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Serena's Comment
Created by friend in 7/21/2015 7:37:05 AM
I really appreciate having a virtual spiritual community where I can be uplifted, and serve others. I love the contribution of so many different hearts and the opportunity to be involved and each have our own gifts. I love the ongoing spiritual teachings including the more positive, conscious teachings and prayers. I love how the teachings touch many different topics and areas of our lives and how they help answer questions we may have about our own lives today. -Serena

Blessed from the Beginning
Created by Patricia in 2/6/2015 10:55:12 AM
by Patricia Murphy on 2/6/15, 9:00 AM
I had moved back to North Glastonbury from a 4 year "karmic marriage" in northeast Montana, in 2001. I was enjoying living in Golden Age Village and participating in the community there, resuming my counseling practice. Time whizzed by. I was asked to counsel a foster child in Livingston, and through that contact with the foster parents was invited to a "meeting to share spiritual experiences" at their home. David Lewis was there, and what he shared was that he had begun receiving dictations from the ascended masters. He read one aloud, which was from Cyclopea, I believe, and it felt very real to me. He presented his experience in such a humble, matter-of-fact way that the importance of it did not make any waves, so to speak. When we formed a circle in closing, David asked us not to speak of his experience yet, as he didn't wish to be ex-communicated just now. I traveled a lot that summer, thinking I was missing these wonderful group meetings and was surprised to find the group hadn't met again. That fall I attended a regional meeting of the church I was active in, and David was there remaining quietly in the background as he usually did at our church conferences. Our paths crossed in the street afterward, and I asked him about his current experiences with the ascended masters. He reported that they had grown to be "very intense" and when I expressed an interest he offered to email me "Lanello's 33". I recognized Lanello immediately and was very excited that we had a new messenger! I offered to help in David's office as he was still running his art business, tending to his family, and now taking dictations from the masters every morning. He was writing them out longhand, bringing them to the office, and then I got to type them into the computer. He was also preparing Lanello's 33 in a binder for presentation to the church board of Elders, as he had been guided to apply

Created by autumn beauchamp in 1/22/2015 3:47:12 PM
God, through The Hearts Center and Ascended Masters, has made me whole and changed my life! Each event / conference and class contributed in some magical and divine way to my healing.I came to The Hearts Center when I was really struggling, emotionally and mentally. I had just left the Hospitol because of mental health issues and really needed help from above. I met Ron D. on the bike trail and we talked a little,I had met he and Dwinn in 2003 or 2004 and for a short time I attended a group they were hosting to give decrees and learn about the ascended masters. Ron told me about The Hearts Center and invited me to come decree with them. I attended my first event in Washington state and shortly after went to Mount Shasta.I felt accepted and supported by the Energy and Light of everyone gathered together nad from David and the Masters. I was still having a hard time with anxiety. That started to shift after I went to my first Summer coference in Big Sky Montana.I was also in a mode of compulsive behavior and thinking while finding my way in my new found support,and then in 2009 Astea and Purity came to the summer conference. There was so much Light and everyone was shining including me! from the inside out. Other non-life supportive behaviors started to relax and I was feeling much more balanced.In 2011 I was gifted the opportunity to go to Africa with The Hearts Center! I had been participating on sundays with the brothers and sisters of Afra and was very happy to be able to go on such a sacred and fun pilgrimage.Once again I felt the support and feeling of connection being in such a loving and open group of people and ascended Masters. The last part of my healing took place going on the Pilgramage to Peru. I was having very intense challenges with anger. This pilgrimage as well as accupunture help me to let go of whatever it was that I needed to let go of. I am so Grateful to the Ascended Masters and David as well as all the heartfriends that co-create a wonde

What a great ten years it's been for me!
Created by Joyce Genis in 1/20/2015 4:07:29 PM
To my great joy, I discovered The Hearts Center in January 2005--almost exactly 10 years ago! I invited David to Minneapolis to give a lecture in my home in May 2005 and quite a few people came that evening to check out the new ascended master activity. I went to the summer conference in Chicago and remember being so touched by Mother Mary's heartstream--I felt that I understood true, unselfish love for the first time. David came back to Minneapolis for a seminar in autumn and after that the Mpls. group began an Alchemy class with a very talented teacher who was quite an alchemist. The class was amazing and we learned so much. Then my dear friend Nancy Freaner and I worked together to teach a class on Sweet Surrender with David and El Morya. That's when my favorite decree 10.010, I AM the One! was released and we, with input from the entire class, created the Sacred Surrender Ritual. Everyone was so enthusiastic and we all felt so empowered and encouraged to contribute whatever we felt were our spiritual gifts. After that I assisted with the summer conferences every year and now I am a Team Leader for Meru University Events. Every summer conference was so much fun--I have great memories of being in many mountain areas in Montana with beautiful scenery where we hiked, went in the hot springs and enjoyed each other's company. I have met so many wonderful people over the years and I consider them my very best friends because they are walking a spiritual path with me. Many thanks to The Hearts Center, David, the ascended masters and all my dear heartfriends!

Finding The Hearts Center
Created by lenoreharris in 1/20/2015 8:44:21 AM

My friend Marsha and I were preparing for a Summit Lighthouse Region One event when she heard about this new ‘Hearts Center’. She had read something online and came across a letter written by Patricia Carlson defending it against its detractors. And somehow she came upon the opportunity to read Lanello’s thirty-three messages, the first HeartStreams that David received.
She read them and was convinced of their veracity. She gave me several of them and asked me to read them, and if I was interested she would give me more. It didn’t take long. After reading just a few of these HeartStreams from Lanello I, too, was convinced. I told her, “I hear Lanello in these words. I feel him! This is for real!” So not long after that we changed our plans and instead of going to Sacramento for the Region One event we were on our way to Santa Rosa for our first Hearts Center event. It was an exciting time! A new messenger! And the masters were speaking to us again! What I remember most is Hercules and Shiva and the tablas player, William, and the live bhajans. This was in the late summer of 2005.
In short succession came the Fall conference in Banff, and by God’s grace we were both able to attend. Now it was really getting exciting! Archangel Michael’s retreat and Lake Louise—a dream come true!
Just three weeks after getting back from Banff, the California Missions tour began. Marsha was along for most of it and I joined in for three days in the central coast leg of it. This too was so special and so amazing! Mother Mary, and often Kuan Yin, spoke to us every day. And Archangel Zadkiel placed a rod of violet fire off the coast near Carmel that I still sometimes remember to ask him to “shake” a little and help hold the balance for the coastline. It was truly amazing when the Solar Logoi turned up the heat of the sun when we were outside of Mission San Antonio, in the middle of nowhere, it seemed. We all felt it and took off our sweaters in the middle of the HeartStream!

The Hearts Center Loves Everybody
Created by donnakorth in 1/20/2015 8:38:04 AM
As I was getting acquainted with the Hearts Center - I think it was the summer of 2006, I took my husband with me to part of a conference in Idaho. He was determined that he wouldn't like any of my new friends. Much to his amazement (and my delight) he was overwhelmed with the friendliness, warmth and love that everyone expressed toward him. This was a testimony to me and to him of the total acceptance, love and light that I would continue to experience - with his acceptance and blessing, as I began to learn all the wonderful blessings, information and joy that were ahead! I have used the amazing wisdom I have gleaned from the masters, angels and cosmic beings to help people in the local Methodist church (in my town) as well as customers in my store and spiritual seekers from all over the U.S. and elsewhere. I have never been in a group in which I felt like a "family member" to the degree that I have experienced in the Hearts Center Community!

I'm so grateful for what I've received!!
Created by Boyd Badten in 1/15/2015 2:56:14 PM
My spiritual path took a dramatic upward turn in 2005, ever since I began to participate in the spiritual practices in the Hearts Center. Especially, working directly for the masters has led me to a level of spiritual awareness which I could not have dreamed of before.


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