest through your consciousness and wield through your spiritual practices is shining in the higher auric field of your Solar Presence.

Now, in Serapis Bey’s retreat, there is sharing and teaching on how to accelerate the processes by which and through which you can invoke light, you can retain greater light, you can literally become all light. And this is our goal, so that when we make our ascension there is nothing left, there is no dross, there is no white ash, there is simply nothing left for you to leave upon Earth; you are pure light-energy, you are a star-fire being. I think that we can all make it our goal that when we ascend, as our body may be cremated, there is no other astral substance that is a residue that remains upon the Earth that becomes almost like a little attachment of who we were; we will have become, simply, pure light.

If you make a conscious decision to allow Serapis to be your guru for a time, to attend his sessions at Luxor, and to engage as he teaches with his student teachers—those who’ve been trained by him personally who also teach the novices, the younger or newer novitiates—you can make greater progress in self-mastery. You make progress by being cognizant of every thought and feeling flowing through you and by beginning to be able to wield higher thought-patterns and deeper spiritually-charged emotions—energies-in-motion through your feeling body that bring angelic presences to bear through your emotional body to bless people through the virtues of God, especially love, compassion, kindness, mercy, et cetera.

With this in mind, knowing that our training is ongoing and that we are always in a preparatory mode toward greater God-beingness, let us consider this great master, Serapis Bey, the hierarch of the Ascension Temple, and ask and petition that we can receive greater teaching both on the inner and brought to our outer minds through our meditation, upon awakening in the morning, or as we leave our body consciously in meditation, travel there, and then await instruction and receive that instruction. Write down that instruction in your own journal and record the impressions that come to you. Everything that I just shared basically occurred in the last twenty-five minutes as we were either meditating or as I’m receiving it now; it was not revealed to me before now. And I trust that each of you has the ability to meditate and to travel in your finer body, even consciously, to do this work and receive what you require on your path today to make greater progress.

In the Church Universal and Triumphant, on Friday nights during what was called the Ascension Service, we often sang songs to Serapis Bey, the Ascension Temple, et cetera. So we will sing a song to Serapis Bey from the Church. Some of you may remember the words. If you don’t, don’t worry. If you’ve never sung it before, you can meditate. This is to the tune of the “Triumphal March” from Aïda. You can just meditate and feel the energy of triumphant victory as outpictured in that wonderful opera, Aïda.


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