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Mark L. Prophet I The Ascended Master Lanello

A Modern Prophet of God Sent to Witness for Christ


The Man, the Prophet, the Master

Mark L. Prophet whom we know today as the Ascended Master Lanello, was born on Christmas Eve 1917. As a modern-day prophet and messenger inspired by God to restore to mankind an understanding of the true teachings of Jesus Christ, Dec. 24 was a fitting and auspicious day for his birth.

His was a mission to bring to all the remembrance of the joy we have in the Lord, the consciousness of Christ born anew in the hearts of mankind. Christmas morn is a day when the delighted, little child unwraps her presents placed under the Christmas tree. Now we receive the precious gifts given to us by our beloved Lanello, to be unwrapped daily in joyful discovery of the spiritual path we now walk.

Thanks to Mark Prophet, whom we now know as Lanello, it is more possible than ever to find and stay on the path that leads us home to God. His legacy of teachings, books and spiritual guidance is ever available to aspirants today. Together with his beloved consort, Elizabeth,1 Lanello, called “the Ever Present Guru” has left mighty footprints in the sands of life. A clear pathway of ascended master teachings beckons us onward.

Yes, the mission begun by these two messengers, Mark and Elizabeth, continues. The way that was made plain to their students remains to be shared with many more earnest seekers. As Jesus foretold:

“When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak of himself, but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak, and he will show you things to come.”2

From the messengers of God, further instruction abounds.  Yet, are we prepared for the coming of the Holy Spirit as inspired releases of loving wisdom into our lives? Will we be able to recognize and accept the truth when it comes?  The Ascended Master Lanello adjures us that there is the requirement to prepare our vessels, our body temples, for the reception of the Holy Spirit so we may be in the right place for that glorious encounter.

Not sure how to do that?  Lanello can help.  Let’s review some of his basic teachings:


  1. We understand the Christ to be the light within every man, woman and child who comes into the world.3 The Christ serves as the divine mediator through whom we may identify with the Real Self. So the Christ is the potential of the soul dwelling in the planes of matter allowing the soul to realize salvation as "Self-elevation" into the eternal planes of Spirit.


  2. There is a way that seems right that is the way of the human ego leading only to death.4 First as Mark and now as Lanello, through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, he revealed the teachings of the ascended masters to the 20th century. These are the ancient wisdom teachings preserved as the “Everlasting Gospel,” the "Good News" that in Christ, we may receive the Holy Comforter sent from God. The illumined way is what the messengers Mark and Elizabeth Prophet called “the Path of Personal Christhood.”


  3. The book of Hebrews tells us, “It is appointed unto men once to die.”5 and in the book of Corinthians we read that "the last enemy to be destroyed is death."6 In acceptance of the true teachings of Christ Jesus, revealed by progressive revelation, we affirm it is possible to follow the Lord Jesus in his resurrection. We may enter the path of regeneration and obtain our ascension. Thus we “die” to the consciousness of sin, separation from God and the ignorance that has kept us estranged from our Holy Christ/Buddha Self, our true and lasting identity in and of God.

Mark Prophet began his ministry as amanuensis to the Ascended Master El Morya in the years 1952-1958. Inspired by El Morya, Mark wrote a book called the Ashram Notes, which included a series of devotional rituals. Around those rituals, The Ashram of El Morya was formed and later served as a nucleus for the founding of The Summit Lighthouse on August 7, 1958.

Contemporary students of Mark Prophet, have recorded their witnessing of remarkable, miraculous events performed by Mark in their midst. (Some of those amazing stories are recounted in the featured biographical books to the right.)

Mark had a booming, powerful voice. Angels and nature spirits delightfully and dutifully responded to his invocations. A loving pastor shepherding his flock through the green pastures of devotional prayers and rosaries to the Divine Mother, Mark endeared himself to many. It was he, together with his beloved wife Elizabeth, who bequeathed through their joint messengership, the book, The Science of the Spoken Word8 and other foundational publications.

To this day the recordings of Mark singing his favorite songs of devotion are preserved, and cherished by devotees. His sermons in the Only Markaudio series demonstrate his warmth, humility and humor abiding in a profound wisdom, a wisdom that somehow uncanningly spoke to nearly all in a very personal, intimate way. The dictations he received from the ascended hosts offered his students direction, exhortation, and at times chastisement. Then as now, the mantle worn by this priest of the sacred fire remains a bright beacon guiding many.

A Soul as Vast as the Universe

How may we best extoll the depth of attainment Mark’s soul possessed at his birth in the small town of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin? Perhaps in learning of the sincere prayers he made when still a teenager, asking for the gifts of the Holy Spirit and then receiving those divine graces, we can begin to know the mastery he brought into that life, which he shared with his many students.

The video below is a song honoring the soul of Lanello:


We laud this master who conveyed to the world the virtues to which every son and daughter may aspire through divine grace. “For what one man can do, all men can do” was a watchword for Mark.

In reviewing a series of introductory teachings10 of this messenger of the Universal Great White Brotherhood, in a first lesson published by Summit University Press, we learn that constancy is a prerequisite virtue for any serious student on the Path to Personal Christhood.

Through many embodiments─some as celebrated historical figures, others as individuals never recorded by the world’s historians, Mark’s soul persevered in the virtue of constancy.  As recounted by Elizabeth, his co-messenger and wife, shortly after his passing in 1973, she relates that Mark, now the Ascended Master Lanello was among the bodhisattva volunteers who had come to Earth “to rescue the children of God from the darkness and deception of the fallen ones who had departed from the Lord through disobedience to the Law of the One."11

He remained true to that mission through all the ups and downs of countless incarnations on Earth and even in other worlds. Of his final embodiment as Mark L. Prophet from which he ascended, we are told:

“I exhort you, O chelas of the will of God, to realize that the door to heaven stands wide open because your messenger and mine has opened it, not only for himself but for you and all mankind.”12


Cosmic Consciousness—the Ascension as the Goal of Life

Not long after Elizabeth first met Mark in Washington DC, Mark shared with her the plan their sponsoring masters had for them and their combined ministry. Once Elizabeth received sufficient training and passed certain initiations, she was to receive an anointing from the Master Saint Germain. And after a certain number of years Mark would transfer the mantle and authority he wore as messenger for the Great White Brotherhood to her.

And so, Mark told his wife-to-be that he was destined to make his transition relatively soon. Their time (physically) working together would be short.

In order to deliver messages from the ascended masters and other cosmic beings, Mark was drawn up into congruency with their exalted consciousness. In that mind-meld state of oneness, he was made aware of what it is like to gaze through the eyes of an ascended being. Once he experienced this state, there was to be no other goal in sight other than to attain that consciousness permanently.

And as his attention spanned the horizon, he perceived that once he himself became an ascended master he could touch the lives of many more souls coming into embodiment through this highest expression of giving his heart’s love to those residing on Earth.

Before that time was to come, he knew Elizabeth and he had much to accomplish. In assessing their combined contributions to the great cause of the Brotherhood from our vantage point today, we can acclaim that the true teachings of Jesus Christ and of every teacher sent from God as a wayshower have been preserved through the mission victoriously accomplished by these “Two Witnesses."13

The Office of the Two Witnesses

And suddenly, the day Mark had foretold arrived. Suffering from a massive stroke, Mark lay immobile on a hospital bed. Elizabeth keeping the vigil at her husband's bedside, watched as Mark’s soul ebbed away from the physical body. She beheld his soul rising and reuniting with his ascended light body. The light of his soul had exceeded the capacity of the lower vehicles to anchor that light in mortal form.

And so Mark, from his ascended state, would hold the balance for the mission of the Two Witnesses, while Elizabeth continued to teach and publish, vested with the mantle of the Lord fully upon her.14

In a book Elizabeth wrote and published through The Summit Lighthouse, we learn that the scriptural reference to the “Two Witnesses” refers to a holy office in the spiritual hierarchy.15  It is the desire of the ascended hosts to always have their representatives in embodiment who are working closely with the heavenly hosts to guide and protect humankind in their ongoing spiritual development.

It is the function of the messenger(s) working in this holy office of the “Two Witnesses” to help bridge the gap between the higher cosmic realms and mankind.16

Mainstream Christianity religious authorities have yet to acknowledge the spiritual role Mark and Elizabeth Prophet performed, yet the legacy of the Prophets is archived in the Book of Life and in the lives of those whom they touched and who have taken up their calling to enter the path of personal Christhood outlined in their teachings.

Their achievement as preeminent representatives of the Office of the Two Witnesses is amply attested to in the following ways:

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The Continuity of the Messengership—The Torch Is Passed! Lanello’s New Dispensation

On September 27, 2004 the Ascended Master Lanello began dictating a series of inspired messages to a new amanuensis-in-training, David Christopher Lewis. David had been a devoted follower and staff member in The Summit Lighthouse since 1975. Now, the masters wished to use him to launch a new release of inspired teachings.

David was to receive messages from Lanello for 33 consecutive days as a test of his dedication and proficiency as a messenger apprentice. If David was successful in receiving all 33 messages, Lanello would inaugurate a new dispensation granted by the spiritual hierarchy, received by himself and the Ascended Master El Morya.

David completed this assignment and shortly thereafter The Hearts Center Community movement began.

That was in 2005. And today we are able to experience an ever-growing number of messages from masters, archangels, Elohim, Buddhas and cosmic beings, which we call our HeartStreams. Please refer to the HeartStreams Library in the module to the right. You will find a complete archive of Lanello’s messages featured in audio, video, and some in transcript format.

Command Ye Me! The Call to the Messengers Ascended

After the passing of Elizabeth in 2009, and her subsequent ascension, she now serves with Lanello in heaven. Together, they are hierarchs of illumination working closely with students and aspirants intent on making spiritual progress.

With six other ascended masters. Lanello and Clare de Lis (Elizabeth’s ascended name) sponsor our Hearts Center dispensation. Lanello with his Clare de Lis invite you to acquaint yourself with our Holy Spirit inspired community!. Let’s discover together under their watchful gaze the joyful mysteries of God!

Now you too can shake the hand of Lanello as he welcomes you on this trek upwards in light, love and levity!

You might be surprised as to how much daily guidance these beloved ones impart to those supporting the work of God on Earth..

Lanello, as the “Ever-Present Guru” has promised to walk and talk with us each day. Anytime we are faced with a challenge or a problem, he invites us to write a letter to him and ask for his guidance. The master never fails.

“Dear ones, meditate on us and we will assist you. Call to us and we will be there. Frame your need in the context of the greater need of the Brotherhood, in some way fulfilling our need to raise a planet and its people, and then we will help meet those needs in a most tangible way.”18

More recently, we have received a consoling yet emboldening HeartStream from the Master. In this excerpt, he cajoles us to realize how important our individual efforts and personal victories are in contributing to the collective victory of all. He says:

“I have sought guidance from Jesus and Kuthumi for you individually, dearest ones. And these great mentors and World Teachers have offered me insights into higher psychological work that will, I pray, afford you entrĂ©e into deeper mindfulness with the Buddhas, higher awareness with the chohans and the lords of light. Therefore if you would have me as your personal mentor, in addition to your other sponsoring masters, I will see to it that there will be a greater fire manifested through your conscience to keep you on spec toward what must be fulfilled and self-realized day after day, year after year for you to come to that point where you will choose to ascend and thereby be a greater blessing to all mankind.

"…[R]emember, I am with you—even as Jesus is with you—as your magnanimous heart-man, as your Ever-Present Guru, to encourage you, to cherish you and to inspire you to be your best, your brightest, your most beautiful. I see you fulfilled in God, now and always. Thank you.”19




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