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Jesus Impels Us to Access the Light Within of Our Own Christ Consciousness (video)

Jesus Impels Us to Access the Light Within of Our Own Christ Consciousness (video)

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Beloved Jesus
David Christopher Lewis
April 6, 2014   9:00–9:15 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

What Is the Grail?

We Reveal the Mysteries of Eternal Beingness to Those Ready to Receive Us

Beloved Hearts,

            When you glory in God, you enter the realm of spiritual fire through which you make contact with all that is real, all that is divine, all that is love. In our Meru University course, beginning in just a short time, beloved Magda and I will overshine each of you with our twin rays of spiritual light. And as we call to your soul to hearken, to ascend in consciousness and to participate with us, through the alchemy of the Word, in embracing your own spiritual essence, we will impart new truth, new understanding and bear witness to the glories of divine beingness that come unto twin hearts wed in Spirit and in matter through divine love.

            What is the Grail? Is it more than a symbol of the effulgence of God, shared as that cup of life to his own? You will learn the mysteries of the chalice and the well and the wellspring of love as the fire of life itself within the cup sublime, which you may drink, and in this experience and know your own oneness with your Christic essence in the Mother light, drawn to the crown from the base by your devotion to the one Light.

            We reveal the mysteries of eternal beingness to those ready to receive us and to invest a portion of self within this course, these two classes, during which we will emanate cosmic rays of eternal light to all. Be active; be up and doing in the Word, dearest ones. For, first and foremost, what we demonstrated upon Earth was the display of that which God embodied within our hearts as a lasting representation and legacy for the true Christian, those who are moving into the fullness of their own Christ consciousness, embodying that light and, through reverence to the One, sharing the effulgence of Self with all through the sacred, the pure, the holy.

            What we urged those among the early disciples to be involved in was an ongoing communion with the Spirit within the heart, the energy of the Eternal One within one’s own God nature and within all life. When the Spirit flows through you, your life becomes animated, charged with that which moves you, through your Source, to oneness and a true state of eternal beingness. It is only through communion with the heart of God, with the mind of God, with the will of God in balance that you will come to Self-realization, that you will bear fruit, as I with Magda adjure you to. And, blessed ones, the merging of your own heart fires with the great Beloved is the experience of the Grail and its light that manifests through you as a God-conscious servitor of Spirit.

            O, if Christianity would accept the truth and that which I share this day as progressive revelation to the Earth and to all life; O, if those caught in doctrine and dogma would let go of that which has ensnared them in a matrix of unreality, they could truly know me as I AM and beloved Magda as worthy of me and able to know my heart. For, dearest ones, it takes more than one declaration of faith to merge with our essence. It requires more than a belief on the One Sent to understand one’s own eternal nature and the spiritual fire within the heart, which I called all to accept, to embrace, to feel and to emanate.

            Yes, I will reveal to many of you the inner mysteries during these two weeks, during our time together in the higher mystery school of my retreat with beloved Magda. And there shall be a streaming forth of our reality to the Earth for the unveiling of more of these mystical truths for today, which many may come to know to fulfill their own purpose as spiritual beings walking the Earth.

            Feel the empowerment of your own Christic Presence now within your heart and mind and soul. And through an engagement with the Holy Spirit within this course, move forward on your path of light, charged with our commission, which yet remains for all to embrace, to spread the good news of life and love and levity everywhere. Yes, embrace the beggar as well as the friend and the noble. Embrace the one whom you may have considered as an enemy and who now, through a shift of consciousness, you may see and know as a teacher, a friend who goads you to the new you in the light.

            I am loving the Earth and all lifestreams within it this day, with Magda. And we embrace all at all levels of awareness. And through the power and presence of the Spirit Most Holy, we nurture you in the light of the Presence. Be at peace, and through your experience of the Eternal within the great silence of your heart, I am there, loving all life free through you. Thank you.

1. Jesus is referring to the Meru University class “The True Relationship of Jesus and Mary Magdalene as a Foundation of the Holy Grail,” held on April 6 and 13, 2014.

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