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The spiritual Master Omraam

 Beloved Mentor of the Modern Life Fraternal

The distinguished philosopher and spiritual master Omraam MikhaĂ«l AĂŻvanhov (1900-1986) was born in Bulgaria. At the time of his birth, Bulgaria was in the midst of a widespread spiritual revival under the leadership of the acclaimed spiritual adept and luminary, Peter Deunov.  When MikhaĂ«l was 17 years old, he met Master Deunov and began studying under his guidance.

The spiritual movement begun by Master Deunov, was called the “School of the Universal White Brotherhood,” a title coined by him at the founding of his teaching ministry. Counted among Master Deunov’s most dedicated disciples, MikhaĂ«l, working under the aegis of this school, was to dedicate his entire life to the study and mastery of the precepts and practices of the path of initiation Master Deunov had re-introduced into the fertile spiritual culture of Bulgaria.

By the mid to late 1930’s it became apparent to Master Deunov that Bulgaria’s geo-political fortunes were being threatened by the military might of Nazi Germany. Bulgaria’s central location in the Balkans would inevitably lead to strong external pressures by the competing interests of the rival axis and allied powers, leading to World War II.

As the increasing threat of war and political unrest loomed in the Balkan region, Master Deunov decided that Mikhaël, chosen from among his 40,000 other students, would be the best student to spread the teachings of the Brotherhood to France.1 And so on January 22, 1937, Mikhaël arrived in Paris, penniless, with no knowledge of the French language, and with only one local contact. Yet, by the close of his life, he had delivered over 4,500 public talks in French,2 in addition to many other sharings his world-wide followers attribute to his teaching legacy.

As his mentor and teacher before him, and only after receiving the appellation of “Omraam” from three sages while visiting India in 1959, MikhaĂ«l allowed his students to address him as “Master,” a title of respect he received in turn and a testimony to his level of adeptship.

Regarding Omraam’s accomplishments, his own words may say it best: “You must understand once and for all that true spirituality is to succeed in becoming the expression of the divine teaching that you are following.” 3  

The Essential Master Omraam

From MikhaĂ«l's youth he was unerringly drawn to the essentials that prepared him for his life’s mission. He remained consistent throughout his mission, spanning decades, in sharing with his students what would help them to discover those essentials.

And what are life’s essentials, according to this spiritual master? He might ask the student to consider what possessions the student would take when departing the body for other planes. We can all admit that no earthly possessions go with us beyond the grave.

Master Omraam said that to know what is essential, the student must dedicate his/her existence to the planting of what is necessary for thriving in the kingdom of light—namely wisdom and love. We accomplish this in a life dedicated to internalizing God's eternal virtues.

“You must understand that only your inner realizations really belong to you because only they have their roots in you. When you leave for the other side, you will have precious stones, qualities and virtues in your soul, in your heart and in your spirit, which you can take with you. And thus your name will be written in the book of eternal life.

“The principle advantage of the inner path lies in the value of the elements which you accumulate as they are the purest, most luminous material, a material which comes from God Himself. Secondly, as they truly belong to you, you are really rich. Thirdly, riches of this sort free you so you live in peace and abundance.” 4


Now what remains to be sorted out are the means for attracting these fine, light-borne elements into one’s being. Also, while identifying the most efficient means for cultivating and nurturing the eternal verities, which we would plant in our souls, let’s explore how to assure that they indeed take root in us to help secure us in the kingdom of light.

The legacy of teachings of the Universal White Brotherhood, introduced by the Master Deunov, additional 20th century teachings brought to us through the Master Omraam MikhaĂ«l AĂŻvanhov, and now timely revelations geared to the 21st century initiate shared through The Hearts Center, offer specific methods for actualizing the spiritual riches that lead to the life everlasting.

Master Omraam's Bounty of Spiritual Practices

Some of the practices we, in The Hearts Center, engage in will be familiar to students acquainted with Omraam’s teachings. These include Paneurhythmy, meditative movements set to sacred music; joyful music and singing; and the practice of Eastern yogas that the Master uniquely adapted for his Western students. The ancient Vedic rituals of solar gazing, along with other solar exercises, were revitalized by Master Omraam’s masterful re-interpretation of these esoteric sciences. He called these solar sciences collectively Surya Yoga, which we have supplemented with the teachings on sungazing by HRM 5 and recent innovations inspired upon David Christopher Lewis.

Master Omraam advocated that any sincere student setting out on the spiritual path must latch onto a system that supports personal advancement and delve deeply into it. So many people, he observed, who wished to walk the spiritual path, would simply accumulate information, desiring to know this and that, while touching on everything imaginable. Yet at the end of the day, they never did any work on themselves.

The tendency today, especially since the advent of the internet, is to clutter the mind with reams of information. The masters of old, and it was Master Omraam’s practice also, intentionally did not burden the disciple with too much information. They would reveal a few essential truths, and then it was up to the disciples to steep themselves in these truths by meditating upon them and living them.

The Foundational Concepts and Core Beliefs of the Brother/Sisterhood of Light

Before one sets out on a journey, it is important to prepare, to plan, to organize. This is true on the material plane as well as setting foot on the spiritual path.

The wisdom teachings of the ascended masters, among them the teachings of Master Omraam, show us where our sojourn commences and what our ultimate destination is. 



  1. The Dual Nature of the Human Being. We are both human and divine. The lower self is the material, physical portion and is composed of our animalistic instincts, sensual passions and appetites. From our Father/Mother God we have been gifted with a Higher Self where divine virtues reside. We possess the ability to transcend the mundane and identify with and embrace the reality of our innate divinity. The work we engage in on the spiritual path, and especially the path of initiation, is to rediscover our Christic and Buddhic nature.


  2. The Importance of Our Relationships. Life’s successes and tests revolve around our relationships with others. Part of Jesus’ Great Commandment is to love others as we love our Higher Self. Omraam talks about the collective as society in general, and teaches that the collective can be transformed into a brotherhood when it supports every individual to freely associate with one another in actualizing life, liberty and the pursuit of authentic happiness.


  3. The Support of the Spiritual Hierarchy. We are not meant to work on our salvation (Self-elevation) and illumination alone. God has sent many blessed and luminous beings to aid and comfort us on our return home. The angelic kingdom is close at hand in answer to our prayers. The ascended masters, as our elder brothers and sisters who have gone before us and have graduated from Earth’s school room, are among our greatest advocates and mentors. Even all of Mother Nature and her many nature spirits are here to nurture us as we all evolve together. Our destiny is to collaborate with all of God’s kingdoms in a space of love once again.


These are the basic beliefs of students worldwide who know the reality and guidance of what we have come to identify as the Great White Brother/Sisterhood of Light. And as we move into the more advanced teachings of the Master Omraam, we learn how to implement these core beliefs into our lives and engage in spiritual practices that reinforce our capacity to stay true to the path of discipleship.



Freeing ourselves from our human weaknesses and foibles is a path abundant with opportunities! And the ascended masters, angels, Elohim—a cosmic cavalry of luminous beings—aid us in pursuing the highest good. We are being offered a path, an initiatic science, now also known as ascended master teachings, which can solve all problems of human existence.


A Spiritual Life Is a Practical Life

Master Omraam’s teachings are relatively contemporary in that he lived and taught in the twentieth century. The topics of his lectures often focused on brotherhood, community building, raising families, and educating children, based on the principles of the initiatic sciences.

He continued the teaching of Paneurythymy, created by Master Peter Deunov for his disciples. Perhaps Master Omraam’s most unique contribution to the curricula of ascended master teachings is the development of Surya Yoga–the science of sun yoga, and the continuing revelations of the solar sciences for modern solar adepts.

The Master’s comprehensive view of what it means to be a modern-day disciple of the ancient mystery school teachings has done much to help today’s students balance the demands of living in our high tech, materialistic society while attending to a disciplined life on the spiritual path.

For a greater look at Surya Yoga, including an introduction to solar gazing, solar meditation and solar health practices, please download a copy of our new 12-page booklet entitled, Solar Sciences of the Spirit. Free with a newletter subscription here.


For Master Omraam, Community Is Key to the Abundant Life

Perhaps no other ascended master has placed so much emphasis on the forming of spiritual communities as our beloved Master Omraam. While yet in embodiment, he visualized fifty centers in North America where the teachings of the Brotherhood could be studied and practiced.

When the Master was in embodiment, his students had the benefit of his presence, the opportunity to interact with him. What a boon to community living to have a true spiritual master serving as a tangible role model for those aspiring to perfect themselves in the light as they learned to live in brotherhood.

In a spiritual community where there is a highly advanced initiate present, it becomes apparent that he/she is to be at the center of harmonizing the disparate elements at play within the community. As Master Omraam said, “I have a tuning fork which gives me the note, and if you want us to play a piece of music together, you must tune yourself to my note, not I to yours.” 6

Today, we of The Hearts Center Community are fortunate to be included in the worldwide body of students who study and practice the teachings delivered through Master Peter Deunov and his disciple, Master Omraam MikhaĂ«l AĂŻvanhov, especially regarding the importance of the building of spiritual communities.


The Hearts Center Supports the Living Legacies of Omraam MikhaĂ«l AĂŻvanhov and Peter Deunov



  • At all quarterly conferences and major events, we schedule the Paneurythmy as a daily morning ritual that all are invited to learn and practice.


  • The Daily Meditations of the Master (Prosveta) are read in our morning prayer service broadcasts in English, Spanish and in the original French.


  • The complete set of published works by the Master are now available for library loan in some of our local Hearts Centers.


  • Our community book and gift store, The Alchemy Exchange,offers all of the current Omraam publications for retail sale.


  • A mainly vegetarian menu is served at all Hearts Center conferences. Master Omraam encouraged his students to follow a vegetarian diet.


  • Silence is sometimes observed at community meal gatherings. While not practical for many of our social events, on occasion, the Master has reminded us through David the importance of this meditative practice.


  • Omraam has delivered inspired messages through David for our community. Please refer to the right-hand column on this page to see the audio, video and transcript versions of these HeartStreams, also located in our HeartStreams Library.


  • We hold within our consciousness and awareness the vision of the Master to institute fifty centers in the U.S. where his teachings are made available.


  • Communities worldwide desiring the sponsorship of the Master Omraam can apply for it. The purchase of a complete set of his teachings is recommended to receive this boon.


  • Our Prayers, Decrees and Mantras book includes prayers by both Masters Omraam and Peter Deunov. Prayers inspired upon David by Master Omraam are also included.


  • A personal invitation has been extended by Omraan through David to Hearts Center initiates to receive his mentorship to become solar scientists. “If you will allow me, the Master Omraam, to be your coach, your guide and the one who assists you in this process, then simply assent to it; and I will remind you and be there for you as you require me.”7



Master Omraam's Surya Yoga for Today--The Solar Sciences

During his years in France, the Master would tell his students:

“I have harmonized myself with other beings who surpass me, and if you learn to vibrate on the same wavelength as I do, you will see your whole life transformed. I link myself ceaselessly to higher beings so that I will not commit an error or do anything harmful for you because I realize I am responsible for you.” 8

The students who accepted and revered this exalted role of their teacher placed themselves in the best position to advance as spiritual initiates.

Similarly, students within The Hearts Center activity today have the opportunity to acknowledge the unique role that a modern amanuensis may perform in and for the spiritual community.

Imagine an individual living today committed to linking himself/herself to the spiritual hierarchy in a similar fashion as the Master did in his time. Imagine a spiritual dispensation granted by the grace of God that sponsors a disciple who is granted the ability to accurately receive and then deliver communications of the ascended beings for our personal edification and enlightenment.

As an example, the teaching on Surya Yoga below illustrates what we feel are direct inspirations David Christopher Lewis has received from the Master Omraam:.  

“The Master Omraam's message is, be Solar scientists, be Solar artisans with me now. The Master expects you to be real and scientific in your approach to the path, not living in a namby-pamby state, a wishy-washy way in which practicality is avoided. The initiates are those who engage in daily scientific work, spiritually building the new Solar civilization. This engagement requires effort, discipline, daily practice, planning and the appropriation of the mind, the will and the heart, equally, to the tasks at hand.” 9

Or you may wish to read or listen to the following HeartStream to gain insight into what remains dear to the Master’s heart and the great love he sends to his students:

The Courtesy of the Christ, the Comity of the Buddha, the Civility of the Holy Spirit 

Here is an excerpt from a prayer composed by David to help our community of devotees draw closer to the Master:

20:013  Omraam, Come!

Om Mani Padme Hum AUM

1. Blessed Omraam, master bright, O noble teacher pure,
We bask in your supernal light, your Presence blazing sure.
Raise us unto immortal spheres; our consciousness now free.
With you the solar way appears; God’s radiant suns are we.

Refrain: Om-Raam Om-Raam Om-Raam Om 
Om-Raam Om-Raam Om-Raam, come!

(View entire prayer on "Prayers and Songs" page here.)

Having just recited this prayer to our beloved sponsoring master Omraam MikhaĂ«l AĂŻvanhov, let's pause in his Presence to learn what he would impart to us in this moment. As a loving reminder, his recorded words resonate in our heart-mind oneness:

“You must understand once and for all that true spirituality is to succeed in becoming the expression of the divine teaching that you are following.” 

Omraam, serving as a divine preceptor of that teaching, offers his sponsorship to help us accomplish that.


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"Do not keep planning to consecrate yourself to the spiritual life one day in the future, but realize it is precisely because of the spiritual life that you will find the best solutions to all your current problems."

"This idea of brotherhood, it is that and that alone which has the power to bring peace in the world. I came to be with you here to achieve an ideal of fraternal life which will serve as an example for the future … to bring a model of collective, fraternal life."

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