2022 Council Elections

An Opportunity of Several Lifetimes!

               Looking for Candidates for The Hearts Center Council February 2022 Elections


An opportunity of several lifetimes!

Serving on The Hearts Center Council is an opportunity for fellowship and to work with other dedicated servitors who govern and guide our movement. They serve with great love and a desire to see the unfolding of its highest potential as envisioned by El Morya and all of our sponsors.

While serving on the Council, you will be guided by the sponsoring masters of The Hearts Center. The Darjeeling Council and other masters will also offer guidance. Each council member accepts his or her role in holding the vision for our movement as loving, thriving, and sustainable communities within the greater community of The Hearts Center. Each member holds the vision of our continuing release of heaven’s purest teachings for today and our ability to share these teachings with the world.

Council member candidates should have demonstrated interest in our community’s mission and culture, and familiarity with ascended master teachings:

  • By being active for a year in a local group or on The Hearts Center staff
  • By attending three major events or quarterly conferences online or in person
  • By attending three Meru classes taught by the current messenger
  • By tithing at least 10% of income after taxes to The Hearts Center for a year

Prior experience serving on boards is helpful yet not required. Relevant experience is valued. Benefits include a close working relationship with the messenger, the masters and fellow council members. As a council member, you will have the opportunity to experience intimate communion with our ascended master sponsors and the Darjeeling Council. You may balance greater personal karma as the mantle of your new responsibilities rests upon you. We know you will sense joyful fulfillment in your service. Fun and fervor abound!

Email your completed application to elections@heartscenter.org by February 7, 2022.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to serve and thank you for your continuing support and prayers for The Hearts Center.


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Council member applications are due by
February 7, 2022

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