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Servatus Intensifies an Action of the Emerald Ray for Personal and Planetary Wholeness

Servatus Intensifies an Action of the Emerald Ray for Personal and Planetary Wholeness
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Beloved Servatus
David Christopher Lewis
January 8, 2014   7:00–7:33 pm MST
Livingston, Montana

Servatus Announces the Name of His Beloved Twin Flame, Vistala

An Action of Healing and Cosmic Transformation

One Angel Is Assigned to Each One for God Consciousness and Solar Awareness


Beloved Ones,

            A million points of light we ray forth into the mental plane of the Earth and into the minds of the lightbearers and those with whom we have contact on the inner who are ready for a surge and a cosmic charge of light into their minds for the upliftment of their beings, for the ennoblement of their souls, and for the acceleration of consciousness for their victory in this lifetime.

            We come, and I announce to you the name of my beloved twin flame, Vistala. For I, Servatus, with the legions of healing, descend now into the great cities of this Earth. We conquer all that is less than Christ-perfection through these rays originating from the central point, the singular aspect of God that is the eternal mind of the Christ consciousness manifest throughout the cosmos.

            What will it take for greater cognition, understanding and enlightenment, you ask, for the citizens of Earth? We have the answer: It is through the diamond-shining mind and the crystallization of holy thought that comes through a consciousness trued to the Eternal, whereby through the third-eye and the glands, the pituitary and the pineal, through which that light does brightly shine forth when allowed to, enlightenment comes, wisdom is brought forth, and truth prevails.

            Blessed ones, we are about our Father-Mother God’s business this night. Therefore, let healing ensue. Let those who have petitioned the Almighty, Hilarion and us come before the throne, the altar of change and transformation in their soul bodies. Therefore we see you, each one, and those for whom you have petitioned healing, restoration of mindfulness, greater God consciousness and wholeness.

            Our angels come to each one now, and one is assigned to each one to lend the resources of heaven for the victory of God consciousness and Solar awareness within the mind and the physical brain. And there shall be transformation, there shall be crystallization through the emerald ray, the teal and aqua rays as aspects of this greater light of the All-Seeing Eye of God brought forth with specificity for each one.

            For, dearest ones, because you have called forth this healing, heaven answers. Because you have shown up in our midst, you are the arbiters and the electrodes for this action to occur. Therefore, first our rays are delivered to those physically present here, and there is an energy delivered to you, each one, that is for your transcendence in this life, at this time, at this juncture in your cosmic evolution.

            Now our rays are delivered to those in our greater electronic audience participating live this night, and there is delivered directly into your third eye a gift of Spirit that is individual for each one, fashioned by the Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia themselves. And it may be a repository for a greater aspect of Elohimic awareness and Solar transcendence.

            Blaze forth the light now for the crystallization of this action within you, O soul. Blaze forth the light! Remove the obstacles and that which opposes greater cosmic awareness within your mind. Burn through and release the toxicity through wrong thought, wrong viewing and irrational processes that have played upon the screen of your mind, your brain and your awareness in this and in past lives and that have clouded your thinking, brought you to a lower level of divine cognition than you would be able to sustain through right mindfulness and Buddhic awareness. Blaze forth the light now! Blaze forth the light now! Blaze forth the light now! Blaze forth the light now!

            The Elohim Apollo and Lumina are also here facilitating cosmic transformation and the alchemy of divine thought and holy wisdom for each one, whereby that which you have thought to be true is subsumed into the higher reality of God-good in ascended-master awareness and that which higher beings of light know through direct contact with the Source. If you would have greater understanding and wisdom, dearest ones, release that which clouds higher thought and divine mindfulness. And accept the gifts of the Spirit, which may always be yours to feel, to know, to understand, to realize and to become in those times of silent interaction with your Divine Self, your Cosmic Presence.

            Now the angel assigned to you, each one, performs a type of spiritual chemicalization and an operation of a divine magnitude which for you, each one, if you allow it to occur by your freewill experience, may result in a step-up in the action of light within your physical eyes, brain, your third eye and your Higher Mind. And there will be a linkage between your brain and this higher cognitive aspect of your God consciousness whereby these divine thoughts may arise within your minds with greater alacrity; where you may sustain greater mindfulness throughout your day, not lapsing into a lower level of animal thought and feeling; sustaining that which the Elohim and cosmic masters are able to perceive and know by focus upon the All-Seeing Eye and the heart of God in the Great Central Sun.

            This crystallization and this laser-light surgery now continues throughout this service with this specific action that is unique for each one. Yes, our angels of healing are great healing surgeons, dearest ones, who have the highest understanding of every aspect of the awareness of lightbearers and people upon Earth. We know you with a great sensitivity, we understand you with foreknowledge of your soul’s journey throughout time and space, your karma, your dharma and that which you yet are destined to fulfill in this and possibly future lifetimes. 

            Therefore, through the great law of love, through the great law of wholeness, this night, because of your calls and the light released by the Buddhas at your recent 2013 Winter Solstice Conference, we come on the heels of the action of the release of Gautama, Prajnaparamita and many more to amplify by cosmic dispensation that which they held for you in your services to the light.

            Therefore, simply now bring your hands to your heart, right upon left, and feel the love of God within—first, the appreciation, the dynamism of the heartbeat of the Eternal One beating within your own chest. And then, when you can feel tangibly the vibratory patterns of this love, bring your hands to your head and allow them to rest upon your temples and across the entire superstructure of your head, which houses your brain and facilitates the mind of God working through you. Feel the currents through your crystal-ray chakras energizing certain hidden cells that we now activate within the lobes of your brain for a greater whole-brain action to occur from this day forward for you, O soul of light.

            For those with memory problems, there is an action from the recording angels to assist you in sustaining a higher form of memory through etheric awareness of past and future within the eternal Now. You see, dearest ones, is it so important to remember every detail of everything that you have ever experienced in all lifetimes when the recording angels have already done the work for you and you may tap into any memory that you so choose at the appropriate time when the specificity of it is required for you in higher mindfulness and alchemical works? Well, try not to sustain the logoic awareness of the human when you can sustain and activate the Logoic awareness of the Christ and the Buddha within you through right mindfulness and awareness of the One.

            Now that you have worked with our rays upon yourself, you, each one, may also be an instrument for a nexus of light also for those for whom you have called forth healing, wellness, wholeness. Therefore, hold within your mind’s eye now all whom you cherish who require a greater action of healing. See yourself as a crystal being, fully charged with light, one with God within the atmosphere and the tangible physical presence of that one or many ones. Feel the currents of God-power, wisdom and love intermingling and co-creating every aspect of the healing ray and other rays that are required in this hour for that one’s merciful manifestation of wholeness.

            For you see, we require instruments upon Earth for this action to occur. We require those who make the call upon Earth for us to intercede and to perform miraculous healings of this kind, and therefore we rely upon you as those instruments. You may hold the sacred space through your own crystalline consciousness for this level of healing anytime you choose, simply by making the call, sitting in silence, seeing yourself in this guise, uttering prayers or songs if you choose, and allowing the cosmic and sacred process to manifest. It is a matter of choice, of concentration, of focalization and of utilizing every aspect of your own Higher Self-awareness for this to be true, dearest ones.

            Therefore, Hilarion reminds you in this hour of the requirement to be true to yourself first, for only then may you be true to another and will others even listen to you and what you have to share, to speak and to attempt to convey unto them of what you consider to be the reality of the world today. You see, dearest ones, it is only by the ray of Cosmic Christ truth that anyone will be delivered from the error of wrong thought and understanding. Therefore, try not to use your own human mind to convince another of what you perceive as the elements that must be understood to know what is real and true today when, if you let go of that lower aspect of your own human mind and accept the eternal verities of God by the ray of Cosmic Christ truth, you tap into the higher crystalline awareness that Hilarion and many others facilitate so that that ray will be that which illumines all, transforms all, elevates all and brings clarity of consciousness and specificity of perfection into the equation of the moment in your conversations and in that in which you decide to engage.

            Some of you think that you are very mindful. Well, dearest ones, I am here to tell you that there are levels of mindfulness that you have not even begun to touch through your own human stubbornness and that which you have allowed to reside within your aura and your brain functions. And if you would be true to the new higher reality and that which Morya El, Saint Germain and the chohans of the rays desire to deliver to this Earth, you will begin to release all these aspects of your outer waking consciousness into the fire and accept the new you, truly burned into the reality of God that is your Real Self. Yes, we will burnish you, we will transfigure you, we will illumine you with that which the Sun presents to us as Solar awareness!

            Therefore, if you would have even an inkling of that which is the transcendence that the archangels, the cosmic beings and the Elohim know and understand, it is a matter of daily releasing into the fire of cosmic transformation the elements of your self that you can ask your Holy Christ/Buddha Self to assist you in releasing, for you do not even always know that which should be released, could be released, and we say must be released if you are to access these higher levels of awareness. Therefore rely upon the ascended hosts to tutor you, to train you and to assist you in making the call.

            Therefore, it is imperative that you begin the process and sustain it over a longer period of time. Why, dearest ones, in the initiatic schools of the past, disciples were required to sustain certain preliminary disciplines for months and even years before they were given the next task in their spiritual journey. Some of you think that you are so well and highly developed when, truly, from our perspective, you are as infants in awareness in relation to what you could be when focused fully upon your Higher Self and cognizing that which ascended masters know and experience in inter- and multiple dimensions of being.

            Dearest ones, we bring in this sense this night a new reality into play within your lives and within your tangible experience. For those of you who are willing and ready to be more highly disciplined—and by this I mean more conscious, careful in your thought processes, living in that sacred space of your light body throughout your day—we can begin to rely upon you to sustain a greater action of God consciousness and not dwell in all kinds of human uncertainties, misperceptions, misconceptions and those thought patterns that do you no good on your solar journey. Wipe them clean from your mind now, and allow the angels to release them from your memory body. Wipe them clean by the emerald ray merging with the chemical ray of purple, which, as you know, transmutes records in the etheric.

            Burn out now from the memory bodies of these, O Lord God, that which no longer serves them—memories of that which they have done in this and past lives of ill, which we hope that they will no longer speak about to others, to self or on the radio. Why do you desire to put out your dirty laundry again and again to the world when in one sense you have already cleaned it up, dearest ones? There is no reason to re-engage in those thought processes. This is what I am speaking about to some very personally and to many who would revolve and revolve and revolve ad nauseum elements of your past which no longer serve you on the journey in the eternal Now, right here in the present moment.

            Every time you bring up, dredge up your past and parade it before others, you are engaging in an aspect of lower awareness, do you see? Well, begin to dream great dreams. Begin to think great thoughts. Begin to imagine cosmic conceptions. Visualize eternality, cosmic awareness for the Earth. Lower it into manifestation by the charge of your heart fires, by the dynamism of the higher Mind of God that may work through you.

            Dearest ones, you think much less of yourselves than we do. And even though I bring these elements out this night, it is only that they may be completely obliterated from your awareness. They are like filthy lucre which do you no good. Will you release them once and for all, dearest ones? [Audience replies, “Yes.”] Really? [Audience shouts, “Yes!”] Okay. The alchemicalization will continue. Some of you may feel already the heat of this self-transformation that has begun and will be sustained, maybe making you a little uncomfortable. And yet, that fire of transmutation is always brought forth by the power of love of the ascended hosts and the cosmic beings for you, each one. Realize this and know that when we come at times to chastise, it is only because for some this is the only way that we may take from you certain elements of your human substance.

            If you rely upon and trust this one before you and do not rail upon him time and time again, thinking that somehow he is putting himself in a position of being a dominating alpha over you, then you will begin to realize that through humility he is only an instrument and that is all. We are the ones who bring forth the fire of God through this dispensation. Can you get that through your thick skulls, dearest ones? It is not a human activity; it is a divine activity. And some who think by the raising of the voice of this blessed one before you that he is angry at you or you or you—folly! It is only because we have to release the energy through the voice to crystallize God-awareness, light, light, light in this 3-D dimension, dearest ones. This is the way of the adepts. This is the way of the ascended hosts. If you think there is some better way, praise God; go for it.

            Yes, you may contact a certain level of cosmic consciousness through silence, and we encourage this. And yet, at times, the only way that we may dissolve the encrusted, darker elements of your not-self past is to burn them out of you by the chemical rays of the Almighty. This is why Servatus only comes rarely—because, dearest ones, many of you cannot handle this level of light on a daily basis. In fear and trembling, you shrink back into routines and matrices in which you are more comfortable. Yet, if I could convey one thing this night, it is that heaven is the most comforting place that you could live. For in heaven you live forever, dearest ones, when you have mastered self and risen into that level of awareness where the light in you is sustained eternally by your oneness with your Source, by the love which is reborn moment by moment within your heart for all life.

            Therefore, seek a higher form of comfort with the Maha Chohan. Attend his classes over Sri Lanka. Learn of the disciplines of the path of the aspiring adepts and masters—those who know every equation, every formula, and test them within the laboratory of their lives to confirm them first and then to live with them in their sacred work.

            Now let us sing to the Elohim of the Second Ray song #130 as this action continues and as you enjoy the Solar Presence of the Elohim this night. [Song #130, “Hail Elohim of Wisdom,” is played.]

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