El Morya on Becoming the WORD—the Most Important Thing for All Heartfriends to Do

The WORD is all-abundance, prosperity and the constant stream of supply that you seek.


Dear Disciples of the Living God,

The most important thing in this hour for all heartfriends to do is to become the WORD. Becoming the WORD means to know thyself, to love thyself and to move from selfhood to Selfhood. You have been given the ritual of surrender [prayer 9.006] as a reminder of this dynamic, this soul need. The letting go of the unreal self allows you to be in position to embrace the real you and to fully become the WORD.

Using and uttering words alone will not secure you in this becoming, this knowing, this loving and this higher movement. Being the WORD through the words that you speak sets up the framework for the WORD to flow through you. Some are in despair that their outer world is not reflecting what they would like to see manifest. And they voice and verbalize this despair to themselves and others constantly thereby giving power to the unwanted condition, state or level of being. And these words then become their reality because they have used the glorious gift that God has given of the throat chakra to move the energy of God, the WORD, into their life.

Verbalize Only God Within

To become the WORD means to verbalize only God within. To become the WORD means to enrich yourself only with the divine energies of the Spirit that are the true you that you would fully know, love and move into. If within any area of your life you utilize the science of the WORD to recreate yourself not in God’s image but in another, then I say “Woe!” because you have taken light and turned it to darkness.

Few fully watch their words and thereby enter into the silence of the WORD within. Few allow only words of encouragement, upliftment, understanding, patience, kindness and a sense of the hallowed life to be spoken. And fewer still have stilled the mind to quiet the voice of the not-self that speaks subaudibly to you through the human personality, “Unwanted … unloved … unappreciated …” seeking your attention, your energy and your untoward words through this ego self-talk.


Accept a New Positivity

Becoming the WORD is a sacred process, an unfolding of your inner truth, a living within Presence with authenticity where you place greater value on the Spirit than on the unspirited nonsense of the outworn mode of your unreality which no longer suits you! Blessed ones, now shed your old garments of ingratitude toward God and accept a new investiture of positivity whereby the ID, the Ion of Divinity, repolarizes you into the state of God-beingness.

Edging God out through accepting the word of the ego is tantamount to becoming a dumb mute where no WORD-ness may reside where you are. And your words become as naught and are devoid of the power of your Presence to seal the reality you seek into the true ID, the Identity of Divinity!

God within You Is That WORD

I am that WORD. Christ fulfills that WORD. Krishna lives that WORD. Buddha radiates that WORD. Mary sings that WORD. Saint Germain precipitates that WORD. God within you is and has always been that WORD. In that WORD you may live and move and have your beingness in the essence of the Presence, in picture-perfect love, wisdom and power. In that WORD all words that flow through your consciousness and that you either verbalize or allow to remain too sacred to utter are one with the One WORD.

The WORD is life. The WORD is energy. The WORD is all-abundance, prosperity and the constant stream of supply that you seek. The WORD is all that springs forth from the divine fountain and that flows to you through your crystal cord, which is the access tube unto your Presence, the cosmic drinking straw between your soul and the Oversoul of the WORD. The WORD renews, replenishes, resurrects and is the resurgent voice of higher light, of Spirit-being. The WORD must never be rescinded but always recalled because it is one with your Higher Mind, your Higher Mental Body.

Yes, becoming that WORD is the greatest need of the hour for heartfriends, for servitors of light and those who would partner with me to fulfill God’s will, wisdom and love today. I am El Morya. I practice the Presence through the WORD who I AM, and I invite you play with me and to practice also, blessed ones. I thank you.

—El Morya through David C. Lewis, February 4, 2009


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