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Darshan with El Morya to Answer Questions of the Youth

Darshan with El Morya to Answer Questions of the Youth


David Christopher Lewis
(Inspired by El Morya)

August 2, 2005
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana


Darshan with El Morya to Answer Questions of the Youth

David: Welcome, everyone! El Morya has offered to do a darshan with the youth the first Tuesday of every month, and today is the first Tuesday. We have more youth entering the hall here. Welcome. We even have some guests from Minnesota. Great!
            I’d like to make an invocation before we begin:
           In the name of the Christ, in the name of the mighty I AM Presence, I call now to the heart of the Great Central Sun, beloved Alpha and Omega. I call to you, beloved El Morya, to place your Electronic Presence over me, over all gathered here and all listening through our website.
            We call for the protection of The Hearts Center. We call for the protection of all the children of the light worlds without end, all of our youth. We call for the upholding of our youth for their purity, for their victory, for their illumination. Beloved Great Ones, come forth now and assist us this evening as we discern the will of God. Amen.

Question: Our first question is from, I believe, a five-year-old child. She asks, “Why do the ascended masters speak to us?”

David: The masters speak to you because they love you and they desire to see you become all that you deserve to become. This means that you deserve to become the highest expression of what you feel you can become. If you want to be President of the United States, you can do that. If you want to be the leader of a company, you can do that. If you simply want to be a servant, someone who helps people, you can do that.
            The masters speak to us to give us the keys that will unlock the door so that we can walk through and understand why we’re here, where we’re going, and the best way to arrive. Would you rather have a ten-speed bicycle or a three-speed? Raise your hands. Which would you rather have? Now, this has to be answered by one of the children or youth. OK, what would you rather have? [David repeats audience response:] “A ten speed.” OK. Now, why would you rather have a ten-speed bike than a three-speed? [David repeats response:] “You can do fun and dangerous things on it.” OK.
            Could it also be that if you’re climbing hills like Lance Armstrong, you can shift gears? If you’re climbing a really steep hill and you’re pedaling a little faster but you’re not straining as much, it’s easier to climb. And if you’re going downhill, you can shift gears and go really fast and also more safely. Is that maybe why you might want a ten-speed instead of a three-speed? [David repeats response:] “One of the reasons.”
            Think about what it means to have a ten-speed. It means you can do more things, you can do more speeds and different types of speeds. If you need to go faster, you can go faster. If you need to go slower, you can go slower easier. It’s like having a better tool at your disposal or having ten tools instead of three. Well, that’s why the masters talk to us; it’s because they’re giving us tools so that we can build our homes better, so to speak. If you just had a hammer and a saw, do you think you could build a whole house? It’s nice to have all the tools. So that’s why the masters speak to us—to give us all the tools.

Question: The next question is, “What does Mother Mary think she is like?”

David: Well, this is very interesting. Mother Mary wants me to play a song for you to listen to. Now, this is what Mother Mary told me a number of years ago, and then I wrote this song. You have to listen really carefully because she uses metaphors from nature. The gentleman that sings the song in this recording has a very beautiful voice and his name is Robert. I’d like to invite everybody to close your eyes and just listen to the sound and the words. [Song played, “Beauty in Bloom.”]
            Do you remember anything from this song of what Mother Mary is? [David repeats responses:] “Queen of the angels.” “Angel of beauty.” “God’s river flowing.” “An angel sent from above to bring light to a people in pain.” “She’s a rose of the morning.” All those things Mother Mary is, and one key was that she’s an angel sent from above to bring light to a people in pain. That’s what angels do, don’t they, they bring light to people in pain. So that’s her answer.

Question: Here’s a question from __________, thirteen years old, from New York. “What is it really like in heaven, where you are?”

David: Heaven is a beautiful place, and it is more than a place. It is a space where light and wonder and beauty and grace all exist at the same time, where love is the language of everyone. Have you thought of love as being a language? __________, you are at an age, thirteen, when you might start thinking about love.
            Love is so important for you and for people in your generation, that if you could just think a little bit more about what heaven’s love is like and you could bring it to where you are, then life would have more meaning. All your relationships with your friends would be not only fun but full of light.
            When you look up in the sky sometimes, do you ever see rays shining through the clouds from one central point coming down to the Earth and it looks so wonderful? Well, that’s what it is like all the time in heaven. It’s a state of absolute perfection, where there is no pain, no suffering. You can communicate with everyone instantaneously through beautiful thoughts, and thoughts become instantaneously manifest—what you think happens instantly. So you have to have mastered your life so that you only think good thoughts, because you don’t want things to happen that aren’t perfect.
            You’ve heard stories about genies and how they grant wishes. Well, in heaven every wish that you have is fulfilled immediately. So you have to be careful what you wish for, you have to think about only perfect things. That is what you get in heaven.

Question: __________, who’s twelve, asks, “How did you, El Morya, get to be an ascended master?”

El Morya: Well, it took a long time, but I finally made it because I helped people a lot and I always thought of what was the best thing to do for everyone involved. So, __________, if you have brothers and sisters and parents, which I am sure you do, if you can think of the best thing that you can do to help people in every situation and then you do it, then you can make it to heaven, too. You can become an ascended master.
            That means that whenever that still, small voice¹ within you tells you to do something, you listen and obey. It’s not always what other people say that you should do, because they don’t really know what’s best for you always. But you know in your heart what’s best for you.

David: How many people have heard the expression “Follow your heart”? It’s kind of a cliché, something that people say a lot. What do you think it means? Anybody here, what do you think that really means?

Response: Follow your dreams.

David: “Follow your dreams.” Anyone else? What is your heart? What really is your heart? Is it your emotions? Is it the center of your being? Does anybody have any idea what that means? It’s not just your physical heart. I know some of you are pretty smart; tell me what that means. 

Response: Do what the little voices, the inner voice tells you to do.

David: “Do what the little voices, the inner voice tells you to do.” Your conscience, is that what you meant too? That’s great; I like that. El Morya became an ascended master because he listened to his conscience and then obeyed it. Now, a couple of darshans ago we talked about Pinocchio. He didn’t listen to his conscience all the time, did he. So this is another example.

Question: OK, __________ in Detroit asks, “What decrees and how many should we do in each Hearts Center to completely stop all of Al Qaeda’s plots and plans and especially the American Hiroshima Plan to have seven nuclear bombs hit America?”

David: __________, it’s not so much how many decrees or prayers you make, but the intensity of your heart, your mind, your vision and the feeling that you put into the prayers that you make. Have you ever heard Dannion Brinkley or others talk about when they had a near-death experience and they were actually up in heaven? They could see how angels answer prayers; and the first prayers the angels would answer were the ones that were the most intense and heartfelt, and prayers of little children whose hearts are pure, and prayers of mothers for their children. If you have an intensity of desire to stop Al Qaeda and you give your entire being to God in your prayers, that is more important than how many prayers you give and for how long.
            Have you heard, __________, of the form of prayer called a fiat? A fiat is where you make an intense call really loud, and you put your entire body and mind and soul and heart into it. If you do that a number of times, it can change the world. Does anybody know what God said before he created everything? What was the first thing God said?

Response: “Let there be light.”²

David: “Let there be light.” You’re absolutely right. Now, do you think God said softly, “Let there be light,” or do you think he said, “LET THERE BE LIGHT!”? Which way do you think God said it? [David repeats audience response:] “The loud one.” Well, maybe not, but maybe so. Which one got your attention more? [David repeats response:] “The loud one.”
            Do you think the angels would hear that quicker? Well, that’s what happens. It doesn’t mean that you walk down the street doing that, because you don’t want to freak people out. But you can do it in your own home, in a closet or in the bathroom or somewhere private, and you can even put a towel over your mouth so that people aren’t freaked out about it.
            So, __________, you can build a momentum of prayers that is appreciated by all the angels, and especially by Archangel Michael, whom I know you love and who actually blessed you in Chicago, I believe, when you did your skit. He’s never going to forget that and I don’t think you will either. If you develop a relationship with a particular ascended master or angel or archangel, and if you love that master with all your heart and you continually give your prayers to that master, that will really help to mitigate the terrorist activities.

Question: __________ in Minnesota asks, “What is a master?”

David: That’s a good question. Does anybody here want to help El Morya answer that? I’m sure you know. What is a master? Someone who __________? [David repeats response:] “A beam of light.” That’s a great answer.
            If you master something, if you master a subject at school, what does that mean? [David repeats response:] “You do your best at it.” “You’ve aced it. You are so smart you aced it.” That is the perfect answer. A master is one who aces things. Have you ever seen how Venus Williams or her sister, Serena, serves a ball in tennis? They are so good that they can get that serve in just the right place and they hit it so hard that the other person can hardly even return it. They ace it. That is what is called an ace.
            Well, a master is one who practices and practices and practices until he has mastered the art or the subject that he’s working on. Many of you are doing that in school. Now, who likes art? Who likes music? Any type of music, it doesn’t matter what type. Who likes math? Who likes reading? If you master a subject, you get really good at it. The more you practice, the better you get. That’s mastery. A master is one who has mastered certain subjects so well that he has ascended to God and uses that skill to help other people. That’s why he is called a master.

Question: “Where do souls go and what exactly are they?” This question is from __________ in Minnesota and she is sixteen.

David: Well, __________, a soul is the living potential of God. This means that your soul can become God. But it’s in potential; your soul hasn’t contained it yet, it hasn’t gotten there quite yet. The soul is feminine. Did you know that everyone’s soul is feminine? We have more girls here than boys, and guys sometimes don’t get in touch with their souls as easily as girls do. Girls often seem to have an easier time with feelings. Girls, do you feel that you sense things, that you have a sixth sense? [Audience responses.] Well, that’s because you can tune into your soul easily.
            Where do souls go and what exactly are they? If you’re talking about where souls go at the end of life, the soul goes to heaven and becomes one with God if that soul has accomplished certain things, passed tests, and loved and served people to the point where it has balanced karma and that soul’s pure desire is to help people and to love and to serve. Isn’t that the meaning of life—to love and to serve and to help people and to heal through our different ways?
            We all have a talent. And __________, whatever your talent is, as you develop it your soul grows in light. Have you ever seen the film series Anne of Green Gables? How many people have seen those movies? Wasn’t Anne a very sensitive person? I liked those movies and I’m a boy; but girls really like those movies. Anne of Green Gables was pretty fiery. She had kind of a temper, but she also had a lot of sensitivity.
             [David repeats comment:] “Imagination.” Yes. If you develop your soul and you really work at thinking about love and God, then your soul naturally goes up, up, up like a helium balloon. Helium is a gas that’s lighter than air, so helium balloons ascend, they go up. So, what do you need to ascend, to go up? You need spiritual gas, right? I’m not talking about physical gas; I’m talking about spiritual gas. I knew I could make you guys laugh!
            Where does a soul go? Well, hopefully it goes up because it’s got lift, it’s got spiritual gas, like helium. That’s what we want to do. We don’t want to pop our soul the way a balloon pops; we want it to go up. So, a soul is kind of like a balloon. If you add a little more spiritual gas, it gets bigger, and the more spiritual gas you add, the faster and higher it goes.

Question: __________ also asks, “What happens when we die?”

David: Does anybody want to help me answer that one? OK, go ahead. [David repeats audience responses:] “Your soul leaves your body.” “It departs from your body.” __________, if you haven’t seen the movie Ghost, with Demi Moore, I recommend that you see it. It’s a little scary at times, but you get a very good idea of what happens when people die.
            The bad guys get taken by some beings; they get ushered out of there to a place that’s not so good. And at the end, for the good guy, a beam of light comes out of heaven as if it’s calling the soul of the guy up to heaven. The first time that beam comes he doesn’t go with the light, because he is afraid of it. But at the end of the movie he goes up toward the light. So, when your body passes on and the angels are there, you always have to remember to go up into the light. OK, __________?
            We’ve had a lot of questions through the Internet, but I’d like to ask anybody else here who has a question, to ask a question before we go on. First of all, anybody who hasn’t asked a question yet.

Question: Why is amethyst so important?
David: I’ll start by asking you, ________, what color is an amethyst? [David repeats response:] “Purple? Violet-purple.” Do you know the colors of the rainbow? Let’s name them all together. How many people know them all in order? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. What’s the last one? [David repeats response:] “Violet.”
            The color of amethyst is violet, the highest vibrating of all the colors. Of the seven rays, the violet ray is the seventh one. So the violet ray, which amethyst is outpicturing, is like crystal. It’s like violet crystal. Amethyst is so important because it can bless you when you have it around if you use it. We have a big amethyst over here on the table. There’s another one on the altar. The reason we put it there is because it focalizes what we call violet light inside of it; it’s concentrated.
            Does anybody know how an amethyst is created in the Earth? It might take tens of thousands of years to make that amethyst. Usually amethyst is found inside of geodes. A rock geode surrounds the amethyst and you have to break open the geode in order to see the amethyst. It takes a lot of pressure and time and certain chemicals to create a crystal. If you were to look at amethyst crystals under a microscope, you would see a lattice, or crisscross pattern that’s very structured and ordered. It’s beautiful.
            Did I answer your question, __________? [Response.] A little bit? [Response.] She’s attracted to amethysts; she loves amethyst. Do you like violet colors? [Response.] You’re probably on the violet ray and you probably have a lot of violet in your aura, too. [Response.]
            What’s the violet ray? I think I talked about it. Violet is the highest frequency. Do you know what karma is? [Response.] Well, the frequency of violet actually helps us to consume or erase karma. Your aunt can teach you a little bit more about that, and she can teach you some mantras and prayers.

Question: This question is from Aaron, who’s fourteen: “What do the masters think of stem cell research?”

David: The masters do not condone the use of stem cells taken from aborted fetuses or grown in laboratories from tissue that came from living beings. There is much hype about stem cell research in order to find cures for certain diseases. Unfortunately, although a lot of this research has been helpful to some extent, it does not get to the core of the problem of why disease occurs in the first place.
            If science in this day had a fuller understanding of the spiritual causes behind disease, then all disease on this planet could be wiped out. Unfortunately, science today looks for ways to relieve pain only and not get to the core of the problem of why the pain has come about. If you have a stomach ache, your body is telling you something. You either ate too much or you ate the wrong foods or a certain combination of foods that wasn’t good for you, or there’s something else happening inside your body that you need to think about and take care of.
            Too often we just try to get rid of the pain and we don’t think about why the pain occurred and what we can do to prevent it from happening it in the future. The same problem exists in scientific research where there are doctors and researchers. If people understood the law of cause and effect, which we call karma, they could help to do better research, important research, rather than doing things that just relieve pain.
            __________, I recommend that you search on the Internet for Bruce Lipton, PhD, and his book The Biology of Belief. He is a cell scientist who was doing stem cell research over thirty years ago, before it became really well known. I recently went to a seminar of his in Virginia Beach at which he told us about stem cell research.
            I think you would learn a lot about what the masters feel about it by reading what Bruce Lipton has to say. He is a wonderful man who has made very important discoveries and is sharing them with people. He is helping many people across the Earth to understand true science. And true science always thinks about the effects of what that science does to people rather than just making drugs that people take to relieve pain. So, thank you, __________, for asking.

Question: You gave that example about the stomachache and why the pain might be there. But what about the little babies in Africa that die of AIDS when they really didn’t do anything? What about someone who suffers from depression?

David: The little babies in Africa who die of AIDS—we all feel for them and wish we could help relieve their sufferings. But if we understand the law of karma, there’s never any injustice in the universe. Everything happens for a reason.
            For some of these babies that die of AIDS at a very young age, where they got it from their parents, it’s because in a past life they did something that caused pain for someone else. So now they have to experience what it’s like to feel pain, and in that way they will balance that karma. And in the next life they can come back with a fresh start and hopefully they will be in a body that’s whole and beautiful and they will have a better opportunity to make good karma.
            Sometimes, by being in that little body for a very short period of time and dying early, the soul balances a tremendous amount of karma. Then they have a renewed opportunity in the next life to make great strides and to be in a healthy body like you and me. There’s always a purpose for everything and we can’t really judge anyone or any situation.
            Sometimes people make fun of those that they consider to be retarded and they even use names like “retard.” Well, sometimes very spiritually advanced people are in those bodies and they chose to come into that body so they could help teach us to be compassionate and loving and kind. So whenever you see someone who has a limp or who is missing an eye or who doesn’t have one of his arms and you feel start to feel sympathy or pity for them—don’t. You shouldn’t feel pity for them, because they chose that experience; their soul chose that. That person really doesn’t desire our pity, do they? They desire to be acknowledged as a regular person just like you and me. And we desire to love them and give them our compassion, but not pity. 
            The first part of your question was about the child with AIDS. The next part was about depressed people. Why are they depressed, and about giving drugs and things. Depression results for a number of reasons. Sometimes it can be a chemical imbalance in the body, so sometimes drugs are important. Food can be a drug, too. Sometimes people have an imbalance in their body because they’re not eating the right foods and not getting the right nourishment of certain chemicals in their body. So sometimes adding a simple element that they’re missing can make a difference.
            Other people get depressed because they feel unwanted or they feel left out. This happens a lot with teens. When you are starting to develop a sense of who you are, you might feel that you’re not in a group of people you can relate to. You might feel somehow that you’re not appreciated by people or by your parents or certain friends, so you get bummed out and you might get depressed. Life can be hard at times, or maybe school’s hard, or maybe you don’t like to study. For whatever reason, you can get depressed.
            Have you ever been a little depressed? If you have, what got you out of it? The love of friends sometimes? Feeling appreciated? Compassion from other people who understood you? The answer can come in many forms.
            It’s important for adults to really think about how they talk to their teens, their children, their youth—and to not put trips on them or judge them but to see them as beautiful souls living in a body that’s growing up, and to try always to understand what that young person is going through and feeling. You know, all of us adults have been teens and all of us have rebelled against our parents and disagreed with certain things that they do. Sometimes it’s really hard and we’ve all, at times, been troubled by what we see.
            Are you about eighteen? [Response.] Sixteen. When I was your age I thought a lot about what my life was going to be like. You’re starting to think about things like that, right? Like, what am I going to do after high school and what am I going to be? And when you think about being on your own it can be kind of scary, so you rely a lot on your friends to help you. One of the keys is to have really good friends that you can talk to. Have an adult that you can also talk to—either a counselor or an adult who trusts you and that you trust. Does that answer your question a little bit? Do you want me to come at it from a different angle? [Response.]
            How does depression fit in with karma? Well, when we feel the weight of our karma and our responsibilities to life or to the people we’ve wronged or to God, we might get depressed or feel burdened. When everything is sunny and it’s summertime and everything is great, then hopefully we’re not feeling depressed, because the sun is out and we’re full of joy and so we’re feeling on top of our karma. 
            It’s like riding a wave. Have you ever surfed or seen movies about surfing? You know the concept of riding on top of the wave? Well, that’s how you can prevent yourself from being depressed. If you’re always joyous, you’re on top of the wave. But if you get behind in your studies in school or you get in debt by spending too much money, you can get depressed. Now, it’s not bad to feel responsibility. But we don’t want it to be a burden to the point where we’re just bummed out.
            What do you think is the key to overcoming depression? For me the key is to lose my self-concern through serving other people. I know a lot of youth that do things to help a little brother or sister. Have you heard of Big Brothers and Big Sisters? Often when you’re helping someone else, you lose the sense of your own problem. Like Mother Teresa, if you’re serving another person or you’re helping another person, you’re not even thinking about yourself anymore. A lot of times depression comes because you’re thinking about yourself rather than others. If you think about how you can always help someone else, you’re more likely to be happy most of the time.³
            That’s been my key in my life. At an early age I thought, “How can I help other people?” I dedicated my life to trying to help people and I’ve forgotten about myself. It wasn’t about me and “woe is me.” Now, __________ is always helping other people. She’s always serving them even though she has a physical challenge. But she doesn’t even think about it most of the time, because she’s always serving her children or helping people. Isn’t that great? She’s a good example of how to overcome that sense of depression.
Question: How can you tell what color your aura is?

David: If you go to the new-age fairs, they sometimes have machines that can take pictures of your aura. They print it out and you can see it. I don’t recommend that you dwell too much on it or worry about it. Yet if you need to know in order to improve your life, to help you become more spiritual and help others, there are people that have a gift of seeing auras who can help you. There are a couple of people in our activity that have that gift. If you really desire to know, you can ask.
            If you desire to develop the sensitivity to know what your own aura looks like, you can do certain spiritual practices of meditation where you become more sensitive gradually. You shouldn't try to force it; you can gradually develop what are called inner senses, or solar faculties, if you fast every once in a while and also do certain meditations and purify yourself. The time I see auras is when I fast for two or three days. When I don’t eat, I become more sensitive and then I start seeing auras. Right now I just see a lot of white and green and yellow around you. I don’t normally see auras, although since you brought it up I asked if I could see a little bit. There’s a little violet and pink in there, too.
            There are many books on the aura and understanding what the colors mean is important. The way to be able to see it is to become more sensitive. And you can do that through prayer and meditation and some fasting.

Question: When are we going to get the technology that we had on Atlantis?

David: We actually have a lot of it right now. I read recently that based on how many discoveries have occurred in recent years and the rate at which new things are being discovered now compared to the historical rate over the last few hundred years, by the year 2011 there will be so many new discoveries that we’ll be totally amazed. This means that in your lifetime, even in the next six to seven years, things will be accelerating so fast and there will be so many new discoveries that you won’t even believe some of the things that are going to happen.
            Can you think of things that you heard happened on Atlantis that we don’t have yet? [David repeats response:] “Crystal power.” Lasers even now use crystals, and laser technology is going to keep developing. One of the reasons Atlantis sank is because they misused crystal energy. They also had music that was not the best.
            We can get the technology again, although if we misuse it, it’s going to be bad. So the key is to pray that when we get the technology, people are responsible enough to use it wisely. That’s a prayer you can make to God, the prayer that we get the right technology for the right reasons and that it is safeguarded so that it is not misused.
            For example, we have nuclear energy that we can use for energy or for bombs. We desire that it be used for energy, not bombs. If we get crystal energy, hopefully we can use it for healing and not for weapons. That’s another prayer you can make, to help accelerate the scientists learning things and to use the discoveries for the right reasons.

Question: Were there a lot of scientists on Atlantis?

David: Yes, and a lot of them have re-embodied and they’re rediscovering some of the same things they had back then. Lots of times they are in the retreats at night. Have you ever had a dream that was so real that you remembered it in the morning and you couldn’t believe how real it was? Where it seemed that you were in heaven, in a schoolroom, or talking to a master? Have you ever had one of those? [Responses.]
            Before you go to bed at night, you can say a prayer to be taken to the schoolrooms up in heaven. Also ask that when you come back into your body in the morning you will remember what you experienced. Start doing that, and then as soon as you wake up in the morning write down what you remember so you don’t forget it.

Question: Are there places on Earth that people haven’t discovered yet?

David: Wow! You asked the question a few days ago about people on the Earth, about civilizations on the Earth, right? And the masters said there are people living inside the Earth, though we couldn’t see them with our eyes because they exist on a different plane, not where we can see them. So yes, there are people on Earth that we haven’t discovered with our physical eyes, although most people living on Earth haven’t discovered the masters and the angels living almost where we walk. They’re vibrating at a higher rate, so we can’t see them.
            What happens when you boil water? First it turns into steam and then it disappears from your sight, yet it’s still there. That’s what happens when we accelerate. When our atoms are spinning faster, what happens to us? We disappear. We become spiritual beings. __________, there are people living around the Earth that we just don’t see. But sometimes you see them, don’t you? Have you ever seen masters or beings or angels? [Response.] You’ve seen them with your spiritual sight, though not everybody sees them. 
            In regard to places on the Earth that haven’t been discovered yet, about twenty years ago people discovered a certain culture living in a part of the Earth that hardly anybody had been to, where people were living very primitively, almost like cavemen. We hadn’t even known that they were there until this group discovered them. They brought back photographs and that’s how we found out about that culture.
            So, there could be places on the Earth where people haven’t been discovered yet. Maybe you’ll be one of the ones that discover them. That’s an exciting thought, right? Have you seen the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth? [Response.] That was a pretty exciting movie, based on the book by Jules Verne. Maybe your Dad can rent that video and you can learn something new.

Question: Why did music make Atlantis fall?

David: You know that music is sound and that music has rhythm. That rhythm might be 3/4 time or 4/4 or 2/2—there are different rhythms. March rhythm is 4/4. [David claps while counting out the rhythm:] 1-2-3-4. 1-2-3-4. 1-2-3-4. When soldiers march, they march in four-four time. Waltz rhythm is 3/4. DA-da-da. DA-da-da. DA-da-da. DA-da-da. It’s the same rhythm as your heart, basically. There’s a lot of music out right now that’s in the rock beat, da-da-DA. da-da-DA. da-da-DA. It’s exactly the opposite of the waltz, which is DA-da-da. DA-da-da. DA-da-da.
            The rhythm of what’s known as rock music is kind of hurtful to your heart because it’s the opposite of the rhythm of your heartbeat. Unfortunately, some people on Atlantis discovered this and they created music that, instead of being helpful to people’s hearts and their spiritual path, brought them lower. And some of those people are re-embodied now and they are doing the same type of music.
            Have you ever listened to really loud heavy metal music? How do you feel after that? Do you feel more spiritual? [Response.] It’s not the type of music I can meditate to very easily, because usually if you meditate you have to be kind of still and silent. And really loud heavy metal music or really loud rap music sometimes makes it hard for me to meditate and to be in a space that’s really still and where I can talk to my conscience.
            The youth often like that type of music because they feel energized from it. However, what happens is that it takes the light-energy in the chakras, the spiritual centers in your body, and expends that energy very quickly so you feel a rush of energy. Instead of raising your energy, it lowers your energy. That rhythm forces energy out of your chakras downward. And even though you may feel a rush or a surge of energy, it’s expending your energy rather than raising it and nourishing your chakras. That’s why some types of music are not really good for our souls, even though they temporarily make us feel kind of neat.
            A lot of your friends probably listen to it. So you have to determine for yourself what makes you feel more spiritual and do the things that you need to do in your life. If you think listening to heavy metal and heavy rap music can do that, then God bless you. Personally, I would stay away from these types of music.That’s a personal choice you have to make. Your mom can tell you all kinds of things, yet you have to determine what’s best for you. There are people here that I’m sure listen to that type of music, and that’s their choice. It’s part of our culture right now.
            We’re going to end on that note. Thank you, everybody, for coming and asking questions. And I thank all of __________’s cousins and nephews and nieces and friends for coming all the way from Minnesota. I hope you have a good time while you’re here. Thank you, everyone.

1. 1 Kings 19:12.
2. Genesis 1:3.
3. David was speaking here about a way that many have used successfully to lift very temporary depression. Anyone who experiences severe depression, or depression that lasts more than a few days here and there, is encouraged to seek professional assistance and possibly counseling.

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