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Beloved Portia: Walking the Path of Alchemy to Your Eternal Freedom

Beloved Portia: Walking the Path of Alchemy to Your Eternal Freedom

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Beloved Portia
David Christopher Lewis
August 19, 2013 10:00–10:30 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Walking the Path of Alchemy to Your Eternal Freedom:
Your Soul’s Opportunity to Co-Create with God

In the living light of the seventh ray, I come. And as your Portia, I provide opportunity today for you, blessed one, to enter into a deeper communion with your Higher Self through the seventh-ray action of freedom’s flame and to manifest the joy of that opportunity through being of service and engaging in alchemy to win your eternal freedom.

What is freedom? It is opportunity to choose the way in which your soul will walk to be co-creative and utilize your talents and gifts vouchsafed to you from the Lord your God, from within your soul.

My beloved Saint Germain has magically and, at times, mysteriously demonstrated the path of alchemy, the path of freedom that an intrepid one may walk in order to access the higher frequencies of God beingness within the Solar Presence of light. Within this movement of The Hearts Center activity, we are engaging you in the dynamism of the Spirit whereby you may increase the light within your auric field, and in so doing it may radiate through your domain, your life and the Earth itself.

Yes, dearest ones, so many tools have been given; so many resources have been provided. If you would choose to simply use a few of these on a consistent basis, with great constancy in your approach to your spiritual life, you would see and others would witness transformative changes in your world. If you do not fully appreciate all that is transpiring within your life, you must accept responsibility and understand the simple and yet profound dynamic that you and you alone create your world and your life experience. This one change in your thought process, in your acceptance of your own adeptship-in-the making, will change the trajectory of your life, and you just may begin to live more consciously as a God-realized one.

At times, even those aspiring to their ascension give birth within themselves to thoughtforms and ideations less than the perfectionment of their God Presence. When you realize that all of this may be washed clean in the seventh-ray action of violet-fire transmutation and you accept the eternal state of being that already exists within you, which is your God essence, all nihilistic thought and all that is less than perfection will be no more within your auric field. And you will rise to every occasion and utilize every opportunity that heaven presents to be victorious, to be the One, to be God-enfolded in light, rich in the Spirit’s quickening Presence throughout your day, throughout your night, alive with love and vibrating with the intensity of the Sun where you are.

Precious hearts, God is real within you. When you accept this fact and the new dimensional awareness of multiverses and the numberless frequencies that can be experienced through your own awareness, one with your Presence, then the creative surge of God-power may be yours to know and to use. And all of your creative efforts may come to fruition because you have consecrated yourself to the one cause of light, sanctioned by and through the work of the Great White Brotherhood upon Earth.

Saint Germain and I have been fashioning with etheric-fire substance all manner of divine alchemical works, which we release often into the higher awareness of certain devotees and aspiring adepts upon Earth. Have you caught glimpse of some of these within your meditations and in your silent times with God, in the stillness of beingness, in the early morning hours? Have you appreciated that which the Lord continually releases unto you of greater mindfulness, of greater star-fire essences, which, when captured by your soul, borne by your spirit and lovingly accepted and offered to the world by your heart—one with the All in all—result in the most glorious manifestations of beauty and harmony, the musicality of solar worlds and the artistry of those who can see beyond the veil into the Holy City of light, where all is truth, glory and compassion?

Yes, dearest ones, though I come infrequently to speak with you because I typically defer to my own beloved as a powerful spokesperson on behalf of the Elohim and all masters of the science of the Spirit, today I choose to anchor my resonant field of God-glory within the Earth, through a spokesperson trusted and tried in the fires of the path of initiation, in order that the Mother light may manifest within your soul, in order that you may apply, through conscious works of light, both justice and opportunity in your world.

In three days of your Earth time there will be the shift to the sun sign of Virgo. Opportunity presented to master the emotions, the solar plexus and the ray of God-justice will come to ye all. Will you feel the impulses of my heart and honor the opportunity presented to you to choose light and life? Or will you retreat into your past, into a sense of misgiving and regret for lost opportunities?

Dearest ones, choose to move forward directly unto the sun! Rue not your past or another’s. Look forward, inward and upward into the light of your own Sun Presence. Give glory to God each day in some conscious application of the science of alchemy. Sing of your own worthiness to be a son/a daughter of God and to give birth to those co-creative works worthy of one who is rising ever unto the heart of God.

O precious ones, when you have the inner sense and the outer sense of the validity of your mission, your holy purpose, the value of your soul and your dynamic spirit, then nothing can dissuade you from your highest choice to fulfill your raison d’être. Nothing in this world—no opinion of another, no denigration by word or thought or gaze of anyone in your environment, no attempts of those nasty ones who use entities to inveigle themselves within your mind, your emotions, your feeling world—can deter you from that one-pointed, God-conscious freewill choice to live in the light and to be your highest self throughout your day.

You are the one that God has sent to Earth to live a rich and noble life, effulgent in the Spirit’s fire, dynamic in how you represent the Lord in the way that you choose to live—in harmony with the cosmos, in love with nature and the creation itself. When you have spiritual fire emanating through your chakras by your conscious choice to give your best to the universe, then God alights as the Holy Spirit’s dove within your world and speaks and says, “This is my beloved son/my beloved daughter, in whom I am well pleased.”¹ If you choose to be pleasing unto God, it will be so through every emanation that flows through your heart; through every feeling that comes through your sun center, your solar plexus; and through every ideation and conception that your visionary mind gives birth to by your conscious will.

As you review the mystical, magical and alchemical words of my beloved, in them you will find deeper and deeper truths that will move you higher on your spiritual journey; and you will make progress that will support our collective mission of bringing into manifestation on Earth the golden-crystal manifestation of the seventh age of Aquarius.

Years ago, a few of you within this movement attended a Summit University class sponsored by me. I have been moving within the stream of your own God-identity from before that time, during those months of focus upon my heart, and ever since. I have been there for you, and now I ask you to be where you are for me and my beloved, to move our Earth forward in the light to its cosmic destiny as Freedom’s Star, as terra firma become a celestial abode of divine love for the God and Goddess Meru and all who serve to set life free within the Cosmic Egg.

O precious ones, I am real and I am here. I bear witness to every positive and loving thought and feeling. And I support and uphold those working publicly and behind the scenes to invest their hearts in the dynamic works of the Spirit that are transforming our Earth even now through love, through freedom’s fires, through alchemical joy and the magic of divine science manifested through the heart, one with God.

I now expand through the heart chakra of America the light of freedom, and I invest much within those of you called to be witness to the spirit of liberty and the science of freedom. Be there each Saturday evening in your homes with the Master Saint Germain to give your heart to America and the I AM Race throughout our planet. Be there with your hearts afire for God, gloriously manifesting the seventh-ray action of light through your words, your songs, your praises and devotions. Be there to invest within the Earth the allness of yourself so that we together may co-create this new age of freedom for every sentient being upon Earth.

Yes, dearest ones, I am here, and I bear witness to all that is glorious and divine within heaven. Now let it appear upon Earth through you. I thank you.


1. Matthew 3:16, 17; 17:5; Mark 1:9-11; Luke 3:21, 22.

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